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  1. James Webster. I'd be absolutely delighted with that appointment.
  2. The problem is this...a cup final, no matter how minor, is being played in a stadium capable of holding 90k and there are about, ooh...6/7,000 in here? It’s a complete joke that it’s being played after the main event. Which bright spark thought that one up? It’s just not a good look for the sport. In saying that, I’m sat up in the nose bleed seats with a beer and I’m enjoying myself. Credit to the Widnes fans too, they’ve bought into this, and the few Eagles fans are having a good time. But let’s not kid ourselves, it’s another example of idiotic planning by the governing body and doesn’t do anything for the image of the sport.
  3. Different tracks...the dogs aren’t going to do their paws any good by running on shale!
  4. Sounds about right...more obsessed with us than your own team.
  5. Anyone playing Hull FC. I don't need to explain.
  6. I’d love to respond but I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.
  7. Do you slow down to look at car crashes as well?
  8. There's nothing stopping fans of other clubs posting something similar...
  9. You’re absolutely correct, come on London!
  10. Pretty much spot on. Widnes gave it a go for the full 80 and credit to them for that.
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