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    Bradford born, solid Bradford Northern fan since the early 70’s. Relocated to Toronto a few years ago, doing my bit to help grow Rugby League over here. From bleeding Red, Amber & Black I now have plenty of Red & White in there too.

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  1. 155.3lbs today. Still maintaining, haven't been running much but walking a good 20km a week. Seeing COVID cases going up again here since the kids went back to school and folks went back to work. Seems the 25-40's are socialising enough to spread this and get things locked down again so expecting to see the gyms go bye bye and be off limits.
  2. Latest and greatest my good man, thank you!
  3. Up again to 156lbs which feels a bit better at the moment. Ran my longest since getting messed up in March on Saturday, 5.5km which was great and followed that up on Monday morning (was a long weekend here) with a 2.5km run which took in a couple of steep sections I'd been leery of and walked up/down previously. Doesn't sound like a big distance or anything but that was a huge mental barrier taken down.
  4. 153.6lbs this week, bounced back a little thankfully. Ran 3.5KM Wednesday and up to 19km walking this week, pools still aren't open here and missing that!
  5. 157.2lbs this week, had to eat way more painkillers than usual and it totally killed my appetite, was basically on fluids and the occasional banana for 4 days. Scary that at even the amount I have lost up to now, that one event can lead to losing 3.5% body weight in a week. Got over the worst so hopefully will be back up to somewhere near 'normal' next week.
  6. On a related note, when I came over here I noticed, and it's still a real cringer when I hear it, many people pronounce it asHphalt and not asphalt.
  7. 163lbs dead on this week. Got up to 4.5k running this week too.
  8. 162.4lbs this week. Did a 3.5k run last Friday which I was beyond stoked about. Slowly pulling it back!
  9. 163.8lbs this week, still just a squeak under my 164lb goal weight. Found a park close to where I work with a flat path through it, jogged 2.5km in 17 minutes when it was 42C with the humidex! Puddle of sweat when I got back. Longest I've gone since getting messed up at the beginning of our COVID lockdown over here. Pretty pleased with that. Small steps back. Focusing on where I was 18 months ago and not running at all, than not being at the 5k mark that I hit in February, still so much further along than where I was before.
  10. Little bit up this week, 163.2lbs. Big (small) victory for me was changing the oil in the van. Last time I did that, and pushed myself when I really should have stopped, I was laid up for over a week. Now that I'm keeping the weight off I'm taking more and more small steps to greater independence and freedom. Certainly feels good!
  11. Weigh in day and down to 162.8lbs, lost 6.4 lbs of the 6.6lbs I gained last week. Tracked what I ate, plenty of water and more walking. the old habits can't get back in, really great to get the insight and especially good mentally that I can pull it back into control. Might not be as physically active at the moment but pleased the head is reasonably good still.
  12. Wow. 169.2lbs. Biggest gain since I started the weight loss journey in January 2019. With all that's going on I figured I deserved a break and to relax things a little bit. Relaxing with more bread, crackers, chocolate, pizza and something that I've had little of in a few years now, booze. Hardly moved either. And it's feckin hot and humid over here. And I've had to use more painkillers than normal. Perfect storm. I didn't need relaxation, I needed a reminder of why I stick to my discipline so much, so in that I consider this a win.
  13. 162.6 lbs this week. Still pleased at maintain the range. Been walking a lot more this week, about all I can do at the moment, eveything still locked down but very slowly opening. No gyms or pools open (thankfully).
  14. Lister's Mill was always a feature of growing up in Bradford. Have to admit I love the Victorian aesthetics as well as functionality, even down to the cast iron handwheels on fairly ordinary machinery. A certain pride in making things look good for the sake of looking good. Amazed Fred Dibnah hasn't been brought up yet lol.
  15. @Mumby Magic I'm going through my own separation at the moment also. It's been a very difficult time as the ex is extremely adept at guilt tripping me. There are 24 hour text lines I've found useful over here, texting allows me to structure my thoughts a bit rather than getting tripped up over my words or getting embarrassed speaking. I'm fortunate in that I have a couple of very close friends who offer support, but also a good counselor and a psychologist who help to keep me grounded in who I am and not let the irrational thoughts take me off in the wrong direction. By all means private message me if you need support and I'll do my best to help. Best wishes mate.
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