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  1. Naughty Marauder. No spectators remember........
  2. Don't forget the Reebok. Easier trip from Dalton ......
  3. No Nando's in Wigan but there is at the top of Scott Lane a Subway that is more than well frequented by the Wigan squad. George and Sam are both die hard locals. My lad helped Sam out with his maths at St John Fisher. They have roots and they learned their rugby trade at St pats before joining Wigan. They will return when the money is right. As for lobster , the French import it all from Scotland as the Med is the biggest uncontrolled cess pit in the world.....
  4. Salford is far from a hopeless case AJ Bell need all year usage to make it work . We play in summer remember. Until Premier RU move seasons ( and it will happen in due course ) Salford's base to me seems safe. The Salford / Manchester relationship is like no other in the UK. It's like a heart split in two. But they are in reality both the same. The RFL have just moved to the Etihad . Facilities everywhere. including spectator capacity Now if for instance I was a a wandering Swinton owner I would be making a hare line to that destination...
  5. Gates are down across the board in all sports apart from PL soccer. Will Inglis put another thousand on at Wire? Maybe . But a truly world beating side like Wigan once had, based on local lads, brought a worldwide recognition. And if Wigan had Tomkins and Williams ( together with a kicker in the Botica/ Richards mould ) then I for one would click the turnstiles after a number of years absence. As for corporate involvement at DW that's down to Whelan - no boxes . But after all perhaps the RL product itself needs to be examined and re marketed.
  6. RL if not RU remains tribal. Johnson at his peak was mercurial and Sinfield gave them a get out of jail card with his brain fart clearance. But can you imagine a Wigan side with Williams and Tomkins back with their Alma Mater ? Sam's Perpignan pool won't last forever and his investments remain local. Wigan would be totally unbeatable with those two. Marquee surely but why not home grown players for a change? And if Wigan had those two there would certainly be an increase of bums on the seats - home or away. Wigan fading into obscurity ? Post again Scubby in 5
  7. I enjoy your posts Irish. You share my view that this game is lost without its grass roots and that they are not being looked after as well as they should be. Barla actually neutered itself. I recall Kath Hetherington as RFL President all those years ago offering 1 million pa to the amateurs to re unite. The Barla grey men blocked it and that started the decline. Some time thereafter (2003 )the Government forced a single body solution via the Sports Council. Richard Lewis kept the show on the road but it has to be said that until a few years ago the grassroots were ignored.
  8. Behave Irish Barla saved TGG from the mid seventies onwards before it lost its way. Top downwards only leads to a burial of the game as Barla people then realised. Can you imagine in 1973 only one Open Age side in Wigan scratching around to make up 13 ? That's where we were then and It musn't be the same ever again. With less than ten years old from the rebirth that was Barla I well remember my own junior club (without Academies and all that ) putting out 7 GB Lions for an 80's Tour to Australia. Progress. They were more than successful then than those since .
  9. The NCL require all clubs to have an away kit in case of colour clashes. This is unlike the rule for all other community sides where the home club has to find a different strip in the event of a clash. Colours are checked pre match. The reason for this rule is that NCL clubs are normally sponsored for their kits and it is only right that those sponsors get their advertisement locally when their side plays at home. NCL obtained a sponsorship package from Rhino whereby all 1st team sides got them free. That deal had strings and has probably now run its course but block offers to any
  10. Time to take a deep breath The SL /RFL agreement 2 years ago said that if the TV deal fell below 35 m then all those funds would belong to SL but they promised to discuss re distribution with the RFL. I am totally confident ? that those conversations are now ongoing. The Community game are as I post re-structuring their income streams.; I am assured that the lost Try Sky moneys will not fall upon them to pay. As for the bottom of League 1 ( or maybe even much higher given the Grim Reaper ,) taking out their 75 k annual support will make the RFL I believe yet again ask
  11. I would love to help sort out that legal and financial minefield but seriously I think it's a bit premature to be booking the burial plot whilst the body although struggling is still very much alive
  12. How do we combat it? In all honesty Marauder I don't know. It is a societal issue. My after match 5 + pints and a sleep on the couch has in part been replaced by a line in the toilets ( on hopefully rare occasions I am told even in the clubhouse ). And that is before the body building steroids that brought our game in to so much disrepute 10 or so years ago are brought into the debate. For the moment we have to rely on testing. Little of that happens in the Community game if at all at present because of the costs involved. The RFL are probably under pressure from the Governmen
  13. Absolutely There is evidence/ knowledge of significant use of illegal social drugs within Community players,. When tested results cause problems. Check out recent RFL decisions on players caught out once moving up to semi pro and a better testing regime....
  14. All clubs in the NCL technically need to apply for membership every year. Clubs at the bottom of the ladder need to seek re-election. Clubs come and go on a regular basis so there is an effective but friendly 'churn' and most importantly membership is open to any club with a good enough on and off the park track record ( the standards criteria.) On rare occasion clubs have been expelled . The routes between Tiers 4 and 5 are clear and unobstructed. There is no mechanism between Tier 4 and Tier 3 ( league 1 ) . That is the choice of the RFL and its shareholders but many at Tier 4
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