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  1. Dry your eyes mate. Newcastle spent a fortune and got beat by poor little Oldham. We offer very little? Just a founder member of the Rugby League that's all. We can't afford a reserve team but when we had one in days gone by I'm sure your Saints benefitted from a few of our Juniors! We don't have much and it will be a huge challenge to stay in the Championship, but we deserve that chance for the loyal supporters who have stuck with them for X number of years, the ground we played at today is certainly as good as Sheffield's, maybe they need kicking out too?
  2. roughyed34

    The Final

    Well being here in Greece and having to watch on OurLeague has drained me more than actually being at the game!Excellent from the lads today, never say die attitude and got the result we all hoped for. Massive credit to the lads and of course Scott Naylor. I know Nobby hasn't been everybody's cup of tea but he got us back to the Championship and showed great loyalty to the club. The next man in has a massive job now and we need to build a side capable of surviving in the Championship. That's for later. Every player, every member of staff and of course our incredible fans, enjoy this moment. They write us off time after time but we pull out things like this. So very proud of the team and the club tonight. Up the Yeds!
  3. Not really a massive surprise. Scott has done wonders with a very limited budget, got us into the Championship where others failed. He has been unflinchingly honest, been loyal to the club in trying circumstances and always maintained a competitive squad, the players clearly have massive respect for him, the playing style has not always endeared him to some fans but even those must agree he has put in 100% every season, and to be frank we ain't exactly blessed with the finance to sign superstars. He has got the best out of the players at his disposal. I thank him for his service and effort at our club and wish him nothing but success in the future. Hope he gets a big ovation on Sunday.Cheers boss.
  4. Thanks very much, we most certainly will be tuning in. I can definitely see the similarities with Shaw and Greece. Your not far wrong apart from the sea! Been a pleasure, we will be back for a game or 2 next season. All the best to you and the family.
  5. Thanks mate, sorry we won't get to see you. We will keep in touch. All the best to you, Sue and the family x
  6. Thanks very much mate, appreciate that, always a pleasure to have a natter. Take care mate, all the best.
  7. Signed back in May in a blaze of publicity, he is only allowed to play when his drug ban ends which happens to be this Sunday Quality player, not long left at 33 in the game, but if he proves his worth a bigger club will snap him up on a 1 maybe 2 year deal unless of course he is happy to see out his career at the lower echelons, had his issues both within and outside the game, on his day he was world class, hope he can make a go out of the twilight of a somewhat wasted career. Only thing I'm upset about is the wasted years of a great talent.
  8. So why didn't a certain coach just quit then? Move along,nothing to see here.
  9. Club was offered concrete for nothing for terracing, CCTV was offered but Mr H failed to communicate with the person who offered it, Rugby Oldham offered help but were rejected. Mr Quinn bought into the club and there were signs of light at the end of the tunnel,for whatever reason that didn't last. We were supposed to have a free stand and seats from Salford to install...never happened although the stand in kit form was at the ground! A covered stand like Avro have now at the clubhouse end wouldn't exactly have broke the bank. The clubhouse never had any draught beer, the whole clubhouse was shocking in terms of decor, the clubhouse should have retained its local links with the pool/snooker/darts teams but they were turfed out, massive opportunity lost to generate income for the club by running the place as a proper social club and function room,not just "open for the match" on a Sunday. Never mind developing the ground,it would have helped had the club actually paid the rent and secured the ground and made improvements bit by bit, what happened to the buy a piece of the pitch scheme btw? Why didn't the club do a scheme like squad builder but have it as groundbuilder instead? Of course we didn't have the money to do the pitch/fencing to the standard it is today, but the club (as a entity) did literally nothing to improve facilities. A small band of volunteers tried to improve what was there at the start to their credit,but they were sold down the river by the Chairman not paying the rent, their effort ultimately wasted. It was never the best ground for us in the first place but it was ours ,after all the fanfare of Oldham back in Oldham etc back in 2010 after being nomads for so long I would have thought more effort would have been made to improve the ground during our "ownership" Alas it didn't happen, some improvements (not just ground ones either) don't take huge financial input but they need a bit of ambition and forward thinking. People will help if they see the club trying to improve things, unfortunately most see the club (non playing side) as backwards thinking and insular. If that is unpalatable then so be it, truth is that's what most fans I speak to every week feel. We take 1 step forward and 3 back as a club. Mr H has kept the club going, that is unquestionable and I'm sure we are all grateful for that, on the commercial/marketing/income stream side of things the club is and has been for many years an unmitigated disaster. With a bit of foresight maybe income generated while we "owned" the ground would have provided a bit of finance for improvements down the line, as it happened no income,no improvements. That blame lies with the club.
  10. Thought WW deserved a lot of credit today, much improved from the last few times we have met. Great set of players who deserved the appreciation from the home speccies at full time. Oldham were pretty average overall, a win is a win. The acid test is next week at Haven. Win every game and we win the league it's simple as that, big ask but possible if we keep our heads and play sensible rugby. Strange game today, everyone expecting big points (yes we probably should have bagged a few more), decent crowd too, I'm glad WW gave us a better game than a lot of people expected, must be hard to get walloped every week yet still turn up, that alone deserves huge credit. Job done and onwards to a crucial game against the league leaders next week. Up the Yeds!
  11. Today's crowd 552? I think, certainly over 500.
  12. Think the ground is more than suitable at the moment for the division Avro are in, if they get a further promotion then I believe the ground would need more development. In fairness when we had the ground we did absolutely nothing, the ground and pitch is 100 times better than what we had. All we did was not pay rent and lost an opportunity to perhaps develop our own ground after the fanfare of being back in Oldham etc. Avro deserve huge credit, they have shown more ambition with the ground and club than we ever did and continue to make improvements. Oldham RLFC could have developed the ground a bit (via volunteers etc) and had the money from the bar/food etc, instead the club didn't pay the bills and yet again we became tenants because the rent wasn't paid . We will never have our own ground again in Oldham, Whitebank c.2010 was our chance and the chairman blew it.
  13. roughyed34


    How do we feel about this comment from some account on Twitter..... "My rationale is Rochdale and Oldham are struggling for supporters as separate entities and a joint venture between them and the people behind Manchester Rangers could create a club for all of East Manchester and a proper derby with the soon to be Manchester Lions in the west." Would Oldham/Hornets fans support such a venture? My answer is no,no and no. I'd rather we "died" as a club and let the know it alls have there way. Proud clubs,proud fans but is this the way the game is heading? Tradition sold out to a manufactured competition, a proper Derby indeed... has this eejit not heard of the Law Cup! Personally i love the A627 (M) El Classico, it's what RL is about imho, our Derby granted doesn't make a season (even if we are in the same league) but we sure are happy when we win! I can't imagine many Oldham/Hornets fans supporting a Manchester side, my badge is my heritage and my passion,take that off me and I'm lost to the game after 40 odd years but according to the Twitter reply from the clown above I wouldn't be missed. We may be few,we may be a shadow of our former self but I will always be a Yed or nothing. They don't get it do they, the faithful 500 or so love our club to the end, that's what I love about our fans, we moan and yet still turn up, not because of a chairman/players etc but because we love the club and the famous name of ORLFC. Sorry for the rant folks! See you all Sunday! Up the Yeds!
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