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  1. Thank you Logic it was just a bit of a shock but I’ll get over it!
  2. I really enjoyed the game yesterday and the lads played well against a team who will be near the top at the end of the season. They never gave up and hopefully can go on from here. Why oh why though do we never take the two when we have the chance? Instead they played the ball, Owen got in a scuffle and sinbinned for 10 when The score could hv been 4-2 with ball back. I never understand the reason they don’t take the easy points but play the ball instead and it comes to nothing. Langers had two chances of scoring and held back by his top by Widnes, in the WvW game in Thursday that was awarded a penalty try! Different rules for different leagues??
  3. Nice to be back at Bower Fold but have to say that £19 for the seats and £17 concession is a bit expensive and a hike in entrance fee from whitebank. I do appreciate the ground is far better etc and I would pay whatever to watch Oldham roughyeds but still thought it was expensive. Does anyone else think so?
  4. Thank you great news! Hope they hv played as well as the score states. Please can publish full time score? Thank you
  5. Scores anyone? Couldn’t make tonight but would lv to know current score please?
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