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  1. Hi Hunslet fans Just want to make sure you are aware that the Challenge Cup game is being played at Caldy RUFC, Paton Field, Telegraph Road, Wirral CH48 1NX on Saturday 26th February kick off at 14:00 The Zip World Stadium at Colwyn Bay was not available after and objection from the Wales Rugby Union. The Wales U20s are playing a Six Nations game there on 10th March - yet, incredibly, RGC rugby union side have a home game at the same stadium on 5th March!! Its caused an incredible amount of work for the club, to relocate and rearrange the fixture. We await your arrival with our usual warm welcome
  2. Please NOTE: The North Wales Crusaders v Hunslet RLFC will be a 14:00 kick off on Saturday 26th February We've had to change our game to Caldy RUFC on the Wirral Originally our home fixture was Sunday 27th but the Wales Rugby Union objected to our game being played at the Zip World Stadium, because the Wales RU Under20s have a Six Nations Game scheduled for 10th March. The WRU claim they need the pitch in tiptop condition..... .....yet incredibly the RGC rugby union side is playing in the same stadium on 5th March. Its caused no end of problems for us locating a suitable alternative.
  3. I enjoyed reading the article linked in the original post and the points raised in the posts that followed on. One programme I enjoyed was Rugby League Raw. It was late evenign bradcasting and covered rugby league from the team talk in the dressing room to the game on the pitch - probably not what is needed nowadays but it was a facinating watch even if the language was a bit industrial. I really enjoyed the C4 coverage and, as a fan of the Last Leg, noticed the incidental coverage the game is getting due to Adam Hills chatting to his co-presenters about his presentation, and this will be in front of a largely non rugby league audience. A huge audience for the first broadcast and lets hope they can maintain the enthusiasm and the quality.
  4. ...I thought Panini was some kind of bread! So I've got no chance with these things!
  5. I spoke to one of our regular fans about the coverage on Channel 4. He is blind but follows Rugby League live and on TV and radio. He gave a fantastic assessment on the Channel 4 commentary; he said the game was described like it would have been on a radio broadcast and found it really easy to follow what was happening.
  6. Cracking game at Haywood Road yesterday. Very close game and a great atmosphere in the Cru section of the stands. Crusaders really put a shift in in defence and held our wave after wave of Swinton attacks. Great result for our lads but there will be some aches and pains today, I'm sure. Hopefully a sign of things to come for 2022 for Crusaders. Many thanks to Swinton for being great hosts.
  7. Yes; since last season. We now play our home games at Stadiwm Zip World, Eirias Park Colwyn Bay. Look forwards to seeing you there!
  8. Yes; since last season. We now play our home games at Stadiwm Zip World, Eirias Park Colwyn Bay. Look forwards to seeing you there!
  9. I play Masters for a local community club and think we have a great name....Chester Gladiators. North Wales Crusaders had a mascot - he was called Colyn the Crusader, and the person undertaking the role of mascot changed and when the mascot re-appeared she had become Collette the Crusader! Was this the first ever mascot to undergo gender reasignment?
  10. I doubt there would be sufficient depth of players for another semi-pro team in the area - most of our players are from the North West of England as thats where the experienced players are. Rugby League has had difficulties establishing itself as a community game in the area but progress is definitely being made.
  11. There are some grass routes clubs being established in North Wales including Flintshire Falcons Rhyl and Prestatyn Panthers Conwy Celt and Wrexham Crusaders along with North Wales Origin who select from the community clubs as well as any other players who meet the Origin eligibility criteria - for example there are players in Chester Gladiators who are of Welsh heritage and qualify. There is also North Wales Buccaneers Masters for over 35's and North Wales Crusaders Wheelchair who field teams in Wheelchair Super League and Championship. It is hope a Learnind Disabiliities RL team will be established in 2022.
  12. Our trip to Swinton will be a good marker of where we are and where Swintons strenths and weaknesses lie. I'm expecting a very tough game as Swinton look like a very strong team. They'll be one of the teams we need to beat in the League 1 games later this season
  13. Bit harsh!! Wrexhams not so bad, but Colwyn bay does have better ice cream!
  14. Phil - Our cut in central funding will be the same as all the other League 1 Clubs - I was speculating on the amount of cut - but rest assured we haven't had any special treatment from the RFL! The pub is the Park Hotel and has been a superb supporter of North Wales Crusaders since our arrival in Colwyn Bay. Some of their staff work the bar in the stadium for us and we always have a good crowd in the pub before and after the game. What was a real indication they'd bought into Rugby League was all the staff were wearing replica shirts from our first game, an as you say they've painted our badge on the side of the pub. Always a great atmosphere in there and they welcome any travelling fans to come and enjoy a drink before and after the game.
  15. As far as I'm aware North Wales Crusaders have made no approach to Wrexham AFC to return to the Racecourse. All our fixtures for 2022 are advertised as Stadiwm Zip World, Eirias Parc Colwyn Bay. It not unlikely that at some point we'll want to play some games again in Wrexham but it will be dependant on what fees Wrexham AFC ask for. Prior to our move to Queensway we were out-priced by the demands to play at the Racecourse....and lets not forget North Wales Crusaders are £40k down on RFL central funding from last season and £10k down of RFL travel allowances too. In my view Crusaders have a great stadium in Colwyn Bay and we need to build our brand there for the next couple of seasons at least.
  16. Theres still no reason the Wales RL couldn't hire the Racecourse for International RL. I'm told that the pitch is to be extended so it can host rugby. I'm sure the football fans would prefer league to be played there given the damage union scrums can do to the pitch.
  17. I was going to this game but came down with COVID over a week ago and only had my first negative LFT today! It one us Welsh (Catalans) Dragons fans head for each year so I hope my fellow Dracs followers enjoy it. We were at Langtree Park for the nailbiter in 2013 when Dragons scored a try after the hooter to draw, followed by the kick to win the game. Fantastic game! LEts hope tonight is just as exciting.
  18. All Masters Rugby League games end 0 - 0 probably because nobody can remember the real score and the most important bit is the social!
  19. I've done that. Eurostar to Lille then TGV to Perpignan (6hours). I'd finished a box of wine by our arrival!
  20. About two hours by train I seem to remember.
  21. Easy one for me...North Wales Crusaders to win their Division....... And Wales to win the Wheelchair World Cup Tournament!!
  22. A good first 20 minutes from Rangers who had a really decent side and made us defend. Lee Hudson added some zip to the Rangers attack and their big prop (No. 20) did a lot of hard yards down the middle. Very blustery conditions and what looked like a heavy pitch. Our new boys fitted in really well and we scored some excellent tries but it seem the referee took a dislike to Rob Massam and chalked off all 3 of his efforts for forward passes! Decent crowd there today too - thank you to Leigh Miners Rangers for your hospitality and best wishes for the rest of the season.
  23. The biggest impact on League 1 this season is the massive cut in central budget from the RFL. Those who have deep pockets will probably end up on the top of the pile, but it will be a big ask of people who love the sport to try and fill the void left by the central budget cut.
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