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    Bradford born, solid Bradford Northern fan since the early 70’s. Relocated to Toronto a few years ago, doing my bit to help grow Rugby League over here. From bleeding Red, Amber & Black I now have plenty of Red & White in there too.

    Canada Wolverines and the Toronto Wolfpack, a great sport for a great country!

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  1. 164.7lbs this week, down 64.9lbs from start point. Get the new brace fitted next Wednesday, looking forward to the changes this will bring.
  2. Never used to like it to be honest, it was the aquatic version of a treadmill and made me feel like a hamster or at least a vole of some description. It's certainly better all round exercise, easier and more flowing on the spine and the leg that doesn't work too well. Definitely not as clumsy as being on land! Cheers
  3. 167lbs this week, down 1.2 on last week, 62.8lbs overall. Was at the pool on Monday night, there was a snowstorm so not many folk had made it there, had a lane to myself and a fast guy on my inside. Chasing that ###### I got 40 lengths done in just under 30 minutes! Best yet and 15 minutes less for the same distance than when I started back 6 months ago. Been focusing on getting back running but perhaps I should change tack and focus more on the pool instead.
  4. Apologies, been a bit MIA this last little while. Was at 169.5lbs for the first TBA on @Shadow's list and 168.8lbs on this weeks weigh in. Started back at the gym with light weights a couple of weeks ago and slowly working my way up on running; did 800m in one go last week which is longest I've run in over a decade, then blew the calf in the bad leg a couple of days later. I was oddly pleased with being able to work a muscle hard enough to pull it! Still a lot of imbalance there with the other side which I'm at the physio working to rehab what's left and keep the atrophy to a minimum. Was ###### off with not being able to run so took out that frustration at the pool and did my quickest on 40 lengths at 35 minutes! That's ten minutes down on when I started swimming again. Getting fitted for a new brace in the coming weeks, custom made in carbon fibre which should replicate at least some of the energy return that's missing from not being able put the Achilles on the bad side to use. Leg and foot cast was made last week, more gait analysis on Monday. Sometimes I still get upset about what I can't do compared to what I used to, but then look at how far I've come this year: Over 60lbs off and staying off, running at all when I could barely walk 2 km this time last year, signing up for 5k's and half marathon walks and just signed up for my first mud run next May. Mental year!
  5. My first ever 5K this morning in perfect weather on the Toronto lakeshore. Walked all but the last 500m that I ran in (wasn’t going over the line walking!) in 42:18. Target to beat for next year then
  6. 1963 Series 2A Land Rover. Beast took us all over to the crags of Yorkshire, Peak & Lake Districts, Wales, Scotland. Miss that thing. Leaked like a sieve, wind blew right through it but always got wherever you needed.
  7. Just seen that Juliette Kaplan, who played Pearl in Last of the Summer Wine, passed away this week from cancer aged 80.
  8. Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, one of the true pioneers of space exploration. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexei_Leonov
  9. Must have been hammered having good conversations with pieces of cardboard
  10. It was a really good segment on one of the top Toronto breakfast shows. Showed the crowd proper whooping it up, some good clips of the action and no mention at all of nationalities Overall a great promotional piece at a key time for morning shows. Was nice to walk into that in the work lunch room today!
  11. Wolfpack on CP24 breakfast show in one of the prime morning segments this morning. Talking about the win, what it means to be part of the Toronto winning sports scene this year. Also wanted to know if they can skate to help the Leafs
  12. Been crocked since September 5th, not the best prep for the 5K on October 20th but will still run what I can and walk the rest. Having to up the painkiller usage killed any appetite I had so I'm now down to 170.5 lbs.
  13. Well done Featherstone! Regardless of all the political claptrap you’ve had a brilliant campaign and whoever does win next week deserves their shot at SL. My head is with Toronto as I live here now, but there will be a big piece of the Yorkshire heart pulling for Fev too. The pressure is on the Wolfpack, and with two sides playing attractive games, it should be a cracker! Roll on next week!
  14. Surprised Harry doesn’t love Eric Perez then, he’s a right RL anorak too. Met quite a few burgeoning pac-a-macs at Wolfpack games over the last while, born and bred Canadians with the love of stats and facts; agreed, not quite yet achieved full anorak status but a year in Super League will cure that I reckon. I’m sure they will be as insufferable as the English ones in no time. Go to the game, be you, do what you do and enjoy yourselves. **edit** Incidentally, in relation to ‘real’ fans in the UK, even someone going to Bradford since the mid-70’s, as far as certain other fans were concerned: If you didn’t have a season ticket, you weren’t a ‘real’ fan. If you didn’t watch local amateurs as well as the pro’s, you weren’t a ‘real’ fan. If you didn’t go to away games, you weren’t a ‘real’ fan. If you lived north of Carlisle, you couldn’t be a ‘real’ fan. If you lived south of Sheffield, you couldn’t be a ‘real’ fan. If you only started watching RL after Super League started, you definitely weren’t a ‘real’ fan. I suppose, in the literal sense of the word, few people are ‘fans’ anywhere anyway; most people aren’t fanatics, they’re supporters.
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