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  1. Sam & Tom Burgess named in Souths starting 13 by Wayne Bennett
  2. Hodgson,Whitehead and Bateman named in Canberra's starting 13 with Sutton on the bench.
  3. Yeap those mighty unbeatable Aussie's soon had a Semi when a certain Fijian born & bred winger started scoring tries for fun in the NRL.
  4. You do realise this is a Rugby League forum and not Ancestry.com
  5. James Graham,must be sick of Bondi and wants to swap it for Siddick.
  6. Why,I would think the club get more out of building anticipation for the hundreds of Town fans who don't frequent this forum rather than the one or two on here who think it's a major issue.
  7. Was he Australian or Tongan,his younger ,more famous and far better brother had difficulty deciding.
  8. GB Ashes/World Cup glory from two teams,one probably the greatest Team to leave these shores,the other from probably the most underrated .
  9. Them nice KR fans must be saving the kicked off the bus naked for the way home,good luck.
  10. Easy boys the leader of the Aussie defence league Allo Allo will get you," I shall say this only vonce"
  11. I'm pretty sure it was you Aussie's who brought in the no shoulder charge,the no punching rules which have sanitised the game beyond recognition and I'm pretty sure it was an Aussie ref who gave the awful 8 point try for Australia against the Kiwis a few weeks ago. The fact that Sutton is regularly put forward as the NRLs finest show your refereeing standards are as poor as ours,maybe that's why you need 2 of them.
  12. Lomax has no organisational or kicking skills what so ever.
  13. They started doing that at Castleford & Wakefield but they kept running out of film.
  14. Correct decision it wasn't dangerous,the game is turning into netball if challenges like that warrent suspensions and there has been similar ones throughout the season that have gone unpunished.
  15. Don't know if it could be financially viable but a separate tour taking on the Pacific nations would be an option,PNG in Port Moresby,Fiji in Suva and Samoa & Tonga probably in NZ.
  16. I'm not against a GB tour I just think we haven't got the strength in depth to take on the likes of Tonga,Fiji etc in midweek games followed by Australia a few days later and be successful.
  17. Playing Tonga,Fiji,Samoa etc midweek is totally different to playing the likes of Northern Territories,Burleigh Bears or a 2nd string NRL team which previous tours have done and our 2nd string will be of a lot less quality than the 82 invincibles
  18. Who said anything about playing only 3 tests and a warm up,by the way playing 3 tests against Australia is a series,maybe not a tour but it is a series.
  19. Depends if you don't mind losing,playing Tonga,Fiji,PNG in the Southern Hemisphere is a tough job for a first choice GB team,expecting the midweek 2nd string to beat them is unrealistic given the lack of depth we have at present.
  20. Tours down under are always tough without playing internationals Wed/Sat for a month.
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