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  1. A great defensive performance. Would be wrong to pick a man of the match, IMO due to the fact that every player gave their all and there were many, many outstanding performances. Leigh appeared to be a team made up of, in some cases, overweight, unfit and "has been" players.
  2. I would hazard a guess that it is an ageing population who attend the games.
  3. Very good performance from the Eagles against a so called full time team. Much more of a thrilling game than the SL performance. Well done, you deserved the victory.
  4. Being a cynical old man of the world, I would hazard a guess that filthy lucre had a sway in the result.
  5. Of course he did, but his hesitation and poor decision making in the first half was atrocious. Team warnings are like water off a ducks back.
  6. Not ethical with some people to condemn and criticise the game, but this decision is another stage in bringing the game down to an even lower standard. Money talks. The game will slowly slide into oblivion as is the amateur game.
  7. Catalans as a team have a lot to answer for IMO. They are skilled in playing the ref with their holding down and flopping, coupled with cheap shots in the ruck. Negative refereeing allows Tomkins to be in the officials face after every score. Not an attractive team to watch.
  8. Can you really expect the fans to be paying out for admission and travelling when they are presented with a team who are quite obviously not playing for the club or the coach. Fans stating that they cannot afford to sack the coach, but the way results are shaping up there will be no fans going through the turnstiles, so its a no win situation on that score. I call it panic management. Cry "injuries" but it boils down to lack of attitude from players who should know better and poor player acquisition.
  9. Its the most attractive landfill site in Yorkshire.
  10. My own personal opinion is that the players are no longer playing for the coach. You cannot lay all the blame on to the halves even though they are not producing or creating anything. The problem is with the forwards. They are not taking the ball in and their metres gained is pathetic. The halves cannot operate without a good platform to work from. Too much off loading by the pack. They are there to gain the hard yards, not to get involved in the "niceties" of the game. I suspect that the team "play to orders" on the field, no flair or footie off the cuff. Nine out of ten defeats. A shocking situation. Not looking good.
  11. Lets take nothing away from Leigh. They are a good team, a good blend of youth and experience and very mobile. We were just little bit better on the day. Our pack put in a tremendous effort in order to set up the halves. Golding magnificent along with Day who would run into a houseend if instructed. Everyone played for each other which is all we ask coupled with a good scrambling defence.
  12. The TV games involving Toronto against part time lower teams does nothing for our game, IMO. Boring, one sided displays. No disrespect for the opposition, but they do not stand a cat in hells chance. Just a training run out for Toronto.
  13. Of course they know better than you, Gooleboy, they were the people who signed him !!!.
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