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  1. Too right mate....It is too close to union.... Ban it. Wheelchair RL too.... Get that banned as well. The last thing we need is to be confused with the Paralympics stuff.... Errrrrrr.... Hang on.
  2. yes - you are right - a model can also be constructed that way. The SPFL football used a similar situation in recent years - where players could go out on loan to lower league sides. Premiership clubs sometimes loaned guys to part time teams, in order that they could train all week at their 'home' club and head out to train the odd night and play for the lower league team. They were also permitted to return (be recalled) to play in Development league (efectively U20) games for their pro club. The system has been tweaked since last season whereby the SPFL has re-introduced an open-age reserve league again. 4 clubs elect not to compete and have organised an ad hoc league among themselves with 2 English clubs who opted out of the english football reserve leagues (3 of them do play in the reserve cup however - a group based comp designed to broaden the fixture list)
  3. Devil's Advocate here, but I guess part of the thinking is that if the lower leagues' clubs are so shambolically organised that they can't field full squads, then get the best youngsters all under the pro clubs umbrella asap? I mean the last place the RFL should want their promising young players is with some 'League 1' club who cannot even field a full side. What an Alex Sutcliffe (or whoever) might gain is a proper training/coaching environment, alongside good quality professional players, with proper analysis, proper S&C, proper recovery, proper medical etc etc..... in short, all the normal pillars of a performance environment. These are clearly not going to be available at clubs who send out teams with a 2 man bench. . .
  4. Greymouth is a "city" with a population of 9800 people. England has villages with bigger populations than that. Greymouth also has 2 functioning union clubs, so it is doubtful that Rugby League is "bigger" FWIW. While the West Coast region has produced 50odd Kiwis over the course of history, it's RL has been in decline for many years now. Union in the west coast still has a 6 team comp, although it is declining as a sport there too. An awful lot of posters on TotalRL really live in the past, and quote stuff that is decades out of date. (I am definitely not saying that you do, Themusician, but that is why I jumped in - please don't take it the wrong way, it is just that a lot of posts on here are utterly delusional).
  5. West Coast no longer has a senior club competition. It died out in 2018.
  6. Interesting. Any idea why? (ie what the reasoning was?) Thanks
  7. apologies - i was typing the edit as you posted this. I had somehow read 'Hull KR' instead of Halifax.
  8. 'Sensible' - Really? I think it sounds pretty embarassing. A professional club having to join up with 2 separate teams of local part timers in order to provide a second team? Absolutely bizarre.
  9. The good thing is you have all given her time and not stormed off in a knee jerk reaction. After 9 years, a change in management style was always going to cause problems. Congratulations on giving your new boss a full week, and not simply flouncing out on her first day. That shows real maturity, and probably supercedes the tantrum/badge throwing/walking out topless.
  10. 1. I couldn't give a flying eff what union has on their shirts - this is a Rugby League forum. 2. I suspect "GB RL" is now dead in the water anyway after that recent fiasco. Thank God. It is a throwback to an era that is now long gone. As an aside... Clearly any team that stands up for GSTQ before matches does not represent Ireland (or probably certain parts of the UK) so WTF are they doing putting that ludicrous "British Isles" stuff on the jersey for?!
  11. Ahhh the golden era. A period adored and harked back to by many on TotalRL. "The Good Old days".
  12. ahh yes... the iconic "British Isles XIII" crest on the right chest. No GB (&I??) shirt would be complete without that.
  13. seems to be the norm in Australia though.... "rugby" means union and "Rugby League", "League", "NRL" or "Footy"(in a couple of states) refers to the harder code.
  14. When Carney played, the team was officially Great Britain and Ireland. It was run by the RFL, but you may remember, had a ridiculous "British Isles XIII" crest on the jersey. This is despite the anthem being GTSQ.
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