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  1. So you don’t think any of the 3 relegated teams from the Prem have any chance of going back up
  2. AGM meeting tomorrow to confirm the league structure
  3. Challenge Cup should be open to all community clubs not just those who win there regional league or who play in the NCL
  4. Think Egremont Rangers are the same, I know they have lost one there half backs as they have gone to Oz for a year.
  5. It’s not a NCL rule it’s a rule that the Cumbria League have had for years. It stops teams as well filling the A Team with 1st teamer a to say win a cup game or say a league game that could win that team the league or get them into day a top playoff
  6. I know that the lad who runs Egremont A team keeps a log of who has played how many games to ensure this rule is followed.
  7. It is mate I know for a fact that any any Cumbria team that runs a 1st and 2nd have a rule that they can only play 4 players who have played 5 or more games more the 1st team. I know the lad who runs the Egremont A team and they follow that rule for years, The same lad also plays missed out on playing in a final few years ago as due to this rule he had been in the 1st team for 6 games all off the bench on away and played more A team games than 1st. it’s not new and it’s not directed at NCL players, The likes of Elbra, & Cockermouth will also fall under the same rule with there A teams and there not NCL.
  8. Davo this is incorrect mate it’s long been established that any Cumberland League side that has a 1st and 2nd that any player who has played 5 games for the 1st team is classed as a 1st team player. The rule states you cannot play anymore than 4 players who have played the 5 or more games. i don’t think any u18s player count under the rule but this is not a rule for NCL players at all
  9. So basically you can have a full squad of ex pro players then?, I was under the impression an ex pro would be a player who has signed either a semi pro or full time contract.
  10. How many ex pros can you sign up is it 4, Also what’s the deal if a former player returns from being a semi or full time pro do they not count?
  11. I think was Leigh Miners not finish 3rd from bottom year before when relegated, I think that’s why. Regarding Underbank it was just something I seen in there FB page saying due to lack of player commitment, costs and facilities that they are dropping out
  12. I here that Featherstone Lions & Underbank are dropping out the NCL, Any know if this is true and what the league Premier League might do
  13. If you go to the RFL Results page tables on there
  14. So the cup how was that drawn find it funny that the two Cumbrian teams seem to have drawn each other
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