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  1. Imminent for 2021 unless there's a post I can't see....
  2. Movement on kit and Season Tickets would be handy in the next fortnight.....
  3. I believe he did play for The Bulls, thinking back but was then seen at numerous games after that in his monogrammed Dogs gear. Maybe was a peg to fit a hole at the time. Certainly nothing was made of it by either club then or since.
  4. I THINK he's being facetious Rog but I don't KNOW!!
  5. Anyways....news required still (and I DON'T KNOW alright) on Perry Whiteley, Greg Johnson, Gledders, Blake, Ben Kaye and whether Josh Milthorpe and Aiden Ineson (in obvious attendance around the club) are still with us to learn their trade. I'm sure though that we'd like another inbound or 2 for shake-up purposes
  6. Blimey Phil, these explanations are becoming rather lengthy you know but if you get to know, you get to know and simply try to let others know. I'm sure you and they know what I mean!!
  7. Open secret, that! Great decision Lucas.
  8. I had 2 new fans lined up to go over to Blackpool, they'll not be interested in York as we live only 30 miles away. If it's the case that the RFL announced a return to Blackpool without confirming with Blackpool then what does that say about the comedians running the show? They must know by now that fans want that weekend away, they haven't put Magic at the Totally Wicked have they? They daren't treat SL like doggy-doo but hey, Championship fans can be kicked around, they don't count.
  9. Now a rumour of BASH NOT being at Blackpool but LNER Stadium York. RFL Management Committee.,....totally unfit to serve if this IS the case.
  10. As I said then, yet another inability on behalf of the RFL to treat the commoners with respect.
  11. Tells me absolutely nothing except guessing at Bash fixtures....
  12. Big trumpeting of new fixtures about 8 days ago from the RFL to be in clubs' hands by yesterday. Of course they managed SL's last week....
  13. I only reported on the text read out by Kev from Bucko at Presentation Night when he won Coaches' Young Player, where he said he couldn't wait to get started on the new season. Maybe if all those who continually have a dig actually supported club functions they'd pick up the snippets of info....
  14. Just need Bucko in the fold and we're tight.
  15. Leave it out, goes against the grain! They need a friendly push now and again!!
  16. I moan and snarl a bit but Board, Coaching staff and BISSA have come up trumps with a 2nd great scrum half, the story continues.
  17. I would imagine that he signed his 2 year contract on the understanding that it was 2 tears' full-time. His club broke the contract by rescinding the 2 year full-time contract meaning he should be allowed to walk away.
  18. As usual, BISSA on the button!! Great new dog in the kennels, massive welcome Josh Woods!!
  19. No O'!!!! Still, Nothing Rhymed....
  20. It's also an operetta by Gilbert & Sullivan......
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