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  1. Super League: Catalans Dragons beat Wigan Warriors Catalans 33-16 in Barcelona http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/48268530 Had a long day/night at work and just catching up on the days goings on. Might just be tiredness kicking in but has anyone else seen the picture at the top of this reports that has Vichy Catalan on what appears to be one of the scoreboards. Anyone know why?
  2. Saw a video about the new ground last week and was amazed at how reasonable the beavertown beers were!
  3. It’s on the website or app, not the red button.
  4. Sure I read a couple of years ago that they sell more merchandise than any other sports team in Australia.
  5. Any chance of Segeyaro? Saw a headline earlier that Newcastle Knights are after him. Don’t know whether he’s off contract though.
  6. Not on tv sadly. Fax will have the full match up on Faxtv, probably tomorrow.
  7. Not sure if it’s been mentioned elsewhere but did anybody else see that after finding out he wasn’t selected for NZ Isaac Luke put his name in for Ireland? It was only the fact he didn’t get his paperwork through in time that he wasn’t selected. Luke Keary was also mentioned but is undergoing surgery, funny that he kicked up a stink over his Qld/NSW eligibility.
  8. Also pushed Halifax very close around 10 years back. Can't believe I made the trip up for that on a Wednesday evening. Don't think I've ever been so cold before or since!
  9. Pretty sure that the legal requirement is 1 adult per 10 young un's. May be different in the UK though.
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