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  1. Super League: Catalans Dragons beat Wigan Warriors Catalans 33-16 in Barcelona http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/48268530 Had a long day/night at work and just catching up on the days goings on. Might just be tiredness kicking in but has anyone else seen the picture at the top of this reports that has Vichy Catalan on what appears to be one of the scoreboards. Anyone know why?
  2. Saw a video about the new ground last week and was amazed at how reasonable the beavertown beers were!
  3. It’s on the website or app, not the red button.
  4. Sure I read a couple of years ago that they sell more merchandise than any other sports team in Australia.
  5. Any chance of Segeyaro? Saw a headline earlier that Newcastle Knights are after him. Don’t know whether he’s off contract though.
  6. Not on tv sadly. Fax will have the full match up on Faxtv, probably tomorrow.
  7. Fax 4-4 Salford after 12mins. Wood for Fax, Hastings for Salford.
  8. The link brings up listings for Saturday. Are the games not Sunday?
  9. Ray French not a big fan of the Saints kit by the sounds of it.
  10. Think it’s due on Prime 2 weeks after the premiere though may be wrong.
  11. They had the director and writer on in the last hour of Sunday’s rugby league show on radio Leeds. Should still be able to listen again on iplayer.
  12. Just announced that fax have signed QLT. Dunno if that changes any predictions?
  13. Remember this game well. Was in a beach bar in Thailand and had given up on the game as it seemed done. All of a sudden I hear an Aussie in the background- ‘go little Issac, ******* go’. Think there’s was only me and home knew what was going on, there was a lot of Chang consumed after that!
  14. Don’t transfer fees between NRL clubs count on the salary cap? Certainly think that used to be the case.
  15. Briscoe in after stealing the ball one on one with 90 seconds left
  16. Leigh try disallowed for a forward pass after Hock knock on from the kick off
  17. Leigh 20-14 Fev. Think Fev have had a try disallowed for obstruction and missed a couple of kicks too. Sounds like a decent game.
  18. Fax away http://shop.halifaxrlfc.co.uk/shop/product/918/
  19. The club advised fans not to make arrangements when the fixtures came out and to wait for further announcements so any problems should hopefully be minimal.
  20. Wasn’t Greenwood his assistant at Batley for a time?
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