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  1. My own personal opinion is that the players are no longer playing for the coach. You cannot lay all the blame on to the halves even though they are not producing or creating anything. The problem is with the forwards. They are not taking the ball in and their metres gained is pathetic. The halves cannot operate without a good platform to work from. Too much off loading by the pack. They are there to gain the hard yards, not to get involved in the "niceties" of the game. I suspect that the team "play to orders" on the field, no flair or footie off the cuff. Nine out of ten defeats. A shocking situation. Not looking good.
  2. Lets take nothing away from Leigh. They are a good team, a good blend of youth and experience and very mobile. We were just little bit better on the day. Our pack put in a tremendous effort in order to set up the halves. Golding magnificent along with Day who would run into a houseend if instructed. Everyone played for each other which is all we ask coupled with a good scrambling defence.
  3. The TV games involving Toronto against part time lower teams does nothing for our game, IMO. Boring, one sided displays. No disrespect for the opposition, but they do not stand a cat in hells chance. Just a training run out for Toronto.
  4. Of course they know better than you, Gooleboy, they were the people who signed him !!!.
  5. No leadership on the park. No one appears to be willing take on responsibility. Feel sorry for the halves due to the fact that the pack is not up to the job and gaining nothing. I would hazard a guess that the team are way down in confidence and belief and are, at the moment not playing for the coach. Something amiss behind the scenes methinks.
  6. It must be damned hard work to get anything together down in the smoke pertaining to RL. Great little club. Full of admiration for the players and staff, considering travelling and the upheaval involved. They have produced some great players, pulling them off the streets. Many years ago, travelled down with Featherstone Rovers academy to play them. Played on a rough and ready school field and battered us to death. Scarsbrook was just coming through the ranks. The only alternative I can see is to move Buckingham Palace up north.
  7. Well done Locky. We brought you up reight at Sharlo!!!.
  8. Tha wants to watch Wakey!!!
  9. Its about time someone took responsibility on the field. Disorganised at times, no one willing to take the ball in, apart from Fifita. No one running the angles near the line and difficulty finishing off their sets. Apart from that, they could get a result and surprise me.
  10. Its a little over 50 yrs ago when, as a Wakey supporter, we would cram over 12,000 fans into Belle Vue for the home games. That was without the aid of sponsorship as such, or TV rights. So where has it all gone wrong?. IMO the main underlying problem is the age factor. Attending games and looking around, I would care to gamble that the bulk of the speccies are well above the fourty range. Not many young uns. Although many ethnic groups are bulking up the population, they appear to be disinterested in our game. Shoot me down if you will, but I am convinced that the transfer to full time rugby has also influenced our game. No longer do we go along to watch our friends/relatives/local lads battling it out on the field. Now it is overpaid Aussies which once again leads to the demise of our grass roots. For goodness sake do not let us tread the path of the Yanks by putting on all day displays of dancing girls and other forms of rubbish, Its pricey enough as it is. We have witnessed falling attendances for the past few years and have buried our heads in the sand.
  11. Shabby display on Saturday. When is someone going to take control and organise on the field of play? Even taking injuries into account, which every team suffers, they have difficulty completing sets. The instance where the players were struggling to get back onside, some having an afternoon stroll, was shocking.
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