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  1. This game is like The Future vs The Past. It's like normal, forward-looking people (66% or so) who want to see Rugby League become like other sports... Global, (or at least international) with recognisable cities as venues, and occupying something of a visible position in mainstream media and general public sporting consciousness. The sort of sport that pops on CNN's evening bulletin 'World Sport' for example. And facing off against them, it's like the minority of bitter, backward looking folk who live in the past, and cling to a depressing era where people had polio and breathed coal dust all day. They talk about "The Good Old Days" even though they were miserable times. They want Rugby League to be a version of Little Britain ... "A local sport, for local people". They are the sort of people who were scared of automated spinning jennies appearing in towns around them hundreds of years ago. When "foreign" teams show up in their town, they shout aggressive, xenophobic, abusive insults at the visiting fans. "Britain for the British" is their mantra. This was acceptable in the 1970s.... And most of these people still live in that era. Instead of a league made up of places like London, Perpignan, Leeds, Toulouse, Toronto.... Their aspiration is to have 3 teams from Wakefield in the competition.
  2. A flag with a great big Rangers crest on it. You see them brandished at BNP rallies and the like.
  3. Interesting. I really thought in the last game, that they were playing right on the limit, but getting away with it. Probably due to Dave Merrick advising them as you say.
  4. Not at all. Your play off results speak for themselves - Featherstone are a very difficult team to play against, and even worse if the opposition are not mentally ready for what is coming.
  5. I really hope you are right, but watching Featherstone's game last weekend, they were crudely very effective by getting off the line extremely quick, and coming up hard in a way that a lot of SuperLeague sides don't even do. This seemed to really unsettle Toulouse, who couldn't handle it, and then regressed into trying to play basketball style RL. Factor in the inevitable snarling aggressive pack of fans who follow them about brandishing Rangers flags etc, and they can create an atmosphere that is quite intimidating for opposition teams and supporters alike. As you point out, Wolfpack should be firm favourites, but I definitely don't think this is a done deal yet.
  6. You got in Toulouse's faces, particularly in the first half. That was the biggest difference between the teams for me. You are right - it is absolutely their best chance to win.
  7. I am not 100% sure on this, but I believe politician Nigel Farage is a Featherstone Rovers fan.
  8. not exactly. There has to be at least some criteria. London Broncos should have been told to GTF when they announced they would play their home games on what appears to be a fenced off union field, out the back of some leisure centre.
  9. 'Mad Nigel' .... I suggest you calm down with the targeted insults. There are a few people on here, who despite allegedly being rough tough Rugby League players start whinging to the moderators like the fat boy at PE who always forgot his Rugby League kit. Insults like you are throwing are sadly quite common among 'a small number' of your club's fans - we have come to exlpect nothing less. Aand while i simply laugh at you for them..... One or two others on here will go crying to the moderator. You have been warned "Mad" Nigel.
  10. Careful now - don't say anything negative about Featherstone, the club, the dual reg players, the fans, or in this case the ground. 'One or two' of the locals simply can't handle it, and start getting incredibly.....errr... 'defensive'.
  11. I actually posted on here (this thread or last weeks TWP match thread?) that TWP are only 1 benefactor's mood-swing move away from a Celtic Crusaders style meltdown. So, i am fully aware of that. I have not said anything about teams who qualify not being allowed to participate in the League. You are correct - they should be (Assuming theymeet the criteria of course). I simply hope the expansion teams beat them to it. For me, that would be far better for the sport. Plenty other RL fans feel exactly the same.
  12. my reponse was a question - offering a possible solution to the shrinkage of the game claimed by 'Mad Red Nigel'. I have no idea why he asked the question, but he felt the sport was shrinking, crowds wise.... (another poster proved him wrong) so i threw it out there that one idea might be to get some clubs from new places as opposed to West Yorkshire. If W Yorks fans want to watch SuperLeague, they can watch Castleford or Leeds or Huddersfield (or even Wakefield if they really want to I suppose) so that market is well covered (saturated?) I really don't remember how the Pontefract and Sharlston boroughs produced players in the 1980s, but I would hazard that it changes nothing now. Players developed in W Yorks have a professional pathway (several in fact) without even moving house. The whole of France has 2 professional teams, so I would suggest opening up that location would offer more than throwing in yet another team from the same place! Toronto offer a lot more even than that IMO, so it is a no brainer for me that we are better off if those teams appear in the final. Fair play to them for owning their ground - it is a massive plus as you say, and something the sport badly lacks (bricks/mortar infrastructure). The club clearly has some things in its favour, and some strong negatives - much like any other. On balance, would Super League be better or worse off with them in it? For me, it is a No.
  13. Tells us that the last thing SuperLeague needs is another team from some place in West Yorkshire?
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