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  1. Looks like someone bought a stuffed cat from a charity shop & just threw it at some random person holding a camcorder.
  2. Yes they did regard him highly during his Canberra stint but best in the world is something you’ve made up.
  3. Jackson Hastings to the Knights in what looks like a swap deal with Klemmer.
  4. Manu is an exceptional player,hopefully the Aussies won’t spit their dummies out because one of their countrymen hasn’t won the award.
  5. Australia 36-10 Samoa. The Samoans will give it a real go but the intensity of the Kangaroos will start to tell after 30 mins & they’ll be comfortable winners by the end,unfortunately.
  6. There will always be a place for heritage players in tier 2 nations but we have to start rewarding those with high numbers of homegrown players instead of allowing them to get smashed every World Cup,a small quota,starting at 4 in a squad with a small increase in subsequent tournaments should be the target.
  7. I do hope for Leigh fans sake that it’s all a strange joke that Degsy’s has dreamed up for some baffling reason & those red & white hoops under the paw scratches is in fact the real shirt.
  8. Yeap I don’t think anyone would disagree that Bentley is as thick as a harbour wall.
  9. It’s anything Wigan related he hates,it’s an obsession that has resulted in multiple bans,and why he’s on his third username on this forum.
  10. So sack him for getting verbally abused by an absolute tool with a cob on who possesses an ego that is way above his limited ability,yeah ok.
  11. Yeap an amateurish launch with a ###### badge & a god awful kit that even their own fans were embarrassed by. Weeks later the ###### badge is pretty much the same only it now has red eyes and the kit still has the wrong animal,has gained a splash of red & lost a bum hole.
  12. Plenty of effort from England but the Kiwis physicality & skill levels were far superior.
  13. Still a truly awful RL kit. The deleting of negative comments is embarrassing,has it actually attracted a positive one yet ?
  14. And make Radley captain for services to RL.
  15. Yeah basically but you missed the alleged bit,Bentley is the biggest tool in Superleague & if this alleged incident happed like it reads in this report he has further enhanced that reputation.
  16. Yeah I was struggling to come up with a hooker & got all discombobulated
  17. So you want to drastically change the fabric of a sport you know virtually nothing about,what could possibly go wrong
  18. Welsby,Young,Newman,Farnworth,Makinson,Williams,Dodd,Walmsley,Ackers,Burgess,Bateman,McMeekin,Radley McMeekin,Thompson,KPP,Knowles
  19. Start a thread then & let others get on with this one.
  20. You seem to have developed a strange. attraction to male genitalia tonight.
  21. Even more so given the lack of impact the bench gave us today.
  22. Exactly,the amount of heavy traffic Samoa sent down his channel would have had a huge negative impact on any hooker England played today,my only real criticism of Wane is he didn’t him when he was obviously fatigued.
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