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  1. Last time we played at Widne,s it was a good job we played in the pink kit - at lease we could see our players through the fog! I think TJ has retired - but I'm hoping if he has the club have a testimonial game for him. Hes been with us through thick and thin and always given his all.
  2. I'll stick with my prediction; I'm a optimist. We've picked up a couple of really good young players and Jordan Andrade looks a handful in the forwards.
  3. Workington Doncaster Midlands Hurricanes North Wales Crusaders They could all be tight games though.
  4. The club has put of info on social media to contact club@northwalescrusadersrlfc.co.uk if any Rams fans need help getting to Widnes from Colwyn Bay.
  5. My best guess, and thats all it is - Conwy Council are the actual owners of the stadium and Crusaders would have booked the fixtures with Counwy Council stadium management. The WRU are the primary users of the stadium and as we discovered last year they dictated the union 6 Nations game would take preference and Crusaders would not be able to use the stadium. As was the case last year it was only weeks before the event the Club were advised they couldn't use the ground. However I do agree that this situation could have been avoided with better communication between all parties. I hope all Rams fans who have taken the step to book accommodation etc can get to the game and take up the offer of the club to let them know by contacting club@northwalescrusadersrlfc.co.uk Our Supporters Club offer of getting Rams fans from Wrexham to Widnes still stands. We leave from the Turf, Mold Road, Wrexham at 12:30. contact crufansbus@gmail.com for details.
  6. Perhaps our players were working their normal jobs and couldn't get time off to travel to Keighley and back for a photograph.
  7. Champions: Dewsbury Play-off winners: North Wales Crusaders.
  8. I'm sure the Club announced the decision as early as they could, once they were aware the ground wasn't available. I don't think theres any doubt the Club are as disappointed with the decision as the fans. My view is the stadium management were aware of the RU fixture months ago. They could have advised then that we couldn't play the game and perhaps have reversed the fixtures. North Wales Supporters Club have offered transport from Wrexham for any Rams fans who can get to the Turf, Mold Road Wrexham for 12:30 on the day of the game. If your on this forum and want to take up this offer let me know.
  9. Many thanks. I've sent messages via the club website so far. I'll try the email you have posted.
  10. Hi I've contacted Cornwall RLFC 3 times to ask about a charity cycle ride from North Wales Crusaders to Cornwall RLFC finishing on the day of our away game on 28th May....does anyone answer your emails? Who is best to contact? gog
  11. You are correct; it did happen last year too. The WRU are the big money investors in the ground, the infrastructure and the union team that plays there regularly. We've already had our fixtures changed due to ground improvements after the union season finishes, but this was entirely predictable. The rugby union u20s six nations games are known well in advance. I'm sure the stadium management could have given notice when the League 1 fixtures were announced and the Dewsbury fixture could have been reversed months ago.
  12. Its now appeared on the iPlayer ...but took some finding!!
  13. Searched for Rugby League, Challenge Cup and all variants of the two on the iPlayer app and NOTHING comes up for the game that is scheduled for today! You have to ask - if a keen rugby league viewer cant find anything what chance has a casual viewer?
  14. Just wondering if theres a reason not to include Wheelchair RL in that list.
  15. We've had two players who had successful careers as models. Nick Youngquest played for Crusaders RL Superleague team and is the face of Paco Rabbanes INVICTUS fragrance and Stuart Reardon, who did a number of book covers and clothing lines as well as male model shots.
  16. North Wales Crusaders finished off their 3rd Wheelchair Rugby League taster session last night and I'm pleased to say that we had on average 30 people down to each session. Some were our players, some new to the game liked it so much they came again, some where first timers try it out including some regular running players. Glad to see so many coming along and enjoying themselves. Our regular training starts again in two weeks so look out for posters advertising our training sessions.
  17. Last weekend talking to the coach, he said we had 24 signed. We should be OK I hope!
  18. A decent display at Barrow Raiders last Sunday. Crusaders had a decent 25 minute spell going ahead 22-24 but eventually losing out, the score flatterign Barrow with a breakaway try and us going down to 12 with a player in the sin bin - not really sure it was deserved but hey ho. Our new full back looked good and Jordan Andrade made the hard yard and scoring short range tries along with Brad Brennan. A good kicking display from Brad Bilsbury too. I'm sure the new coach will have seen how Barrow engineered space and created gaps in our defence and thats an area to work on.
  19. Enjoyed our day out in Barrow especially when we went 22- 24 up! I thought we had a decent 20/25 minute spell but Barrow were always going to win the game. I was impressed with your #28; he created a lot of space and engineered overlaps in our defence. The winger, Rio Corkill, had a good game too and his breakaway try was the start of Barrow piling on the points....our sin bin didn't help either. Thanks for the hospitality, the banter and making us welcome. Best wishes for the season
  20. Initially I thought Barrow were going to run away with it but Crusaders had a great spell after 20 minutes. Jordan Andrade doing some damage from close to the line. The score got away when Rio Corkwell(?) scored an interception try for Raiders and then we had a (very harsh) sin binning and the gaps were there for Barrow to exploit. Some good touches from Crusaders but Barrow were very effective in creating space and overlaps - the Barrow #28 looked to be the pick of the bunch. Thanks to Barrow fans for making us welcome. All the best for the season.
  21. Seriously?? Virtue signalling? Pfft!
  22. I know Warrington have Wheelchair and PDRL, but I don't know if they have a LDRL team too.
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