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  1. True. but why do it n the first place.
  2. IF PROVED, it is the loyal supporters who have been kicked in the teeth . With the squad we have brought together, the season looked like things could happen and in May we could all go to POR and watch these players do the business. Now what have they done but let us down big style, and there is no excuse . This will cost the club big bucks and is likely to lose us sponsors. What a loan of plonkers. Will I bale out, lets see what the RFL come up with.?????
  3. Sorry Gazza glasses must have steamed up.
  4. Looks like the fallout begins. Brett Ferres suspended for 10 games for breaking covid rules and this looks like the first of many.
  5. Yes , looks like missing out on a big pay day for the club.
  6. Draw just been made Home against Hull
  7. BBC strike again , d raw delayed due to technical problems ????
  8. A think there needs to be some sole searching, when we thrashed them in pre season complacency seems to have crept in. After those 2 quick tries we have have turned the screw, but no we let them back in and boy did they take it.Parata for me made the difference when we went behind. I hope this wakes them up
  9. Agreed LINGARO there is no place in our sport for this kind of thing. Pure thuggery . Bussey should go to the police.
  10. RIP big Jeff, always gave his best
  11. No mention of Kendall I notice. He always want to be the centre of attention. yes some niggle but let the game flow Yes a patchy performance but 41 points is no mean feat
  12. BBC strike again. 2 tries scored while they are sorting out the mess NOW 24-6 £150 quid plus for a licence and they cant get a simple bit of tech right. Kendal and his whistle , 2 on report and stop start . Commentary however is OK.
  13. Wouldnt surprise me, but is this kosher or rumours
  14. Not impressed with Brown so far , lets just hope he steps up to the plate. Presumably he will play stand off in the absence of Sherlock,. Keep Broughy quiet and we should win.
  15. Ferguson certainly made a statement from his 2 spells, I thought Gale had a good game under the high balls and then good yards until the last ball he dropped. Websters got a job on for the 2 hookers, with Jones and Parata playing well. Not sure about Brown as yet. I like Spence , but a typical scrappy second half, as Phantom said the work really starts next week.
  16. Some really interesting and positive comments earlier. and it looks like Webster has a lot of hard thinking to do for the season starts, but lets not get too carried away with this thrashing of Oldham
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