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  1. to be fair - there are tvs in our house but I very rarely watch, my mrs made me sit through the last episode of ripper street last night, the overacting was almost un bearable, why do the blokes need to talk in such low gruff clichés pirate voices so they are almost inaudible? (suppose they have practiced it at lot at luvvie overacting school) as for the finale boxing match, well it made Apollo creed v rocky look realistic! then followed by the well over due for the axe buzzcocks! who told noel fielding he was funny? absolute garbage the lot of it!
  2. stuff of the playground in the late 70s - im bodie -your doyle- the not so popular kid can be cowlie
  3. it may be the spur the lad needs to become britains 1st Olympic sumo gold medal, the lard works in mysterious ways
  4. best gig venue is upstairs at "the old angel" in Nottingham, gigs start at 1am and finish when they want
  5. its mainly the original members (saw them a while ago) main difference is ranking roger is now the main frontman with his son in the band- dave Wakelin tours the usa with his band the English beat
  6. you must be a glass half full type? lets hope cudjoe isn't serving your drinks on 30 nov!
  7. we watched it as an alternative to country file which now just seems to be a spin off of blue peter, er well, it was watchable in parts, hilarious? no, the riding brooms ripped from monty python, imagine it will be same sketch characters every week wearing thin quickly, its no fast show
  8. watching the Sikh version of mastermind on the Sikh channel, its a bit different to john humphries
  9. not another ex Bradford forward whos quite handy in the boxing ring?
  10. may as well give ellis a coaching role if hull want to get anything back from their "investment" like a pumpkin sale on 1st of nov!
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