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    my grandchildren and great grandchildren. Supporting Sharlo Rovers and Fev.

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  1. Afraid that it is at the bottom of the league regarding charitable donations as compared with the more "fashionable" organisations.
  2. Come on now, Haskey, buck up. Do same as I do and get your 12 year old grandson round to advise !!!.
  3. Do you know, you lads have made my day. Many thanks for the plaudits although It was hard graft at Scarborough. I now sit in the family stand and gloat at the addition behind the sticks at the railway end. A good set up Robin at the All Blacks. Hope your grandson gets on okay. Two of my grandsons started their rugby careers there, one progressing to Wakefield Trinity and many years ago, one to FEV/ Sharlston.
  4. I realise that I am rather late with the goodwill wishes, but here's to a Prosperous and Happy New Year to all my dear friends at PO Road. I can tell that you are getting bored, Robin when you start to enquire about my health. Now 85 yrs of age and I shall outlive you, you old b****r. Wife is fine thanks very much. Hope everything is going swimmingly at the Evans residence. Si thi around.
  5. Afraid not. The wife attends to that side of things, I just see to the washing and fold the sheets.
  6. Sorry if I sound to be a cynical old man, but I write as I see it
  7. What a great, civilised country we occupy OR. We kiss and hug everyone over a period of about a week. We then spend the remaining 51 weeks kicking the s**t out of everyone within range of our sophisticated weapons and running amok with machetes.
  8. I had my first and only jab 10 years ago and finished up in bed for two weeks. Never again. Someone up there is watching over me as I have never had any problems.
  9. And we think that we have problems. What can one say?.
  10. Robin, whilst tha over there, sort this b****y brexit job art
  11. Poor selection but what else have we really to offer?. Too many players on the verge of calling it a day in top class rugby. Hardaker is never a centre, but we have to make way for Coote,(ridiculous). Why not change tactics in the second half and throw the ball about and make the opposition motor up and down.? Very poor completion rates and total metres made by the forwards abysmal compared to the opposition. Only Jones and Bateman stood out, IMO. Hastings very quiet and set nothing up.
  12. Nothing is cheap these days, especially anything connected to sport, but to disband the clubs future players is a slippery slope to mediocrity. You get what you pay for
  13. A tried and tested player. Is a very good addition IMO.
  14. The million dollar question is "What are they going to contribute to grass roots rugby"
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