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  1. And yours is loud ours is muffled white noise. If your down Railway end it’s non existent
  2. Would say 1800 team went well Freeman was good, new Aussies went well, doran & bishop look like a solid partnership, overall Town we’re in the game till half time probably looking the better team, after the break our half’s started to control the game and with Introduction of Dion we dominated & probably bombed 3 other scores, apart from that a pretty good day
  3. First half Town were better team 2nd half combinations started to click & Haven became pretty dominant - boggy track helps no one
  4. I have heard there’s a guy in the wings but only if certain director leaves. To add we don’t have a chairman anymore just a CEO
  5. 1.Rourke 2.Freeman 3.Teare 4.Taylor 5.Ecclestone 6.Dixon 7.Doran 8.Graham 9.Bishop 10.Walker 11.Holliday 12.Lanskey 13.Aire 14.Castle 15.Mcavoy 16.Bradley 17.O’Brien 18.Tabu 19.Spencer-Tonks 20.Singleton 20.Phillips 21.Newton
  6. Joke this was known ages ago but only released now poor poor poor Josh Eaves gone
  7. Play town in 3&1/2 week and absolutely nothing coming from the Club. 11 at training Friday being made up with trialists summat not right.
  8. Forward tonight apparently absolutely nothing on socials regarding rumours of player issues who’s injured when our Aussies are turning up. Where’s Dion ? Not looking good Game in 6 week
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