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  1. ahhhh.... life in the North. While the rest of the country enjoyed watching colour television sets, the sewage farms of Yorkshire provided entertainment for a whole generation of northern kids.... PS - how the fork do you 'farm' sewage????
  2. You only need to look atr thge English backline when they come up against the Kangaroos - it is normally a total mismatch. Factor in the NZers, Samoans, Fijians etc who are also playing in the NRL, and you can see why the English guys look so out of their depth. On the positive side though... at least Hall shapes up well physically - Pat Lane said Hall was the strongest guy in the squad on a number of tests, but other English backs in the NRL would be like a fish out of water. (It is no coincidence that the 'best winger in the world' has not left St Helens.... nobody in the NRL would seriously want him (most of them have never even heard of him!) - except Gold Coast, who will take anybody)
  3. With the advent of Super League in the mid 90s, this stuff disappeared from top level Rugby League. The RFL 'outsourced' all the biting, eye gouging and head butting to BARLA, who successfully maintained it for the next 20 odd years on a network of council pitches at the bottom of slag heaps across West Yorkshire, and Humberside. If it was not for BARLA, these practices would simply have been consigned to the history books.
  4. What an excellent (short) article. Well done TotalRL - exactly the sort of coverage the 'trade press' should be producing, and great insight for us fans. Good work.
  5. Good point. The police can keep an eye visitors to that site, and also on people who start forum threads about 'her' on other sites........
  6. again - a great contribution that adds a lot to the thread... really constructive. You are right, i said 'basically' not 'almost'. The club moved into their current stadium in 2012 - and the football team got into the football league when? this season? last season? (I have no interest in English football, but you probably live on Google so can quickly look it up and quote the date like the sniveling little class swot we all once knew...) The club have had a lengthy run at building up crowds without any football team in Salford as opposition. If Salford FC's fourth division football team steals their fans, then they may as well pack up as Man Utd across the street have crowds literally 20x larger going through their gates. In any case, the OP was asking about why their attendances are always so poor. Not this year specifically. Your suggestions so far appear to be non-existent, but some great policing of semantics all the same.
  7. Great post... adds a lot to the thread. I said "almost" the only source of civic pride.
  8. see my post above. Stuff like this just sounds like excuses i'm afraid. The union people get a lot more than 2.5k FFS.
  9. absolutely. i certainly do not want to make this a cross-code discussion, but i heard some glasgow warriors union fans on a podcast recently enthusing about their trip to the same stadium. they said that sale sharks made it incredibly easy for fans to visit as you simply park (and eat, drink etc) at the trafford centre before jumping on what sounded like a constant stream of free shuttle buses to the game. (The guy said he was messing about and the bus drove off without them, but another was arriving immediately behind it). One does have to wonder how much Salford are genuinely investing in bringing in fans to what is basically the only source of civic pride people can have in the city. (sorry if this sounds harsh)
  10. agreed. Same with those lower-tier clubs (we know who they are...) who's fans spout racist abuse at reporters and French fans.... again, their behaviour is completely against the values of RL, and I am sure like me, you hope they sink too.
  11. Some cracking scores from the Catalans, who in attack, look quite creative. With Tomkins in such sharp form, and Folau looking big, fast and strong, they should be an attacking threat this season. Defensively though, they still looked prone to switching off. Couple of fairly soft line breaks for Cas, that shouldn't happen at this level.
  12. Leeds are improving I feel. They will be better this year than last season (not that difficult, to be fair...) Good to see them improving though - I feel that the league benefits from a strong Leeds. Hull KR however were a joke last season, and remain an embarrassment. The 'tackling' from that team is truly abysmal. They couldnt tackle last year, and this year, they appear to be no different. They do not act like a professional team at times... they look shambolic. Anthony Gelling said on the RFL podcast that he thought that RugbyLeague feels like the lowest form of professional sport, when you compare it to other sports leagues. He said that sometimes it is hard to believe it is a professional league. 'Performances' like that from Hull KR simply compound what he is saying. St Helens would have put 90 on them. Amateurish stuff.
  13. Liam Farrell? Can't say I agree mate - a bit small for an international 2nd rower (similar issue to Sinfield at that level in fact). Joe Burgess - granted... big, fast, strong, try scorer, done it in the NRL - but has hardly played any tests and is now 25. Not a great in the same way as Gregory etc. A good club winger. Scunthorpe? Not a heartland of the game as far as I know - sits just outside the main catchment areas. Probably has produced the odd decent player - but nobody I can think of. Sinfield? Yeah - I can give you that one... he was bang average at international level, but was inspirational at the Rhinos.
  14. I repeatedly hear Australians (via podcasts, videos etc) referring to the GB team as "England". That might suggest that the GB branding was a bit of a joke. If you look at the kiwis (Black with a white double vee) and the kangaroos (green with gold double vee) then are they not best to go with England playing in white with a red double vee? They did in the 90s when Wales beat them i am pretty sure? I have read on here that the reason they dont is because of similarities with St Helens. Seriously? Is the Rugby League community around the M62 really that small minded?? Incidentally... "The wall of white" WTF were they thinking?
  15. To put it mildly.... The greatest Rugby League player ever.... and the RFL have nominated 4 Brits and 1 Australian.
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