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  1. Totally agree with you RL does what Sky says... you only have to go into Oldham town centre to see the changes over the years with the population and this is NOT racist but pure facts. This population has come into the town with no background knowledge of the game, do not play it at school and do not join clubs where it is played. This is fact NOT racism. Its a travesty but true.
  2. I totally agree. The dynamics and population of Oldham town has changed so much over the last 30 years with no interest in the rugby game by this new population. It can only decline further as that population rises and this is not just rugby but football too.
  3. J Dyson

    The Final

    Totally agree. We won and that matters far more! I would also like to thank Scott for his role over the last seven years, wish he wasn’t leaving as the boys obviously have great respect for him, but I wish him all the best in his new job.
  4. J Dyson

    The Final

    I totally agree, he is a lvly guy and this was in the spirit of the game cheering the crowd on! anyway more to the point- well done to all at Oldham for the win today and promotion. I am hoarse now from shouting for the boys, you all played brilliantly and I cant wait for next season. Many many congratulations!!!
  5. J Dyson

    The Final

    I’m also very nervous about Sunday same reasons as JRoyales but hope the boys can win. Good luck to everyone at the club for Sunday.
  6. Just checked and can only see Oldham versus Newcastle. Oh well we will know for sure tomorrow . Not bothered either way personally.
  7. Has anyone else noticed that on the BBC sports app under scores and fixtures, they show Oldham playing Newcastle on the 6th Oct in the play off final?! Do they know something we dont or am I missing something?
  8. Well done lads, cant wait for the final and know you will win!! Good performance today and job done. Thought attendance was very poor for such an important match from both teams really.
  9. Many times, but this again is a different team. Have faith in them you owe the lads that much!
  10. Well done Oldham! Look forward to the play offs know you can do it!
  11. Studmuffin - my name is clear for all to see and a true one I'm not hiding behind a false one
  12. To studmuffin75 you know what you said as did many of the fans around you. As you quote we are all entitled to an opinion and mine is you were a moron and totally out of order. I will not be following this up any further with you enough said
  13. Agree Wayne r very sad for any of these three teams to go down. There is good rivalry between us all and that will be missing next season for one us
  14. I too had the misfortune to be sat directly in front of those morons. They are entitled to their opinion but they were abusive and very rude to scott and the stewards should have evicted them from the ground. There is no place for that its hard enough as it is for scott and the players. Luckily the two idiots removed themselves from the ground just after half time. the future does not look rosy but the team played much better second half and if only they had taken their chances we could hv been feeling more hopeful today.
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