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  1. Booked our tickets for the opening ceremony at St James' Park plus the ticket bundle for Kingston Park (Scotland, Italy, Fiji).
  2. I'd go providing that the entire stadium was being utilised. At Newcastle Thunder we have a capacity of 10,500 and an average gate of just over 1,000 so provided that all 4 stands were open I'm confident that me and my family would be able to keep our distance from other spectators.
  3. Looking forward to watching this. Always enjoy watching Wire home games on TV as the stadium is usually full and the atmosphere very good which makes for a good backdrop to the game. Was impressed with Wire last week despite them playing most of the game a man down. Saints by 10.
  4. Hopefully the Tyneside public het right behind Thunder for this one. I'm sure they will!
  5. The youngest kids there were 6. Under 8s seems to be one of the age groups that they are really going to concentrate on. Have to say it was very well organised and they even had a Thunder player as one of the coaches.
  6. Just back home from the launch day which was a massive success! They were expecting around 20 kids by all accounts and around 50 turned up which caught them off guard a bit but it was all organised and structured really well and all the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves. All bodes well for the future and they've got themselves a great starting point there to build for the future.
  7. I'm taking the bairn along there on Thursday night. He's got a season ticket at Thunder but he's never played RL before, just football, so he's pretty excited about it.
  8. Disappointed but the best team won it and deserved their promotion. Oldham beat us to 2nd place and just had too much for us again yesterday. Best of luck to them and hopefully 2020 is our year!
  9. Tbf we've averaged 1,000+ for the past 2 seasons by doing nothing more than being a League One club. Obviously crowds will rise even quicker with a Promotion but the upward trend in crowds hasn't just been about what's been happening on the pitch. Far from it.
  10. Hoping for a Hunslet win but can't see anything other than an away victory really. 10-34
  11. Another terrific display from Thunder. We blew Workington away in the 1st half! Eased off a bit at the start of the 2nd and then finished very strongly towards the end. The mistakes that blighted the first part of the season seem to have been ironed out and recruitment has been excellent. Another 1k+ crowd there yesterday (1,077) and a real feel good factor around the place!
  12. It's worth noting that they are category A match prices for Leeds United. The vast majority of their fixtures wont fall into that bracket so will be cheaper.
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