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  1. As we move into the business end of the season who is going to claim a spot in top 6, Who will win the league leaders shield. The Brow are in pole position and if they win there remain fixture’s and with them having a good points difference are my favourites. However they do have a tasty tie at home to Thatto in couple weeks which may determine if they do or don’t
  2. Think Thatto gonna end up on top have better run in to other sides around them
  3. I think with it being announced today we may well see NCL teams raided for players, also means some players could see benefit of signing pro now as will more or less have a game week in week out.
  4. I would be expecting near a 4 figure crowd for the Egremont v Wath Brow game this weekend
  5. Good win for the Brow And West Hull looked like the ground out another win. Hope Kells stay up great having 3 Cumbrian teams in NCL premier
  6. Underbank by 8 Brow by 10 Egremont by 8 Thatto by 10 West Hull by 10
  7. The players that played in yesterday’s Lion’s trail had some of last years Barla GB players that toured Fiji. Does this mean now if picked they will not be allowed to play for there Barla county team which is used to pick the Barla GB side
  8. Give over touchine conversion was about 25 our and about 20’on from touch
  9. Egremont by 10 West Hull by 12 Underbank by 8 Thornhill by 8 hunslet by 10 Thatto by 14
  10. What’s the outlook that any games might fall to the bad weather due in tonight with heavy rain.
  11. Egremont had to play NCL game the Saturday then the National Cup Final the Sunday when they won it a few year ago
  12. Hunslet by 10 Egremont by 8 Brow by 6 Lock Lane by 4 Underbank by 8 West Hull by 12
  13. With the new season just under a month away what are people’s view on who will win what league. From a Cumbrian view great to see Hensingham join the NCL.
  14. That’s great for Cumbrian teams considering they travel the further than most teams to Away games
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