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  1. The amount of flying in between will be enough to see a few off.
  2. Oh the NRL mate,I was referring to your link,not your post
  3. Correct decision for a change but maybe the halfwit who advised it was a sinbining offenice should be down"
  4. One or two of us genuinely conduct adult conversations on the problems facing RL in our area and the struggles of both clubs,but yes your right there is a large contingent who thinks the RL world revolves around the goings on of the 2.But at least it's never dull !
  5. You probably fall into the category Kent is talking about if you think that was worth a ban.
  6. 2 matches for Burgess is a joke,the NRL are in danger of turning the game into 13 a side netball !
  7. I bet it's a much improved contract,the old Union trick works again.
  8. Congratulations on winning the Most Childish Post of the Year and it's only February,well done.
  9. Good signing,his kicking and game management is what’s been missing for the Roosters in big games over the last few years,cue the salary cap conspiracy theories.
  10. The Roosters kicking and game management has been their big weakness over the last few years,getting Cronk could get them over the line next year,happy days but will Keary be happy stuck on the sidelines for a season.
  11. Rumours of Penrith & Cronulla doing a swap deal involving Moylan & Maloney.
  12. Do the Broncos have a salary cap ? Must be rolling out the old 3rd party payment routine again.
  13. That just shows how out of touch with the rest of the world Australian sport is,everybody should get a 2nd chance if deserving,but 12 weeks for a second offence is a joke and sends out a poor message to players,supporters and the future generation of players.
  14. A warning for cocaine use makes the NRL totally out of touch with most other major sports,is it any wonder so many of its players hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons.
  15. Wouldn't call 12 weeks,throwing the book at him,he's taken an illegal substance,a first offence should be a minimum 12 month ban,Pearce got 8 matches for being drunk and acting like an idiot.
  16. Surely the way to take the club forward is to improve the team on the park which will see better attendances,it worked with Hayne last year,increased sponsorship which in the long term will see the club being self sufficient.
  17. 2006.funny how he still had enough desire to play a leading role in NZ winning the 2008 World Cup & the 2010 4 nations,been a fantastic player to watch over the years especially when in his prime.
  18. After seeing him on Sterlo,I hope his rugby is in better shape than his singing.
  19. But they are still better or equal to hardaker so can't see any club willing to pay a transfer fee
  20. Anyone heard about Uate being linked to a move to Warrington
  21. Grand Final winning Capt Matt Orford has had surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain after complications from recent hip surgery,wishing him a speedy recovery.
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