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  1. Wow. 169.2lbs. Biggest gain since I started the weight loss journey in January 2019. With all that's going on I figured I deserved a break and to relax things a little bit. Relaxing with more bread, crackers, chocolate, pizza and something that I've had little of in a few years now, booze. Hardly moved either. And it's feckin hot and humid over here. And I've had to use more painkillers than normal. Perfect storm. I didn't need relaxation, I needed a reminder of why I stick to my discipline so much, so in that I consider this a win.
  2. 162.6 lbs this week. Still pleased at maintain the range. Been walking a lot more this week, about all I can do at the moment, eveything still locked down but very slowly opening. No gyms or pools open (thankfully).
  3. Lister's Mill was always a feature of growing up in Bradford. Have to admit I love the Victorian aesthetics as well as functionality, even down to the cast iron handwheels on fairly ordinary machinery. A certain pride in making things look good for the sake of looking good. Amazed Fred Dibnah hasn't been brought up yet lol.
  4. @Mumby Magic I'm going through my own separation at the moment also. It's been a very difficult time as the ex is extremely adept at guilt tripping me. There are 24 hour text lines I've found useful over here, texting allows me to structure my thoughts a bit rather than getting tripped up over my words or getting embarrassed speaking. I'm fortunate in that I have a couple of very close friends who offer support, but also a good counselor and a psychologist who help to keep me grounded in who I am and not let the irrational thoughts take me off in the wrong direction. By all means private message me if you need support and I'll do my best to help. Best wishes mate.
  5. When they redesigned the frontage to the Royal Ontario Museum I wasn't 100% taken with it, but after a while and several dozen visits to exhibits and various lectures over the years I've really grown to love the way the cleanly modern materials and totally unorthodox lines grow out of the classical foundations. That the dinosaur exhibit fills much of the new frontage just adds to the feeling of the old passing to the new.
  6. 163.8lbs for me this week. Had to drop a lot of activity out due to injury. Just maintaining through basic walking and watching what goes down the gullet.
  7. Still working on getting back to running, it's taking a lot longer than I'd like but trying to be objective I'm still progressing. Walking 3-5km every other day and running up to 2km as much as I can stand. I'm down in weight to 160lbs this week which, given the reduced activity and all the isolation I'm very happy with maintaining the 160-164 goal range. We're starting phasing back into the office this coming week so there will be more structure coming back. Some welcome changes.
  8. Well, May 28 was interesting, no alligators, snake wrangling perhaps offered.
  9. Had to cut the push ups out for a couple of weeks, having issues with my elbow of all things. Strained it a few months back doing bicep curls and it hasn't got any better, worse actually. Can't get in at the doc's with all the COVID stuff. I did get back out and tentatively started building up the running again, managed to be able to stand 1.5km in two separate stages today without undue issues cropping up. Well happy with that, especially in the muggy 31C weather here today, awesome sweat on. Weight is 161lbs today, down 4 from last week.
  10. Thanks mate, really appreciate the back up, thank you! This is definitely keeping my mind off other things at the moment so in a way I'm sort of glad I'm not hitting the goal quickly. Keeps the focus going. Silver linings and all that. Lower half got pretty badly hurt in a fall about 5 weeks ago too so I've been doing just upper body work while carefully keeping the lower bits moving with yoga. Got out at the weekend for a decent walk for the first time since getting hurt and did 3.75 km in 33 minutes, fingers crossed I can start rebuilding there too and back to light jogging in a week or two.
  11. Holy ###### I'm going backwards. 65 on the exhaustion test at the weekend, so went back again to week 5. Day 1 36, 40, 30, 24, 40+ (41). That was keeping the interval time down though, so there is that. Keeping on keeping on.
  12. Rats, i was going to say Abi Ekoku. Would've been a shoe in otherwise ?
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