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  1. I will treat the above remarks with the contempt they deserve.
  2. They want a good kicking. They have managed to export two pandemics and one epidemic in the space of just over 100 years resulting in around 145 million dead. Its about time they cleaned their act up.
  3. Correct. Part time throughout all the leagues.
  4. Does this eventually indicate the return of part time rugby?.
  5. Tell thi what, if they put on pathetic shows as of late, they might as well not bother
  6. Has anyone stated the exact source of the virus?. Being aware that China has been prolific in the spread of deadly infections over the past years, have they stated the virus emanated from fish, fowl or animal. Would love to know as it is only a few months ago that they were stricken with a virus connected with the chicken industry and I am afraid that there has been no confirmation from Government sources or the press.
  7. Cant beat it. Picks the men out from the boys
  8. For goodness sake let the matter lie. Some people love the fuss and publicity.
  9. Whilst not wishing to become involved with the moral and ethical views on the subject, I do believe that there is a strong element of financial dealings with the issue. From comments made on the forums and in the press, it would appear to me that the RL and everyone holding positions within the organisation appear to place their political and moral opinions, secondary to their overall fears of financial losses. Tonga, as a great little country, regard this issue as a "no no" and taboo. Does this mean that we ban the Tongans from the next World Cup due to the fact that they have differing opinions from other groups. The world has gone mad.
  10. Commentators who will not,(or dare not) commit themselves, unlike our brothers at the other side of the world.
  11. They can make their mouths say owt. Oh yes, they hey have had strict instructions regarding correct play the ball. I believe I saw about half a dozen during the Wigan game. Nothing has altered and if that game was a portend of things to come, heaven help us.
  12. Speaking to an old friend who attended a social function last weekend at the Rovers Club He stated that he was very disappointed with the whole arrangement. Said there were about 200 guests and not enough seating provided resulting in many of the visitors having to stand. Also complained about the fact that the microphones were not working resulting in the people at the back of the hall being unable to hear the presentation speeches. Not enough bar staff present resulting in waiting times for drinks to be obtained and finally he complained about the cost of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Being a non drinker, I could not argue this point. Said it would be doubtful that the organisation would return in the future. Just reporting the facts as informed.
  13. Afraid that it is at the bottom of the league regarding charitable donations as compared with the more "fashionable" organisations.
  14. Come on now, Haskey, buck up. Do same as I do and get your 12 year old grandson round to advise !!!.
  15. Do you know, you lads have made my day. Many thanks for the plaudits although It was hard graft at Scarborough. I now sit in the family stand and gloat at the addition behind the sticks at the railway end. A good set up Robin at the All Blacks. Hope your grandson gets on okay. Two of my grandsons started their rugby careers there, one progressing to Wakefield Trinity and many years ago, one to FEV/ Sharlston.
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