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  1. Can't please everyone . Building the best squad for many a year and you get this negativity before a ball is passed. Unreal.
  2. What's this then if not a comment\update from the club? https://roughyeds.co.uk/2020/03/update-from-club-chairman-christopher-hamilton/ LNIA in these times of self isolation please could you adhere to that and stay off the forum. ?
  3. This is simply wonderful, my Gran and Grandad always told me of this day, she always said it was the most frightened she had ever been at a game because of the size of the crowd, she swore her feet did not touch the floor amongst the huge crowd. It's a privilege to see the greatest ever Oldham side in action with the greatest names in the club's history.Even though i wasn't born for 16yrs after this final, I was brought up on stories of this team,some lived close to my Grandparents who supplied them with eggs ? and were friends with quite a few of the players. Mam also nursed Alan Davies in Oldham Royal which she still rates as her greatest work ?. Thanks so much to all who made this happen and did all the the work to preserve this historic event. Means a lot to me to be able to see these legends "in the flesh".
  4. Pretty low metres gained across the board really, I know the heavy ground won't have helped (and from the reports Dews defence was solid) but those go forward stats seem very light to me. Must be one of Langers quietest ever games looking at the stats. As Bryan says defensively the figures are high on missed tackles also, with all that taken into account plus handling errors,and poor decision making it's no wonder we are getting beat. How much do we miss Benty when he isn't playing? Hugely is my opinion. All needs tightening up rapidly (maybe shuffle the half backs around, different game plan) if we are to pick up points, early days yet and we hope that everything improves over the season, to be honest (no disrespect to either Bradford or Dews) I expected us to get the points from those 2 at home. That's gone now, it's a tough league this Championship, Diskin is doing his best in as what ,as we know, are not the easiest of circumstances,he can only work with what we have.Survival is the priority, at the moment that looks a way off tbh. I'm sure the lads and staff will give 100% as always to achieve the goal. Wether we are good enough is debatable. No matter what I will back them win or lose. Up the Yeds
  5. roughyed34

    our league

    Exactly this. Well said pal ?
  6. Well from afar it wasn't the hammering I expected, Widnes fans and journos very complimentary about Oldham today on Twitter. Massively heartened to see the positivity from our posters on the forum and other social media, it was a game where I expected one of the big guns of the comp to win but I also wanted us to fight hard and give 100%. Seems like the lads did that and a very good attendance too. Positive signs all round.
  7. Well from an outsider looking in, the performance at Barrow was decent, not the finished article but positive. How does it go so poor in the Law Cup.... embarrassing,shocking,poor all were aimed at Oldham. Can Diskin motivate the lads, well he sure as hell didn't in the Law Cup. Did Nobby ever lose a game at Spotland? Nobby did miracles on a miniscule budget, no matter what people thought of the style, he instilled pride and passion into our lads. the proof is in the pudding. He had pride in Oldham, does Diskin have it? Gave it large before the Law Cup (I know what it means blah blah) in the media and produced nothing.Let's be honest, he didn't rip up trees at Batley. Give the man a chance but I'm afraid with a very limited (numbers wise) squad he will be found out,maybe as he was at the Law cup,signing crocked players will end in disaster. The core of the squad if they remain fit, is good but 21/22 players in the Championship won't cut it. Backs signings have been decent Abram,Charnock,Kay et Al. Forwards need massively boosting. Davies and Sheriffe crocked already. We need some firepower in the forwards. That's a given imho if we have any chance of survival. The club is falling behind with social media and marketing also. We are a Championship club in name but off the field we would be lucky to manage the standard of the National Conference. Sorry for the negativity peeps, as you know I only want the best for our club, hopefully see you all sometime during the season. Try to keep the faith and support the lads on the pitch, long season ahead I fancy. Up the Yeds!
  8. Congratulations.
  9. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Roughyeds everywhere. Get the big man in a red suit done with then let the games begin! All the best peeps. ???????
  10. “Gallery Oldham”, 35 Greaves Street, Oldham, OL1 1AL Gallery Oldham Monday 10AM–5PM Tuesday 10AM–5PM Wednesday 10AM–5PM Thursday 10AM–5PM Friday 10AM–5PM Saturday 10AM–5PM Sunday Closed
  11. Just had a quick look (trust me I could spend hours on the site!) via a Google search, I guess this is the web address https://orl-heritagetrust.org.uk What an amazing history of our club, truly fantastic. Thankyou to everyone involved with the trust, especially Michael Turner whose knowledge and enthusiasm is incredible. Deserves massive credit and recognition for this comprehensive and fascinating compilation of stats , photos, documents and miscellany and for the herculean effort put in to provide us with this record of Oldham RLFC through the years. Dave N does wonders with the tech side of things and again has excelled with the site. Thanks Dave! As Mr Royales says it definately is a must for anyone with an interest in Oldham RLFC and RL generally. Awesome stuff guys. Thank you.
  12. Cancel that Unicorn haha, shirt is out and looks damn good tbf ?
  13. I asked Santa for a Magic Unicorn, "Impossible" he said "Be realistic!", so I asked for an Oldham RLFC shirt to be available before Christmas. He said "What colour Unicorn do you want?" ??
  14. Jesus wept, I hope this isn't a sign of things to come with kit etc , truly an embarrassing "Celebration" shirt, what did we conquer? We didn't win the league and certainly lost a few matches along the way. A simple Oldham crest with playoff winners 2019 on a polo and t shirt would have done the job nicely to celebrate promotion. Having "Conquered" seems disingenuous and arrogant. It's a definate no from me ???
  15. That Sheffield badge - typical clipart and very American, designed by a bloke on a PC with Microsoft word? Sheffield in tiny letters why didn't they just drop that and become just the Eagles? Seriously, no matter the debate about our new badge do people really want something like that??? At least the new badge does contain the town crest, it's not really a big deal I don't think, badge contains crest, people at the meetings showed there support to keep the town crest and not have some radical rebrand. Yes it's in a shield? So what? The proof is in the pudding on merch etc, so maybe worth waiting to see what happens there,it's a change and people don't like change! For what it's worth I do actually like the new badge, it's either that or just keep the original one. Either way I'm happy. No cartoon animals and made up names thanks very much. Ps. There was a vote for a new badge so people had the chance to choose the new design. In fairness the result of said vote was never released which is imho an error on the clubs part as was perhaps not including the original badge as an option. As it stands it is was it is, it says Oldham RLFC and has the crest so I guess the shield is the only part of it people dislike?
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