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  1. Do our own SL owners have the same clout ?
  2. What do the existing clubs in the St Helens catchment area think of this venture ? Did anyone check before giving it the ok ( as per understood protocols ) ? Just thoughts.....
  3. Kells and the Brow . Just 2 of the NCL clubs. We really have some of the best locations for our sport , catching history , landscape , industry ( how many taps instead of touch kicks because of the canals ? ) - the soul of our game. A dissertation with photos awaiting any 3rd year Undergrad in Media /Sports studies.......
  4. Kingstone Press are part of the Aston Manor Group, 4th largest cider makers in the world. They were taken over in 2018 by the French conglomerate Eclor with apples being one of their core crops! Not interested in our type of sponsorship ( or any for that matter ) but the Kingstone Press people kept it going for the NCL for as long as they could. Shirts have to be made in the meantime. They have been great sponsors and deserving of any advertising going there way... Tomorrow night's pre season clubs meeting may well reveal details for this season's sponsorship proposals.
  5. Do you have a link for all this Celt ? I understood the format was a 14 team competition , ( for SL clubs and those with proven Academy 1 status or otherwise meeting strict criteria )18 match in total with no play offs. That was what the RFL press release stated on Rugbyleague,com and the fixtures released under ' Championship Reserves competition ' seem to bear that out ?
  6. Check the thread 'NCL players to the pro game 2020 ' on the NCL forum. Every player in the NCL is a non contract player and free agent. The NCL does not allow dual reg. All players are amateur and it is a fertile breading ground especially for Champ and League 1 sides ,occasionally even up into SL , Alex Walmsley being just one example. The player movement works both ways. I think the West Hull halfbacks today are both ex pro's on amateur registration and therefor signable into the higher leagues.
  7. Bang on. The RFL had had enough of Chapeltown which had become a virtual no go hell hole especially at night so Lindsay did one of his deals to secure Red Hall and get rid of Chapeltown Rd, all with Leeds City Council assistance. Apparently there was a suggestion that the RFL might be Manchester bound even then without better surroundings and the Council were very keen to retain the Governing Body within their city ..... The George only ever had about 6 dedicated parking spaces and the whole of that area has always been a parking disaster. as anyone who ever needed to attend BARLA Headquarters around the corner can testify. By the way that fire in COBRA on TV looked pretty effective - is the George still standing ?
  8. Super League have moved to a back street in manchester's trendy Northern Quarter about a mile from the Etihad. RFL I think will still keep their media city outlet, ensuring Manchester is now the effective headquarters for virtually all the game. Parking is tricky for all except the Etihad but if you have a bike you can certainly deliver all the forum's messages in an hour or two ( or take the tram ! )
  9. I believe Kay is an RL fan herself. She is one of the Mcgurrin family , respected players and administrators over the years in Wigan
  10. NO Cut the interchanges even more instead. ( I appreciate this is slowly happening and for the reason below ) We have followed the NFL/NRL / insurance argument of exposing the players for too long.. Our game is an aggressive invasion sport that includes attrition as a strategy.. I'm not suggesting going back to the times of Alan Prescott and the Rourke's Drift Test but the sooner we can tire the big guys the more opportunity we will be giving to those with craft and guile........ and the loose forward will once more become the chess masters of TGG....
  11. I would put Mike Gregory up there with them
  12. RAF officer Damian Clayton sits on the RL Community Board. Deservedly got his gong for bringing TGG to the forces. We tick all their recruitment boxes. And remain more than active.... Hessle lad RAF commander and ex RL president ' Dino ' will never be forgotten after his NCL dinner offerings a couple of years ago Safe pairs of hands for our game and our country
  13. This thread is a great read. Well done to all concerned. Google Premiership Rugby CEO. The outgoing man has seemingly joined CVC, with the new guy coming from Doncaster. CVC will have presented their vision for SL or Rob Elstone would not have made a statement that in Feb there would be something more concrete to say ( work in progress? ). They are ruthless- see what happened to F1 . Work still in hand with RU....... Has anyone out there gone through any doors not open to most of us to predict our future as a sport ? I repeat my previous query. Ultimate Goal ?
  14. By the end of next week . The NCL have managed to accommodate virtually all Individual clubs requests and the final drafts have been sent out to all clubs for perusal and comment for anything that might have been overlooked.. After that they become effectively fixed in stone for the season and are released generally. They should appear on the website as well.
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