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  1. Maybe because they haven’t had the central funding of Superleague clubs.
  2. Yeap,poor location,no parking,tiny metal stands with no corporate facilities,it’s fine for non league & tier 4 football but that’s about it.
  3. Totally agree,like we saw with the 8s the perennial Superleague strugglers would simply sign players towards the end of the season to boost their survival.
  4. If he can get back to his 2018 form he’ll be a good signing. Will Hopate world class
  5. They have no future playing in a toy stadium that will do little to attract crowds.
  6. Bradford ? They play in a dump that needs bulldozed.
  7. So the answer to Salford’s problems is move to a poor,tiny stadium,drop a division,go part time & play on a plastic pitch that little Freddie & his school mates can play on. If I was a Salford fan I’m not sure I’d be impressed with that strategy & I’m pretty sure their fans would continue to dwindle away.until you’d be left with a 1000 or so aging diehards.
  8. Ben Flower played well in a couple of Grand Finals,how did that go for you. Id take someone with a few years left in the tank who’s given 100% to a club.
  9. Going forward,you’ve signed a 34 yr old Joel Tomkins.
  10. Looked a eally good forward who didn’t look out of place in Superleague,strange decision to let him go.
  11. Old pals act,you do realise Wane left Wigan before Hardaker had played for them.
  12. Leeming playing 7 & 9 will take some doing but should be a boost to France’s chances.
  13. Missed by the ref,linesman & in goal judge which was appalling given how offside the try scorer & about 10 other Thatto players were. Its interesting that the RFL have showed every other try scored yesterday bar that one on their social media site.
  14. A bit like England V Australia then,maybe when the Aussies decide to play tests again we should ask them to just send the schoolboys team over.
  15. Yeah the league where the Championship playoff winners play the following season.
  16. A “Superleague” expansion team,Leigh fans finding it tough in the Championship already I see,real shame that.
  17. Another one gone https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/london-broncos-forward-sadiq-adebiyi-makes-super-league-switch/?fbclid=IwAR1l7rHicXmfOcwmFlaMcmPJgT-sB77b_Bu_xRaeLpAozznh-Whaj8jOyuM
  18. 5 supporter coaches coming from Wath Brow,with people making their own way I’d guess 250+ Brow fans.
  19. We’ve only average just over 30k per day in this country since Magic started. Do you really believe Magic’s purpose is expansion Manchester/Liverpool ? Taking it to the South of France would not only support the game in France it should also generate much needed cash. Do you think Parisians will suddenly travel hundreds of miles to watch RL or suddenly feel the need to have a Paris club on the back of one weekend ?
  20. Never mind nail bars etc,are there any good pubs near POR and are there any more bars in the ground since the developments ? It’s a long bus journey from Wath Brow !!
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