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  1. Week 19:Good luck to one and all Poll: 7 or more, Points 398, Homes: 5 Winners : Eels, Roosters, Storm, Rbbitohs Sea Eagles, Panthers, Titans , Bulldogs
  2. Well that's me done for the season. Good luck to the three who remain in this heat and good luck to whoever wins it in the final. I'm off to polish the trophy before returning it
  3. Congratulations to Barney on perfection this week and congratulations to the minor prize winners
  4. Loved it as well to quote a song the hands that built this country they keep trying to keep down. Watched redvee there a no commentary walk along Wembley way before the game fans mixing not even a word in anger. Chairman McManus mingling with the fans. Big shout out to the bloke in the Parramatta shirt. In the past I've had a week or two in Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds Bradford, Newcastle Scarborough Doncaster,Sheffield and Hull I was always well treaated and made welcome. I have also spent time in Reading and London were my reception was a lot different. St Helens and Castleford your players and fans were a credit to the north of England.
  5. Week:18 Good luck to one and all. Poll 12 to 16, Aways:2 , Points: 389 Winners: Eels,Sea Eagles, Raiders, Cowboys, Storm, Panthers, Broncos Rabbitohs
  6. Nice to see a Catalan Dragons flag help by a spectator during the stage. A correction to the above there are 8 riders per team.
  7. Congratulations to The Red Rooster on their win this week and congratulations to the minor prize winners.
  8. Week: 17, Good luck to one and all Poll: Roosters, Homes: 3 Points: 205 Winners: Sea Eagles, Rabbitohs, Roosters, Sharks
  9. NRL360 has an interview with Vaughan. Kent's attitude so different than the one he had towards George Williams. Afterwards Ray Hadley keeps Kent very very quiet. All just high jinks eh Paul (Kent)
  10. I believe Cavendish gave his green jersey to one of his team mates on Sunday for getting him inside the elimination time.
  11. Bit of a hollow victory this week over James and his Baked Cheez team. Noticed he hadn't changed his team for awhile still included Ferguson who the Eels dropped weeks ago. Hope your okay.
  12. Congratulations to R L Winger on his win this week and congratulations to the minor prize winners.
  13. Yes that was the one. The entertainment wasnt so much the sport but everything else that was going on.
  14. Sadly have never experienced it live. Remember watching a documentary about three years ago what amazed me was the amount of money being bet. One old timer called it the greatest sport in the world. To each their own as the saying goes.
  15. Week 16 Good luck to one and all. Poll: Tigers\Rabbitohs Aways: 5 Points 394 Winners: Storm, Warriors, Eels, Sea Eagles, Raiders , Knights Sharks, Rabbitohs
  16. Mark Cavendish proving the old adage form is temporary, class is permanent Wins his 31st stage at the Tour de France 5 years after winning stage 30.
  17. time to relax Vintage Reggae Café - Exclusive Summer Mix 2021 - YouTube
  18. Well that was a personal disaster. Congratulations to Cameron Highlander on s perfect 8 from 8 and congratulations to the minor prize winners.
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