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  1. i would say 4 top level events. County cup is pretty irrelevant and counts for nothing IMO.
  2. Well - NCL clubs are often on public park pitches still, aren't they? Poor changing facilities, no gym, etc. I have no idea how much the NCL clubs pay, but I understand that 'officially' they are supposed to pay zero?? (Happy to be corrected if I am wrong here). Nat2 union all (90%) clubs will be paying and some will be bringing in foreign signings. Promotion to Nat1 union (a big jump admittedly) would see some players on full time contracts. Really don't want to make this into a cross code discussion, but the thought of losing talented SL reserve players to union is a sickener. Congrats on your ambitions to get yourself up to League1/Championship - keep us updated with how that goes. Best of luck with it.
  3. This. This is a big part of the problem facing Rugby League IMO. Mid tier union is simply miles ahead of community Rugby League in terms of "professionalism" to use RL1999s phrase.
  4. Andy Farrell (legend of the game): rugby union coach
  5. Right. But he play for Doncaster. Surely if he was international class, he would at least be signed by a professional club? Even a Wakefield or somebody... He plays against students and the likes of West Wales Raiders every week. How good can he really be?? There are some pretty poor quality player in Super League, yet this guy plays 2 Leagues below!! ?
  6. I guess you don't follow the game too closely. More of a casual hobby? Just FYI anyway - there were a few thousand people rioting at Catalans v Warrington last year. Even some players decided to get involved, including the club captain. It was covered by the national media - in fact it got more coverage than the grand final. But yeah... The odd drunk throwing punches at Magic Weekend is also worth a mention.
  7. They are pulling out of their NRL and AFL licensing deals (8 or 9 NRL teams) and will only be doing their teamwear for grassroots sports clubs going forward. Sad really. Decision is due to the Co-Vid impact.
  8. Saw this online and came on to let people know. Very sad news indeed. RIP
  9. But zero TV money. (Because UK fans apparently don't want to watch the Wolfpack...)
  10. Possibly. Or... It could be that he isn't actually very good! The fact that he ran GB ragged could simply outline how bad they were! It might not actually make him a very good player.
  11. Bit of both. Couple of Cowboys tries were well taken, and showed a bit of their class. Wests had 3 injured, and were working hard to see out the game. Well done to them.
  12. They were certainly an embarrassment. I think you could add "arrogant" to the list as well. They thought the game was won before half time and switched off completely in the 39th min.
  13. Part time player. On tiny money. Works a day job. Trains nights. Plays weekly against very low grade opposition. Good player or not, Tommygilf's point still stands... How did he tear the cream of 'GB' apart?
  14. Don't know specifically, but big enough and robust enough to be able to withstand collisions against the pros of big countries like Tonga, and even the wee part time guys from PNG. Whatever size that is, England have displayed they are woefully incapable of dealing with either team. Having recently seen them being rag dolled by a bunch of guys from Carcasonne, Sheffield Eagles, and Tweed Heads, i think we can safely say they need to be a lot bigger and stronger than they are!! That way, they might not be a total laughing stock ?
  15. He does indeed mate. Thanks. I didn't' mention his stuff, as he is miles behind Trent i find (in terms of detail), and also it seems to have died a death since last year. Still - worth a mention i agree.
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