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  1. Robin, whilst tha over there, sort this b****y brexit job art
  2. Poor selection but what else have we really to offer?. Too many players on the verge of calling it a day in top class rugby. Hardaker is never a centre, but we have to make way for Coote,(ridiculous). Why not change tactics in the second half and throw the ball about and make the opposition motor up and down.? Very poor completion rates and total metres made by the forwards abysmal compared to the opposition. Only Jones and Bateman stood out, IMO. Hastings very quiet and set nothing up.
  3. Nothing is cheap these days, especially anything connected to sport, but to disband the clubs future players is a slippery slope to mediocrity. You get what you pay for
  4. A tried and tested player. Is a very good addition IMO.
  5. The million dollar question is "What are they going to contribute to grass roots rugby"
  6. Prior to penalty, there was a blatant forward pass IMO. The lads were brave and battled well, but as to be expected, full time v part time won in the end. Do not think that they are top of the tree. What a stadium. I call it the stadium of ants. Why are so many people appear to be wandering aimlessly up and down the place?.
  7. Its in the boys hands now. Get stuck into the poseurs. Let em know they have been in a fight. Good luck. May the light shine down on you.
  8. Another great performance. What did I say, get into their ribs and do not be bullied and hey, bingo. Davies played a blinder His work rate is terrific along with the rest of the lads. Only one criticism in that our line speed tends to drop off at times, a fact that will allow Toronto to punish us. Once again, well done.
  9. The Frenchies are not unbeatable.Nothing outstanding against the overrated Canadians.
  10. saddleworth


    What on earth has that got to do with it?.
  11. saddleworth


    Big man, Robin. No heart.
  12. A great defensive performance. Would be wrong to pick a man of the match, IMO due to the fact that every player gave their all and there were many, many outstanding performances. Leigh appeared to be a team made up of, in some cases, overweight, unfit and "has been" players.
  13. I would hazard a guess that it is an ageing population who attend the games.
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