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  1. Highly unlikely. Understand that they have been training at home due to the pandemic
  2. The point being that the present hierarchy brought in most of the players they criticise. It has been obvious for several weeks that players have not been playing for the club. Drastic team changes week by week, even allowing for injuries etc have not helped the situation. They have been playing like a team who do not have a clue how to finish their sets and the support play is non existent. A reflection on the coaching?.
  3. Have just dragged my booits out from"t cupboard. Gor all mud off and am ready to go. PS. the changing rooms must be wheelchair friendly.
  4. I am most surprised at the deafening silence from the Wakey supporters.. How on earth can fans sit back and accept the rubbish being dished out week after week. Probably the fact that there are no crowds present to voice their feelings, negates the time for change. By the same token, if they are content with the situation, so be it.
  5. How many times have we heard that last sentence?.
  6. Being 86 yrs old, I think that I am rather past it, although I did referee for about three years when in my thirties. I did not find it too difficult on the whole.
  7. I am getting rather miffed off with comments about "the speed of the game". our game is cumbersome compared to the NRL. The speed of the game is ultimately governed by the official, laying on being one of the prime causes. The performance of the bulk of officials leaves a lot to be desired at times. Not many years ago they were presented with salary increases, the opportunities to become full time professionals and receive the 100% support of the RL organisation. I honestly think that the above measures have not produced the professionalism and skills which were fully expected from the officials.
  8. I am afraid that allowing supporters into the ground will not make a great deal of difference, taking the evidence of the Wakey team. The reporter in the League Express has hit the nail on the head. Lack of halfbacks, lack of forward power to create platforms and all in all their record of five wins in 25 SL games is an insult to the loyal supporters. There are calls for immediate recruitment, but some of the purchases have not proved their value. There are some decent lads on the field, the problem being that IMO they are on the whole, not playing for the club, viz: Huddersfield and the departure of Woolford. It is a blessing that the relegation situation does not apply this season.
  9. Enough is enough, IMO. Taking into account of the remarks made by Chris Chester after the game against Huddersfield and the performance on the field, it is obvious to most that the team is no longer playing for the coach.
  10. Not only the above, but teams, judging by results, which are much better than Wakey.
  11. Having attended both primary and Grammar schools, I was taught very little about the UK, apart from our "great kings and queens". I have absorbed greater knowledge since leaving school. You cannot beat a good reference library.
  12. Am I becoming paranoid or is the overall coaching system guiding the game towards needless violence during the tackling action. I am talking about the sharp increase in assaults to the head and the neck region whilst the tackled player is being held on the floor. Almost every game there are stoppages for medical attention due to grapple and pressure tackles. We find that there are usually three men in the tackle, two mid body and legs whilst one buries the opponents head and shoulders in his lap, thus exerting downward pressure. I believe that new ruling outlawed such play and as such, It is now time for the referees to stand up and be counted.
  13. Lets be realistic here. We will never completely eradicate this pandemic. It will always be present in some part of the world. We are fast reaching the stage whereby we are going to have to reorganise our lifestyles, socially and domestically, that is until offending groups accept the disciplines which are our lifeline.
  14. Aye Robin, he is a grand lad, first class clubman. Yes we are both ok. Still putting those blinking wheelie bins out. Hope everything okay at your end. Stay safe.
  15. Heard on the grapevine that he has just taken over the reins at Sharlston due to the fact that he will be part time at York. Keep safe owd lad.
  16. There's one here that has given up on mixing with crowds of any description. Being in my eighties, I cannot compare a game of rugby to a painful death
  17. A great lad ,had a good career, been a loyal clubman but I think that his body has had enough.
  18. You do not "take" to a player. You just sit back and appreciate his skills and movement on the park.
  19. This is exactly the reason they become millionaires. Leave em to stew in their own juice. We have our own problems over here. Sorry to learn about Worthington. A good no nonsense player.
  20. At least it will make a change to see a successful scorer finish up full of love bites.
  21. Playing in my younger days, many of the officials would visit both changing rooms prior to the game and lay down the law, ie: what he was prepared to accept and what he would punish. At least we knew what to expect and what would be tolerated. Most of them had spent time on the field and knew all the tricks of the trade. Fighting was allowed, at least for the first few punches, then they would jump in and calm things down. Most importantly they were CONSISTANT with their decisions, even if questionable at times.
  22. No one was any more proud than myself, stretching back over eighty years, but I am afraid, no longer. That's as much I am saying, or allowed to say considering all the PC content which is flying about.
  23. P.C is slowly strangling the country. Ask a Samoan to pronounce Slaithwaite, known as Sloughwite
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