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  1. Wayne of the brilliant talent. Another lost cause.
  2. Robin, society today cannot, on the whole, exist without its daily portion of false news and sleaze. When on the forum, think of thi sen sat in tap oil. Keep safe owd lad.
  3. Looks as if the RL is set to disallow the scrums when the season starts in August. They claim that the "face to face" action is a risk due to the present virus. Personally, I would hazard a guess that a three man tackle would be just as risky, or are we going to see touch and pass being introduced?. Assuming that the scrums are abolished, how is the game to be restarted?.
  4. Lifting of the sanction assumes that people would be willing and confident enough to risk the consequences.
  5. Here we go again with the demand and insistence upon rule changes at every opportunity. All we require are officials who have the strength and courage to implement the rules, indicate to the players the consequences of cheap shots combined with slow ptb etc. The flow of any game is governed by the lack of discipline as applied to the players.
  6. To look at the situation from a basic point of view, playing behind closed doors can surely raise its own problems. ie: players milling around and in close contact, the use of water bottles and shower facilities, the close presence of emergency staff and the exhaling of bodily fluids on to the playing surfaces.
  7. This just weighs up our society of today. We are surrounded by the deaths of thousands of people and all we are worried about is a game of rugby. We appreciate that it is one of the finest sports, but let us get our priorities right.
  8. Great rugby. Speed combined with plenty of skill. A joy to watch. Why cant we serve up such rugby today?.
  9. Wasn't there too long. Finished up in Battye Street.
  10. Correct Sir. Parents lived in Batley Carr and I was born in Moorlands, early thirties.
  11. Exactly similar to our financial trends of our country. All based upon "could be, "maybe" "should be" "our predictions are" What a system. How on earth can a club forecast its financial future revenues?.
  12. Robin, thas going to get a birthday present and Christmas Box together during June.
  13. We have to accept that the game lacks financial backbone and IMO always will, taking into account falling attendances, lavish salary payments and the influx of Aussie journeymen. Bring back part time rugby. The end result cannot be any worse.
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