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  1. Another terrific display from Thunder. We blew Workington away in the 1st half! Eased off a bit at the start of the 2nd and then finished very strongly towards the end. The mistakes that blighted the first part of the season seem to have been ironed out and recruitment has been excellent. Another 1k+ crowd there yesterday (1,077) and a real feel good factor around the place!
  2. It's worth noting that they are category A match prices for Leeds United. The vast majority of their fixtures wont fall into that bracket so will be cheaper.
  3. I know it's a couple of levels below Super League but me, the wife and our son hold season tickets at Newcastle Thunder which cost £250 for the 3 of us (£120 per adult and £10! for the bairn). Great value and we've seen some very entertaining games this season. Fingers crossed if we get promoted I'd like to think that they'll continue with the affordable pricing because they're currently attracting loads of new faces to the sport and there's lots of momentum there and potential for lots more growth.
  4. Never had any interest in Rugby League. In fact I'd never even watched a game before in my life, it was always just football for me and no great interest in any other sports. Same as everyone else in my family as well as my friends.Then they brought Magic Weekend up to Newcastle. Bought tickets more for the novelty factor more than anything else and was hooked almost immediately and have been ever since. Our family now hold 3 season tickets at Newcastle Thunder, get to the odd away game, and if ever a RL game clashes with a football match on TV, Rugby League takes priority these days.
  5. Great game at Thunder today where the home team ran out comfortable 40-12 winners in front of a tremendous crowd of 1,423.
  6. Sunderland city centre is an absolute dump. Even the locals would admit that. Its suffered from a huge lack of investment over the years. The fact that you've had to quote a Glass centre as one of its major attractions (not sure how many Rugby League fans would be interested in that anyway) says it all basically.
  7. Already over 1,000 tickets sold for Thunder v Keighley tomorrow
  8. Have you ever been to Sunderland? I literally couldn't think of a worse place to have it. Most fans would end up staying and drinking in Newcastle anyway as the away fans do when their team are playing against Sunderland in the football. Most people coming via train would need to go to Newcastle then travel from there to Sunderland as well. Can't see it being very appealing.
  9. Considering there was probably only around 6,000 people rattling around a 24k stadium last night I thought the atmosphere came across really well on tv and the Hudds fans sounded like they really got behind their team.
  10. So do I! Off the field everything looks great but we desperately need to get out of this league and I don't think we've ever had a better chance than this season. If we can get into the Championship I firmly believe the club will just go from strength to strength.
  11. The league table on SSN already shows them as being on -8 now.
  12. His 12 years of service to the club was probably taken into consideration and was the reason he was allowed to continue into this season because last season was also very disappointing. He's been backed with huge amounts of money and as an added bonus lots of very good talent has came through the academy but 2 defeats in the first 2 games was always going to put his job under threat. I wasn't at Coventry but the 2nd half collapse against Donny was shocking and it hasn't taken long to wipe out all the pre season optimism. Its crucial that they get the next appointment right. We don't have a Toronto or a York or Bradford to compete for Promotion with so I don't think we've had a better chance to do it.
  13. Slightly. Doncaster was always going to be tricky although the 2nd half performance was very disappointing. Coventry is a game you'd really expect to be winning if we're serious about promotion and we've lost that one as well. Also the problem with a short 20 game season is that you can't afford to make too many mistakes and that's now 2 in 2 games.
  14. Great day at Thunder yesterday. All organised very well with a live band on in the concourse as well. Two good games although Thunder let themselves down a bit in the 2nd half due to what seemed to be them lacking in fitness so that's something to work but I'd still expect to see both us and Doncaster fighting it out at the top end of the table this season. Great attendance as well of 1,817 which also included around 400 noisy Widnes supporters.
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