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  1. So basically you can have a full squad of ex pro players then?, I was under the impression an ex pro would be a player who has signed either a semi pro or full time contract.
  2. How many ex pros can you sign up is it 4, Also what’s the deal if a former player returns from being a semi or full time pro do they not count?
  3. I think was Leigh Miners not finish 3rd from bottom year before when relegated, I think that’s why. Regarding Underbank it was just something I seen in there FB page saying due to lack of player commitment, costs and facilities that they are dropping out
  4. I here that Featherstone Lions & Underbank are dropping out the NCL, Any know if this is true and what the league Premier League might do
  5. If you go to the RFL Results page tables on there
  6. So the cup how was that drawn find it funny that the two Cumbrian teams seem to have drawn each other
  7. So what’s the format of who plays who in these comps now?
  8. Adam Ramaden playing for brow tonight ha she left town
  9. How many spectators are you allowed to watch a game, looked abs seen Leigh East v Leigh Miners only allowing 200 to attend. How would you police this for any other Ganesh as can’t see unless you made all games ticket affairs on how to know on you have that many in
  10. Again think they won’t be allowed to do that this year due to COVID-19, Am sure so have read this would not be in affect this year to try and cut the players training and playing in multiple environments.
  11. Due to COVID-19 I don’t think that will be allowed this year from what I have heard
  12. Why would Dalton & Ulverston not part of the NCL pal. Think if you read the link further up even states that start king from league B they will be on the playoffs not from league A.
  13. Going from what I have read the Cumbria NCL league will not be part of the playoff system at the end of the season. So this shouldn’t mean any catch up games to be done. Which Cumbrian sides have applied for NWML?
  14. No point starting till then if you can’t go full indoors in the club afterwards. Not all clubs will have outside options also with the year every community club has had you want to try and make some money to get things rolling again
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