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  1. A Russia/Ukraine game will be tasty,the MRP will certainly be busy afterwards.
  2. Hmm a predominantly green shirt with white trim,outlandish,let’s hope they don’t add white shorts & green socks or they’ll be a riot.
  3. That’s all we’ll & good but according to Harry,you have to be bor,n & bred in a town to support its RL club & any ‘foreign’ fans are not proper ones.
  4. But it’s a cunning plan from the coach to sneak more Wigan players into the squad apparently.& we’d be much better off playing players nursing knocks after a tough,compressed season.
  5. With France & Greece in our group,I’d be amazed if every member of the squad doesn’t get a runout in the group stages.
  6. Yeah,them 3 players missing out on 1 game will have a devestatin effect on our WC chances,we’d be far better off picking 3 players nursing knocks.
  7. It’s 3 players. Maybe Wane recognises that some of his squad have played a large number of games in a relatively short period of time & given his squad have already suffered a raft withdrawals due to injury he thinks protecting some players is more important than game time in a warmup game.
  8. Given England are supplied by Oxen,that might not be a bad thing.
  9. For 99.9% of this forum,it isn’t.
  10. Yeah because Marshall had an awful season & we have a whole raft of quality halfbacks & hookers queuing up for selection for a one off game at the end of a season with no chance of WC selection.
  11. It looks like the knee injury he’s carried through the season isn’t right & Wane is trying to nurse hos capt through the tournament,something that didn’t work for England’s last WC capt.
  12. I think you’d be better waiting until Leigh have played several rounds of Superleague before making such sweeping statements H.
  13. Davo5

    IMG Review

    Championship & L1 are free to get their own broadcasting deal now,unfortunately the only one interested were Premier Sports & then only in the Championship,unfortunately the cash benefit to clubs was pretty insignificant.
  14. My point being those clubs faced with a cashed up Leigh team will have the difficult decision of whether to spend up to the cap or face the very real threat of demotion & by the looks of things not being able to spend up to the cap will have an impact on a clubs grading if IMG’s recommendations are accepted. Cant wait for another condescending reply.
  15. Way too much positivity for this forum,you really should know better.
  16. The bookies obviously haven’t spoken with our SME.
  17. That’s all we’ll & good,but if our resident chook says they are the worst ever kangaroo’s we have nothing to worry about.
  18. As a England fan I really hope DCE gets the nod over Cleary.
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