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  1. Oh well that's saved £50 in petrol money. Very disappointed
  2. Keep the faith mate. There's a lot wrong at the top of the game but it's the guys on the park that deserve our admiration and support.
  3. Thought that was it. We'll miss catching up with you mate. Been too long
  4. Are they on our website or just on the noisy neighbours one. Like Shrewsbury it's a long way for us to come up for nowt. Those going is it meet in the Wetherspoon's in town? The old cinema?
  5. Enjoy the game all. We can't make it as we can't get a sitter to stay with Dad. At 91 he just isn't safe to leave alone so give the boys an extra cheer from us
  6. Get well soon Chris
  7. Sadly we're not going to be there either. Long drive back dahn sahf after the game and we'd need a babysitter for my Dad. The good thing is that we can see the season in site at last. Enjoy the game, give them a "c'mon you Yeds" from Sue and me. Best of luck to the boys out on the park
  8. And a Happy New Year from us too. Hope it's a better one for us all and we're looking forward to seeing everyone and singing, cheering and moaning at the Yeds. Come on it wouldn't be the same if we didn't moan a bit.
  9. Thanks Anita. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all from the Northampton Yeds.
  10. Love "getting down for a chat"
  11. Our first game this year due to circumstances but we'll be on our way shortly. See you all soon
  12. I do go to the kick and clap in the winter. Well it is 80 minutes of pretending not to be hurt as opposed to 90 pretending TO be hurt. The Ulster fans know how to have a good time so they do
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