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  1. We live in Rah Rah land and while I have family in Oldham the other half doesn't. She is now a League convert
  2. That was poetry in motion. Come on
  3. Come on boys this is winnable. Manage the wind
  4. And any crowd changes announced over the tannoy
  5. I love it that we get the number 18 shirt
  6. Heard a rumour that if travel restrictions stay in place Toulouse may base themselves in the UK for the season
  7. So do we think M Macron will let us go to France by July? I can see a trip in the van if he does
  8. Yes Happy New Year from us too. It can only get better. I was furloughed for three months at the beginning, had an emergency operation in December, back to work for two weeks now furloughed again. I have never, in my adult life, worked so little in a year!
  9. And a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us two. Roll on next season with massive gates at Bower Fold as we march into Sooper Dooper League. Oh god can you imagine the horror on the faces of the "powers that be" if that happened?
  10. Santa has delivered ours in time to be wrapped for the big day. We've both got to practice our "oh wow that's a lovely surprise " look. Seriously thanks to whoever at the club for getting them posted out so quickly. Now just looking forward to wearing them at a game.
  11. I've just had gall bladder removal so I've lost weight.
  12. Looking at the size chart I've gone for XL for me. Fingers crossed
  13. We'd have go into a studio to record it for the BBC
  14. Back on topic and a loan rather than dual registration. Jimmy Beckett for the try tha took us up. I was talking to his parents after his debut at Skolars when he was tackled just short and said to them that i bet he scores the winner in the final
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