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  1. Just received a text I have tested positive for covid. Hopefully I'll be able to post the results on Tuesday
  2. Cowboys, Buccaneers, Cardinals, Bengals Vikings, Colts, Dolphins, Eagles, Raiders, Rams, Ravens, 49ers, Chiefs, Bills.
  3. 1. DeeDeuce 113 1. RL Winger 113 3. Irish Saint 112 4. Gerrumonsideref 105 5. redsi42 104 6. gingerjon 103 7. Wiltshire Rhino 91
  4. Winning Teams: Bears, Raiders, Bills, Bengals, Jets ,Buccaneers, Falcons, Dolphins, Patriots, Giants, Broncos , Packers, 49ers, Ravens, Washington Gerrumonsideref 8 Wiltshire Rhino 8 R L Winger 8 DeeDeuce 8 gingerjon 9 Irish Saint 9 redsi42 8 Congratulations to this week's winners gingerjon & Irish Saint
  5. Week 13 Good Luck to one and all Byes: Carolina, Cleveland, Green Bay, Tennessee Week 13 Thursday, Dec. 2 Dallas at New Orleans, Sunday, Dec. 5 Tampa Bay at Atlanta, Arizona at Chicago, Los Angeles Chargers at Cincinnati, Minnesota at Detroit, Indianapolis at Houston, New York Giants at Miami, Philadelphia at New York Jets, Washington at Las Vegas, Jacksonville at Los Angeles Rams, Baltimore at Pittsburgh, San Francisco at Seattle, Denver at Kansas City, Monday, Dec. 6 New England at Buffalo
  6. Bears, Cowboys, Bills, Bengals, Texans, Colts Falcons, Panthers, Patriots, Eagles, Broncos, Rams, 49ers , Ravens Washington
  7. Over here your phone is taken off you when you enter the pre court room and returned to you at the end of the day's proceedings. On the jury I was on one girl at the start said he is guilty I have nothing more to say and neither she did the remaining 5 or 6 days. The rest of us found him innocent on both charges 11-1. I noticed the quality of the free lunches improved the longer the case went on.
  8. 1. DeeDeuce 105 1. R L Winger 105 3. Irish Saint 103 4. Gerrumonsideref 97 5. redsi42 96 6. gingerjon 94 7. Wiltshire Rhino 83
  9. Week 12 Good luck to one and Byes: Arizona, Kansas City Week 12 Thursday, Nov. 25 Chicago at Detroit, Las Vegas at Dallas, Buffalo at New Orleans, Sunday, Nov. 28 Pittsburgh at Cincinnati, New York Jets at Houston, Tampa Bay at Indianapolis, Atlanta at Jacksonville, Carolina at Miami, Tennessee at New England, Philadelphia at New York Giants, Los Angeles Chargers at Denver, Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay, Minnesota at San Francisco, Cleveland at Baltimore, Monday, Nov. 29 Seattle at Washington,
  10. Winning Teams: Patriots, Colts,Washington, Ravens, Browns, 49ers, Vikings Dolphins, Eagles Texans Bengals, Chiefs, Cardinals, Chargers, Buccaneers Wiltshire Rhino 9 DeeDeuce 8 R L Winger 10 Irish Saint 10 gingerjon 8 Gerrumonsideref 9 redsi42 6 Congratulations to this week's winners RL Winger & Irish Saint. A reminder to everyone there are 3 games this Thursday so get your selections in early.
  11. I'll be surprised if the competition takes place.
  12. Patriots Bills, Panthers, Ravens, Browns, 49ers Vikings Jets Saints, Titans, Bengals, Chiefs , Cardinals , Chargers, Buccaneers.
  13. 1. DeeDeuce 97 2. R L Winger 95 3. Irish Saint 93 4. redsi42 90 5. Gerrumonsideref 88 6. gingerjon 86 7. Wiltshire Rhino 74
  14. Week 11: Good Luck to one and all. Byes: Denver, Los Angeles Rams Week 11 Thursday, Nov. 18 New England at Atlanta, Sunday, Nov. 21 Indianapolis at Buffalo, Washington at Carolina, Baltimore at Chicago, Detroit at Cleveland, San Francisco at Jacksonville, Green Bay at Minnesota, Miami at New York Jets, New Orleans at Philadelphia, Houston at Tennessee, Cincinnati at Las Vegas, Dallas at Kansas City, Arizona at Seattle, Pittsburgh at Los Angeles Chargers, Monday, Nov. 22 New York Giants at Tampa Bay
  15. 9Winning Teams: Dolphins, Cowboys, Colts, Patriots, Bills, Titans, Washington, Panthers, Vikings, Eagles, Packers, Chiefs, 49ers Lions/ Steelers was a tie we all lose Results Wiltshire Rhino 6 Gerrumonsideref 5 gingerjon 7 Irish Saint 6 redsi42 5 R L Winger 7 DeeDeuce 7 So after another week of crazy results Congratulations to this week's winners gingerjon, R L Winger and DeeDeuce. As we are now over half way through the season, could someone recommend a prize for this year's winner
  16. I too am a long suffering Jets fan. I picked them because they play in a green,why didn't I select the Eagles. Yes Broadway Joe won them a Superbowl but that was before my time. How I long they could find another Ken O'Brien at quarterback. Another Sunday with crazy results I went 0-4 on the afternoon games, still great to see Cam Newton back. Run for a touchdown on his first touch of the ball and throw for a touchdown on his second. One couldn't make it up.
  17. Let's hope the EFL don't allocate Wigan Athletic a home fixture on that date or it may have to be moved again.
  18. Belfast Giants, imo a great night out is had by all no matter what the final score.
  19. Pete Rozelle NFL commissioner from 1960- 1989 deserves a lot of credit for the growth of the game.
  20. Some would say Socialist I have followed the game from the early days of the Channel 4 highlights show " graduating to listening to listening to games live on the American Armed Forces Radio on Sundays. So many changes in the game. Imo it has become all about the passing quarterback. Throw it enough times and you'll get a ridiculous pass interference call. I much preferred the old running game of Peyton, Riggins etc. I'll miss Derrick Henry Establish the run then you can pass. The draft can be so hit and miss Tom Brady being a sixth round choice all those years ago. The Rams seem to have given up on the draft sacrificing them to obtain experienced players. They have gone all in to win the Superbowl this year. I'll stop there as I have a pop up that Gerrumonsideref has replied and I'll read what he has to say. Good to see a thread started Old Bear from Canada used to contribute a lot lbut he was hospitalised and hasn't returned to the forum. I hope he is well.
  21. In other NFL news Dallas wide receiver Ceedee Lamb has had to pay more in fines for not having his shirt tucked in and his socks too low, than Aaron Rodgers who as an un -vaccinated player violated every covid protocol the NFL has in place.
  22. Ravens, Cowboys, Colts Patriots Bills, Steelers, Titans, Buccaneers, Cardinals , Chargers, Broncos, Seahawks Chiefs, Rams
  23. Watch: Glentoran keeper McCarey sees red for lashing out at team-mate Burns - BBC Sport Closer to home
  24. Wiltshire Rhino's selections I'm away next week in a house with no wifi and in a location with very little signal (looking forward to it ) so here are my Week 10 predictions. Baltimore Ravens Tennessee Titans Buffalo Bills Pittsburgh Steelers Indianapolis Colts Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cleveland Browns Dallas Cowboys Arizona Cardinals Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers Denver Broncos Las Vegas Raiders Los Angeles Rams
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