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  1. Looking forward to catching up with everyone. Where is anyone going pre match?
  2. Slightly late but Happy New Year from us. Hoping the weather holds so we can catch up with everyone at the Chip Fat Arena.
  3. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Northampton Yeds. Soon be the new season
  4. We are at the Novotel in the centre of town
  5. Our flight is early afternoon from Gatwick on the Friday so we'll aim to leave Northampton at about 9am. If anyone wants to stop at hours on the Thursday night we have bed space available Message if interested
  6. By heck Bryan I didn't realise google translate did French into Lancastrian
  7. Gatwick for us. Bloody southerners lol
  8. Bienvenue Pierre. Ma femme et moi avons réservé notre voyage à Toulouse en février, nous avons hâte de vous rencontrer.
  9. Campsite booked. Looking forward to it
  10. Herbie makes the point about kids and parents out on Sunday morning playing and watching at the amateur clubs. The trouble with that for the semi pro club is that after 2 to 3 hours there do they really want to spend the same time watching rugby in the afternoon?
  11. Omg sitting in the motorhome in a very wet and windy Dunkirk and the neighbours door opens at the massive cheer. Thanks boys my weekend is complete. Lost for words but off for a quiet beer. And several noisy ones!!
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