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  1. Sounds like a great first 40 for the lads keep it going On Corey Johnson , My grandson goes out with his sister and I believe he has called it a day . Reason unknown
  2. A few wires crossed, read Catalans for Hull KR, and do you think Hull KR v Leigh will be an away win.?
  3. Not sure about Ferres. Bussey was talking to the ref when they had no2 sent off We were poor,did not play the conditions, had no motivation and no halves to take us round the field. Has Barrow not laid on so much and gave penalties away with 13 left on the field they would have beaten us.
  4. Not sure about , he was talking to Bussey when they had the second sin bin. We were poor, did not play the conditions , had now motivations from half back and had Barrow not laid on so much in the second half they would have beaten us with
  5. Funny thing about sport, results do not always go your way. expect the unexpected,That's why you don't see a poor downtrodden bookie.
  6. Regarding an earlier post about the sending off on Chris Hill by me, he gets the same 3 match ban as Chizzy, The Warrington player gets taken off and could miss matches, whereas Luke turns out for us on Sunday , and scores a cracking try, Chizzy only gets a yellow card. Where is the justice in these 2 decisions.????
  7. 1. Chisholm 2.Hall 3. Blackmore
  8. Right Robin it was. It lead indirectly to 2 on their tries, the other was the only mistake Chizzy made by missing that tackle.I thought the team just did enough to win , which of course they did. However I think if Batley keep on improving they could do OK.
  9. I just wonder how many matches Chris Hill gets for his high tackle and sending off in the Wigan / Warrington match tonight?????
  10. Absolutely diabolical. What a pathetic system
  11. Thanks POR , problem solved, Happy Christmas
  12. The digital age is slowly passing me by. I collected my season ticket from the office yesterday, and rather than have egg on face ringing them up. How does this new card work ?, There is no name , membership number, or magnetic strip on the card, so how can it be foolproof and therefore be wrongly used., specially if lost. If baffles me but perhaps it should as I am well into my 70s. Can anyone help please.!!!
  13. I would think a Hooker is a priority
  14. This is a good signing, I wish it could have been for longer, but lets hope MInns will be fit then. A bit worried we seem to be light in the Hooker department. Bur who knows Corey Johnson from Leeds could be a good stand in ???
  15. For the life of me I cant remember what position he played
  16. Just hope he is here for the right reasons
  17. I never did like the Carr/Rhinos tie up. If he is going to the Rhinos good luck to him, but we SHOULD have some compensation , as he is under a 2 year contract(as quoted elsewhere).But I also cannot understand why going as an assistant to a rookie coach is going to help him move forward. I would have thought another year here, would do him no harm at all. This is obviously a personal opinion
  18. We still should be running a reserve team
  19. According to the club Spedding is here until end of season 2019, so why is it quote in an earlier post that he cannot play thisseasonb and why do we need a 3/4 anyway.
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