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  1. Think I remember Kevin Brown crashing into the side of the goal posts supporters behind the sticks even seen that he grounded the ball yeg the ref said he was held up. Rochdale Mayfield play on the same ground in the NCL
  2. Regionalised games the way to go for me if we get to play any rugby this year
  3. Anyone heard out from this meeting????
  4. Was there a meeting last night if so anyone know what’s happening
  5. I would scrap this years league maybe do a regional one this year saves on travel cost for most teams. Plus you would maybe get more local derby games which may bring in much needed revenue
  6. Wouldn’t know just a rumour that I heard floating around
  7. Is It true a new league structure next year could see the NCL regionalised so a Cumbria, Lancashire & Yorkshire league then top 2 or 4 go into a play off from each league???
  8. Looking at Underbank yesterday are these dark horses for the league this year
  9. Think all players who sign can play for there clubs Iggesund team only for the 1st year they sign. Think Jake Bradley & Jordan Thompson played for Hensingham last year
  10. Has it been announced who man sponsors are this year as Kingston Press has ran out so I believe just seen few new kits from Rhino with Kingston Press on
  11. See the 2020 fixtures have been uploaded already instead of the big Friday reveal
  12. What’s happening at West Hull seen post saying there club struggling with cost etc.
  13. Who is people's choice for top 6 and relegation for next year
  14. Agree with Craig McShane winning NCL Premier Player Of Year by far the best player ave seen am shocked no semi pro club has signed him
  15. How do the players get nominated for player of the year for NCL, Is it off the number of MOM’s on the website??
  16. What’s people’s thoughts on the duel reg with pro teams next year where player aid signed can come back and play for the parent club if not selected to play for there pro club. With introduction of the reserves team for most super league clubs next year would this benefit more teams like Whitehaven, Town & Barrow??
  17. What’s people’s thoughts on what the proposed league structure will be. Got a feeling they might regionalise the leagues if they do then can’t see how it would be classed as National Conference. I hope am wrong but just got a feeling that’s the way the league might go
  18. Wouldn’t say was monster performance by him still not saying his not a good player. Think Karl Dixon from Brow would be a match winner in most teams, Marcus O’Brien has been out standing for Egremont this year. From other teams I have seen ha e to say McShane from Hunslet has to be the best player and prob get my vote
  19. Think that’s where am getting confused with Barla rule I do apologise fellas
  20. If a player signs a semi pro contract then they are classed as semi pro, Wouldn’t matter if they had played 500 or no games. I have no doubt Chris Siddons & Jamie Tracey are great players as I have seen both play against Kells, Brow & Egremont. All am saying is I thought this was a Amateur England Lions side made up of players from all tiers but who are seen in the eye’s of the RFL as Amateur not ex semi pro.
  21. So what you are saying here The team could actually in theory made up of all ex semi pro players???. Defeats the object of it being a Amateur Tour then is it not. Players who sign semi pro forfit there Amateur status by signing a contract with that club.
  22. Find it strange that ex pro players can be picked for a Amateur tour. Chris Siddons is down as vice captain was playing fur York Knights at start of the season. Jamie Tracey am sure was on Leigh Centurions books. Don’t get me wrong there great players but I feel for those lads who haven’t got in the squad as these players have.
  23. I just want to say a big well done to the Iggesund Cumbria League Committee as they have done a great job in trying to make sure the Cumbria league keeps going. Well done guys
  24. Who do people think will be nominated for this and also who would win it
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