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  1. A heavy defeat in football is 3-0 or 4-0. Hull KR took a 60 point thrashing the other week. Football leagues may well 'work just fine'.... the SuperLeague clearly doesn't. Some teams are miles off the level! This, in my opinion is why the product is shrinking.
  2. People want a bigger SuperLeague, with more teams.... yet we see 'performances' like that from teams like Wakefield. (and Hull KR, London etc). Catalans were decent, but Wakefield were utterly terrible.
  3. Am pretty sure that one of the Lancashire Lynx players won the 'Gladiators' TV show. I remember him being virtually unstoppable on the Powerball game.
  4. "Herbie Farnworth"... sounds like some guy from the First World War era. Herbie Farnworth will miss Saturday's game, as he is suffering from trench foot....
  5. Absolutely. I remember even in the 90s when I started becoming aware of rugby league, I was astonished at how many clubs seemed to play at borrowed grounds. The Old Open Rugby ran an article on Bramley(?) playing at Headingley.... it seemed they were literally dying out. And they did. Unsurprisingly.
  6. Sounds like an excuse to me. Sorry.
  7. absolute amateurishness with that conversion. Ridiculous.
  8. a flag of convenience i feel. Gives people an excuse. Some RL is absoltely not 'brutal' at all. Even at what is perceived as a reasonable level. Take a look at the reserve team of NW crusaders for example - a bunch of callow youths, who may be fairly quick and agile, but are absoluterly not a physical, 'brutal' bunch. For me, a bunch of guys in their 20s, who have all 'just stepped out of the gym' are well capable of playing amateur rugby league. And over 30s can easily play it too..... <refs at community level CAN slow the game down too, by allowing the tackler an extra second or so to get to his feet, and policing a very "skinny 10" (about 8.5m) and allowing the defence to go as soon as the PTB is placed on the ground if he needs to control the speed further. Essentially, Rugby League is full of small subtleties and nuances that officials can control/vary according to the level of the teams/competition. It's all about opinions I suppose, but I can't agree with you on this one.
  9. Steve Price (Wire version) on the latest By The Balls. Worth a listen. Recommend.
  10. on the money there mate.... remember it well. A full-time 'defence coach' issuing instructions from the sweeper position.
  11. A quick glance at his own party's modern history..... would point out that Michael Foote's lack of credibility ensured the entire party was unelectable. They literally cannot win with that clown in charge. Whether Leave, >Remain or Unaligned. The party's leadership/shadow cabinet/advisers/whoever..... need to sit him down in a conference room.... close the door, and quietly inform him that a well paid 'consultancy' role has been found for him.
  12. thanks for spelling out the utterly obvious to her. Some people really do need to be spoon-fed.
  13. a wee bit early to put Nicola Sturgeon on that list.... but fingers crossed it will be an option for at least some of us in the foreseeable future.
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