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  1. Fouad Yaha's actions certainly kept me on the edge of my seat . Brilliant result. Well done Catalan
  2. England 24, France 26. The buffering was pretty bad but what I saw was of a good standard. Some hard tackling and running across the park. Well done to both teams. I wonder how the two French lads feel about missing a really big final to play against Wire yesterday.
  3. England full back goes over out wide, following a mistake by France. Touchline conversion hits the crossbar and bounces out. 6-4
  4. The final has just started and so far it's good quality. French number 3 just gone in under the posts. Successful conversion 6-0
  5. This thread is starting to Flounder. Time to Skate around it
  6. Tonga - Samoa is just about to start on WatchNRL.com Interesting to note that the commentators just said that there's much more to Rugby League than State of Origin and how good and important these Pacific Tests and the England - NZ games are. Good squads on display from both sides.
  7. What a brilliant game. There was plenty of crunching tackles from both sides. I use Watch.NRL regularly, as I am away from home, and although it's great and the standards are very high etc etc, I prefer this level of RL.
  8. On the NZ Warriors forum, there's a rumour that Anthony Gelling is heading to Catalans Dragons. Could be seen as another indicator that Coach Shaun Wane is heading there too
  9. Warrington are playing like it's their first game of the season. In the face of the Wigan defence, their attacks seem to fizzle out to nothing.
  10. It's a pity that Theo Fages was not an option, as I would rather see him signing a four year contract at Catalan.
  11. I fear it won't be the last time Cats get spanked this season and wonder how many spankings it'll take before a change is made.
  12. There's a good chance that Wire may put 40 points past the Dragons tonight (probably without reply). Surely that's enough to make Mr. Gausch sit up and think.
  13. I would venture to say that the last 40 mins is a more accurate reflection of what coach McNamara brings to the club.
  14. Do you think Rick Stone will get an extension. If not, who is available to replace him. Anybody internally. Do you think Tony Smith would return.
  15. I believe that Rick Stone is out of contract at the end of the the season. Do the Fartowners want to keep him or is it time for a change. I think they have generally improved under him. They were tripe when he arrived. Some folk say never go back...onward and upwards...keep the past in the past... etc, etc, but Tony Smith may just be rubbing his chin right now thinking hmmm !
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