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  1. Sorry it doesn't meet your expectations. I just wanted to share for those that are interested, as I figured most would not have seen it. If you could direct me to a news publication that runs comprehensive stories exclusive to Rugby League, that would be great. I'd love to read them.
  2. He was already an edge forward in his previous spell with the Roosters.
  3. One or two interesting RL observations from the ex Salford man here. Just figured I would share it. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/rugby/rugby-news/rugby-tales-adrian-hadley-drugs-18950676 I read his autobiography back in the early 2000s when it was published. Despite never warming to him as a player, I must say it was an excellent read.
  4. 1.5 pages in and it has already started. The peculiar Rugby League "demographic" that complains about the price of absolutely anything.... tickets, travel to games, merchandise, beer in the stadium, hotels at the magic weekend, tv subscriptions, etc etc etc. The stereotype of the tight-fisted whingeing northerner is one that this forum does absolutely zero to dispel.
  5. Warrington have a deal with New Era to produce caps too. Wigan as well I believe. Obviously these are small, and won't be stocked in New Era stores, but it shows the clubs are trying to provide decent quality merchandise.
  6. Ah yes... My apologies - got a bit carried away there. Their performance against Saints was truly woeful though. Almost as little effort as Wakefield showed today. I singled out the big kiwi as he was particularly lazy, but in fairness a number of them were absolutely shocking. It frustrates me a lot, as they do have some good players as Tex Evans says, and as a Club they just seem to be appallingly run at times. They should be right up there challenging every year IMO.
  7. Wakefield continued the debacle today I see. Another embarrassing 'performance'. At least Hudds made a fist of it from a Yorkshire perspective.
  8. Anyone who has followed the league since it's relaunch knows that Catalans are not "a very very good side. " They played well today, but against pathetic 'opposition' if it can even be called that. It takes only a small amount of Rugby League knowledge to see that. They have been drubbed by $t Helens and Castleford in the last 2 weeks and against the former, Kasiano was an embarrassment... Jogging back into the defensive line 2 tackles behind everyone else FFS!!!
  9. This is true. The tackling in SuperLeague is often very poor though. In terms of defensive shape, the NRL teams tend to push up harder in my experience, whereas in SuperLeague we often see a defence come up partially, and then sit off the ball carrier enabling teams to throw the ball about across the front of a defence. I am not sure why this is.... I don't think that the financial disparity etc stops English teams from pushing up a bit harder. It might be more related to ruck speeds, refereeing etc?
  10. Further to Harry's original post - I just caught the highlights of Hull FC v Salford. Hulls attempts at defence is truly desperate stuff to watch. 1st half - they are literally falling off tackles. Lolo'hea 2nd try, he gets the ball 10m out and literally runs straight at 2 defenders. One of them falls off him, and he just drags the other guy over the line! In the last 7 minutes, Salford manage to score 3 tries... Against a so-called professional team! Woeful stuff. No wonder people don't want to pay to watch.
  11. I am guessing you don't watch a lot of Super League then. The standard of tackling is woeful at times. Just take Leeds - Saints from yesterday. 1. The kick chase from Leeds for Grace's kick return try. It was absolutely pathetic. 2. The try right on the hooter. Look at the "attempts" by the last 2 Leeds defenders. Laughable. And a terrible advert for professional sport.
  12. The tackling in SuperLeague over the last couple of seasons has been on a dramatic slide. Among certain teams (Hull KR, Hudds and today... Leeds) it is regularly embarrassing. People on here still sneer at the tackling in union. Utterly delusional.
  13. I played in the curtain raiser to that game. Changing rooms were all wired up with Sky cameras etc for the Bradford game. Fair enough re the second point. It is just my opinion. I cannot imagine the NFL London spectators for example, shouting at an Asian TV reporter to "Go home".
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