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  1. Calm thissen Robin. Do what I do. I go down to watch the local lads playing touch and pass and throw mince pies at them. Stay safe owd lad.
  2. You can have as many rules as you want but it still boils down to application
  3. We all enjoy the rough and tumble of the game but the performance by the dragons was no more than outright thuggery IMO. It was obvious that certain players were out to inflict serious damage with their cheap shots.. The Saints are akin to a top class professional boxer. They can lean back on the ropes and soak up everything that is thrown at them and then without warning destroy the opposition with a couple of good punches.
  4. Message from grandson who has a business over there in Melbourne. 2 months ago had strict lockdown with great results. As is usual, opened everything up and heigh ho it was back with a vengeance. Since then had another strict lockdown for 6 weeks and now life is more or less back to normal. Proves that with self discipline and consideration for others, it can be done. I wonder how we would have managed during the second world war?.
  5. I seem to remember a press statement to the effect hat when the lockdown started at the beginning of the year, that charities were screaming out about the vast drop in donations, even though the bank account of one popular charity displayed a figure of over £13 million.
  6. I honestly believe that to gain entry to the SL in the present conditions would be treading a fine line JC. I think that our nation will be affected for many years to come, financial and employment wise and there will be a lot of "cloth cutting" in the future. Even the soccer world with all their finances are now looking over their shoulders considering the obscene wages being paid out to the "elite" players.
  7. Highly unlikely. Understand that they have been training at home due to the pandemic
  8. The point being that the present hierarchy brought in most of the players they criticise. It has been obvious for several weeks that players have not been playing for the club. Drastic team changes week by week, even allowing for injuries etc have not helped the situation. They have been playing like a team who do not have a clue how to finish their sets and the support play is non existent. A reflection on the coaching?.
  9. Have just dragged my booits out from"t cupboard. Gor all mud off and am ready to go. PS. the changing rooms must be wheelchair friendly.
  10. I am most surprised at the deafening silence from the Wakey supporters.. How on earth can fans sit back and accept the rubbish being dished out week after week. Probably the fact that there are no crowds present to voice their feelings, negates the time for change. By the same token, if they are content with the situation, so be it.
  11. How many times have we heard that last sentence?.
  12. Being 86 yrs old, I think that I am rather past it, although I did referee for about three years when in my thirties. I did not find it too difficult on the whole.
  13. I am getting rather miffed off with comments about "the speed of the game". our game is cumbersome compared to the NRL. The speed of the game is ultimately governed by the official, laying on being one of the prime causes. The performance of the bulk of officials leaves a lot to be desired at times. Not many years ago they were presented with salary increases, the opportunities to become full time professionals and receive the 100% support of the RL organisation. I honestly think that the above measures have not produced the professionalism and skills which were fully expected from the officials.
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