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  1. Again think they won’t be allowed to do that this year due to COVID-19, Am sure so have read this would not be in affect this year to try and cut the players training and playing in multiple environments.
  2. Due to COVID-19 I don’t think that will be allowed this year from what I have heard
  3. Why would Dalton & Ulverston not part of the NCL pal. Think if you read the link further up even states that start king from league B they will be on the playoffs not from league A.
  4. Going from what I have read the Cumbria NCL league will not be part of the playoff system at the end of the season. So this shouldn’t mean any catch up games to be done. Which Cumbrian sides have applied for NWML?
  5. No point starting till then if you can’t go full indoors in the club afterwards. Not all clubs will have outside options also with the year every community club has had you want to try and make some money to get things rolling again
  6. Got it from a very good source Egremont voted for local league
  7. Anyone heard out on how the voting went on the 3 restart options?
  8. What do people think of the new rule changes? I don’t like the ball strip change where if a player of over the try line scoring no matter how many tacklers are in the tackle the ball and be stripped and this is not a pen.
  9. I still think local league would be better as means less travel to outside county
  10. What does it mean by “Divisions selected on position of club at start of 2020 season” does it mean after the two games that where played???
  11. Have the NCL said what there doing with the leagues yet, are we just gonna do regional then say top 2 from each go into a playoff at the end of the season?
  12. With news today saying outdoor sports can start back on 29th March least this is one step closer to community rugby returning
  13. Yeah I think regional leagues looks like the way to start could even do top two from each group go into a playoff. either way. Will be glad to see community rugby league back
  14. Are teams allowed to start training next week if been put in tier 4??
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