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  1. Both great players but you have to factor in the fact that Atkinson was a serving police officer who had just completed a 12 hour shift......
  2. Didn't that stand get condemned and off limits to the crowd before Wilderspool itself closed down ??
  3. It's all entertaining stuff when there's no up to date rugby to watch. RFL doing a lot more support work since they were released from the problems of SL., especially on line and digitally direct to the community clubs. Recent one' s being to help source Government and Local Authority funding caused by the coronavirus close down. As for Richard Cramer he is the head of Front Row Legal. He knows a bit about TGG. and presumably works in circles where you'd love to be a fly on the wall. He was the go to and successful lawyer for Maurice Oldroyd when Barla sacked him , for the NCL when a club took them to the High Court in Leeds and more recently looked after the interests of top whisler Ben Thaler......
  4. Help me out here. Was this the same game that got Colin Clarke red carded ( straight up tackle on the line to prevent a Trinity score ) and missed Wembley only to be found not guilty afterwards,?
  5. No M62 then. They filmed the Harris try at half time. Great atmosphere. Don't believe Wigan players actually involved - ###### tackling- did they need Equity cards in those days ?.....
  6. Great call. Everyone on these forums need to watch that video clip. Uplifting to say the least. We can do it again in the next World Cup in 2021......
  7. Anyone remember Green Vigo? For those in isolation look up Green without Gold on the internet. Good read. A touch of topic I know but a player who can score 7 tries in a game is worthy of note..... GREENWITHOUTGOLD (1).doc
  8. Best try ever, What does that mean? If it's the one to be most remembered then for me it's the one that hurts the most - bloody Tommy Martyn scoring the last ever try at Central Park when Wigan had butchered that lot from over the Hill......
  9. Agree Ted. Norman was always pretty quick But even so after 75 min on the park as a forward a superb effort to get to one of the greatest wingers of his day and cause Ike to fail on the touch down. I was there as a kid. My dad said that won us the game......
  10. Just listen to the commentary. Honest and accurate and all that is TGG. R I P Frank Myler
  11. Bretherton's ankle tap tackle on Ike southward to win the 1958 Challenge Cup final Bretherton's ankle tap in last minutes on Ike Southward to win the 1958 Cup Final for Wigan against Workington
  12. how about mike gregory ? https://youtu.be/x8m9mvKilsk
  13. Thanks Futtocks. Enforced isolation gives us all time to learn new tricks. Best two teams in the world then and you could'nt even dream of buying that sort of talent today.....
  14. People being too generous to really good players here. Read the topic thread again
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