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  1. Photography, railways, walking (as in hiking).
  2. The day we went, Waterloo got about 300. The Gosforth and Northern grounds were more or less opposite each other, either side of the Great North Road. Gosforth's is now housing, but the Northern ground survives. Northern seemed OK - not noticeably snobby! - when I went there, five or six years ago.
  3. Yes. I think the pretentious call it St Michael's Hamlet. I presume houses were built on the Liverpool RU ground. The Net says Liverpool FC (RU) played there between 1963 and 1986.
  4. Yes, at the time I was at Liverpool (1983-86), Waterloo were one of the leading teams in the Northern Merit Table. We went there once, too, for a game against Gosforth (out of which Newcastle Falcons were spawned). Waterloo weren't as snooty as the Liverpool lot!
  5. A couple of hundred or so. Before the merger, Liverpool used to get about 150 when they played at St Michael's. On the day our student bunch went, in 1985, we weren't allowed in the Liverpool clubhouse because we weren't members. As you can imagine, we didn't bother going again! I remember Mike Slemen watching the game (against Nuneaton) from pitchside.
  6. Sorry, I meant Hope for three. Out at Ormskirk, Edge Hill (the university not the place/station at the top of the Lime Street cutting) doesn't count as Liverpool. Hope didn't exist (in its present form) when I was at @LivUni.
  7. A drive over to the Horsfall Community Stadium today (5/3), where West Bowling opened their National Conference League season by beating First Division rivals Stanningley 24-16. The third venue at which I've seen Bowling play (after Bankfoot Cricket Club and Emsley Rec). An entertaining contest on a plastic pitch, which ensured the players could be sure-footed. Stanningley scored converted tries in the third and 79th minutes, otherwise the hosts, 16-10 ahead at half-time, were generally on top. In the 58th minute, trailing 10-22, Stanningley were held up in goal close to the posts. A crucial moment. Six minutes later, Bowling landed a penalty. There was one apparently concerning injury. Hope the player is OK. Admission was £3, with a 12-page programme a quid extra. My headcount put the attendance at 220.
  8. Quite a few of today's NCL games off already because of waterlogged pitches. Check before leaving home!
  9. Goodwillie has gone back to Clyde, on loan from Raith Rovers, for the rest of the season: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/60576423
  10. I take your point. It's just traditional, in stadium design, for the main stand to be on the west side - so those paying the most have the sun at their backs for afternoon kick-offs (as at Clarence Street/Wigginton Road, of course). Huntington Stadium was also built the 'wrong way round'. Possibly for the same reason. The funder - Ryedale District Council, I assume - didn't want the main stand backing on to an open field. Swings and roundabouts.
  11. West Bowling are "working with the printers to have a physical printed version" of a programme on sale at Horsfall for Saturday's National Conference League First Division opener against Stanningley.
  12. I'm sorry to say it (because it would be wonderful to see rugby league thrive in Liverpool) but, as another former Liverpool resident, I'm inclined to agree with Eddie. In terms of mass appeal, Liverpool is pretty much a one-sport city. There is some interest in cricket, evidenced by the ECB-rated Liverpool & District Competition and the crowds attracted on Lancashire CCC's occasional visits to Liverpool. Sadly, the speedway team went the same way as the various guises of the rugby league club (and of the short-lived Liverpool Buccaneers ARLFC), whilst rugby union, which engages, as per, a limited demographic, exists only in a couple of tiny pockets. There are three (to my knowledge) hockey clubs. Basketball? No. Ice hockey? No. When, in the early 80s, I was at Liverpool University, it had a competitive rugby league club. Is that still going? Liverpool now has three universities (the former poly and out-of-town Edge Hill). Is there any student rugby league activity at the other two? Best of luck to Liverpool Lizards ARLFC. I hope they can succeed where others have struggled.
  13. As an occasional attender of York home games (maybe four a season), I fancied the Newcastle tie when the draw was made. But then I heard York planned to field several squad players and Newcastle were missing nine regulars. That's not twenty quid's worth, in my book. Plus, as somebody else above said, the thought of spending 80 minutes squinting into a low winter sun, because the stadium was built the wrong way round, didn't seem like fun. Enjoyed my (free) walk, mind.
  14. Having seen his players, the day before the Broncos game, let slip a 2-0 lead to only draw at home to one of the very few teams below his in the table, AFC Wimbledon's manager will be looking for excuses. Any excuses.
  15. In other news, the capacity at Rochdale today is just 920 (that includes press, hospitality and guests). In a stadium that holds more than 10,000. Remember the days when rugby league clubs took the Challenge Cup seriously? It's a lovely, sunny day. I'm off for a walk.
  16. This year's implausible excuse, courtesy of a quarter-wit by the name of Conor Walsh, of the BBC Complaints Team (the grammatical errors are his, not mine): "Unfortunately, due to limited resources we are unable to provide coverage of the National Conference Division 3. We appreciate followers of this division would be disappointed, this is never our intention. We do value your feedback about this. Blah, blah, blah, blah..."
  17. Mmm. The pitch needs to be in tip-top condition - so the two No 10s can spend 80 minutes hoofing the ball off it.
  18. Mmm. The pitch needs to be in tip-top condition - so the two No 10s can spend 80 minutes hoofing the ball off it.
  19. Mmm. The pitch needs to be in tip-top condition - so the two No 10s can spend 80 minutes hoofing the ball off it.
  20. Last time I complained, I got some hogwash from the BBC about 'lack of space' and 'we can't cover everything'. Oddly, though, the BBC website's rugby union fixtures, results and tables manage to plumb the murkiest depths (especially in Wales!).
  21. North Wales have confirmed they'll be issuing a programme (£1) for Sunday's cup tie with Hunslet at Caldy RU.
  22. Just made my annual complaint to the BBC about the illogical absence, from the rugby league section of its website, of the NCL Third Division's fixtures, results and table. In response, I expect to receive the usual flannel. Does the NCL ever complain to the BBC about this?
  23. I can understand why he'd do that. The pattern of play - attack and defence - is easier to follow viewed head on. Although it's much less interesting - less surprising, maybe - than the view from the side. I rarely watch from behind the posts!
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