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  1. 161.2 lbs this week. Slower 5k's rather than quicker 3k's have been my go to this week. Done 4 of them which is ridiculous in a good way, but have been too excited doing that and neglected the swimming. Need to get back in the pool.
  2. People who leave their shopping trolleys in the space beside disabled parking spaces. People who stop and wait in the roadway in front of shops with their feckin hazards on because they can't be bothered finding a parking spot. Amazing how often they are German car drivers. They're special. Maybe feckin walking assist should be added to the car software. People who don't clear the snow off the top of their car before driving.
  3. Not really an instrumental as such, but this popped up on my Spotify feed and thought it pretty bloody good.
  4. 162.8 lbs this week, up very slightly. Maintaining well in the range I'm looking for. 5km run Tuesday, another 5km ran last night both around 31 minutes. Going to hit -18C here tonight so didn't want to be going to and from the gym in that. LOL Albertans and Manitobans will think me a wimp being in Toronto, warm spring weather for them.
  5. After the other night I wanted to see if it was a fluke running 6km so I did another session at the indoor track last night at the slower pace. 5km in 29m20s. For the runners out there should I be looking at improving distance or speed? I'm not sure now!
  6. Crazy week and 162.4lbs. Had an issue wearing some boots this weekend and the brace dug a massive hole in my heel that I didn't notice until it got infected. That really sucks sometimes. Anyways, upshot of that is being at the gym last night, taping the snot out of it I still wanted to run a bit (how weird is that after all these years not being able to run, can't not any more!). I had to shorten my stride a lot to take the pressure off the heel and surprisingly for me it felt okay at a slower pace. When I got to 3km, my PB up to now, I still felt okay so jogged a few extra laps. Got to 4km. Then I figured I was so close to 5km I might as well do that. So I did. Then I just went a lap more and a lap more. 6km I did in the end. Twice my PB. Blew my 5km 2020 goal out of the water in February! I guess I accidentally found my longer distance pace and so stoked about that, I guess I need to look at 10km now!
  7. I figured I would end up having to buy two sizes of trainers to get around having the brace in one for running with. We have the Running Room chain over here which is pretty good for support and I ended up with one size of Brooks Transcend 5's which not only fit both feet reasonably but get a decent amount of cushioning on the braced leg which is basically hitting the pavement with a solid lump rather than a foot. Wore a pair out last year which is the first time that's happened in 15 years.
  8. 165.2 this week. A couple down and headed the right way. Getting up to running 2km at a time regularly now, which amazes me. Slowly the distance is coming up!
  9. 167.2lbs this week, up 4.7lbs. Had a no activity week after a fall and ate the frustration instead. It was as high as 169lbs earlier so at least I'm heading the right way again after catching myself and resetting the thinking. Not beating myself up over it, just drawing a line and moving on the way I should. Progress not perfection.
  10. 162.5 lbs this week. Crocked myself falling on ice this past Sunday, going to be a fun week doped up LOL. Giving myself a week before getting back to major activity. Focus on food intake instead and not eat the frustration.
  11. Weigh ins are Wednesdays for me, but I'd like to be in still for accountability, if you would be so kind. 165.3lbs for me this week, up 1.9 from last but still in my accepted range. Thanks!
  12. Thanks guys, much appreciated! This is me back in 2013 when the Wolverines beat the Tomahawks to win the Colonial Cup that year versus a couple of weeks ago. Yes it's been no mean feat, had to dig into the mental reserves a lot but came down to disciplined choices at the end of the day. No hacks, no shortcuts, just grinding the work out. Was in at the gym on Boxing Day, sort of ###### off (a mate ended up in the pysch ward over Christmas week, long story) ended up doing 2.2km run which was 200m longer than my previous best. Head was still going after doing weights so went back onto the track and ended up doing a full 3km. Nice to be over halfway to my 5km 2020 goal before 2020 even gets here! LOL
  13. And as we’re coming up to year end, I’m going to shamelessly toot my own horn as I’m damn proud of what I’ve achieved this year as far as getting my weight down, resetting my relations with food and hopefully for good as well.
  14. 165.2lbs this week, seeming to stay in a reasonable range between 164 & 168 for the last while. Was a little weirdly 'light' for a time but getting used to it. Ran (jogged) 2km earlier this week, which considering the old kit longest distance was 800m, was an awesome milestone for me. Last night I got my 1km in the pool down from 29 minutes to 26m45s. Fitness and stamina slowly coming up which is really satisfying.
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