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  1. Dejauvu for the past couple of seasons, promising start and miserable ending. Well done to the players who turned up today, hope things improve with Chris as coach and the BOD have learned some valuable lessons. UTT
  2. What do you mean, three years in champ. Div. 1? You must be joking.
  3. Age is the only thing against Fui, Tickle & Penky - all three have pulled their weight and been professional all season. You could argue Penky has not had the same effect as last season, IMO this is mainly down to his individual style of play that looks genius when it comes off and not so when it doesn't. Does any one know if they want to continue next season?
  4. FANTASTIC NEWS. Well done WTRFLC board.
  5. What is going on when they let one of the few talented backs we had on the books drift away? Why has Tyler Mellor left the club? Heard from someone who seems to be in the know that he started training has a plumber and got find for missing training - if true I am not surprised he has walked. Same source reckons we are getting several former players returning from haven , I won't name them but I for one am underwhelmed. I have supported the club all my life but rapidly losing interest, gets harder every year to leave the ground at the end of another disappointing season. What I would give to support a team like London Broncos, who aren't super stars, whose team spirit is second to none
  6. town blue


    Probably from Town & Barrow if rumours are correct - and the merry go round starts again. Can't see much changing at DP unless there is some serious investment from somewhere.
  7. Totally agree with this post. What is there to tempt Chris Thorman to stay, even if there was a chance, when all he seems to experience is disappointment and frustration?
  8. Never heard the post match comments, what did Chris say? Think its about time we had a clear out of players who don't want to train ( if that is the problem). Seems like the secret society down at DP. Come on WTRLFC what is going on - do you not want promotion?
  9. It's the here & now that matters, Chris is now proving himself and making his mark, not what might be under yet another coach who ever that is. Is it nailed on that Rooney is the next coach or just rumour?
  10. The topic of this forum is 'THORMAN' not Rooney or haven. IMO Chris is the best coach we have had since Walsh and we should bust a gut to keep him.
  11. Not necessarily, but Town's injured players are returning and we are improving in each game we play under coach Chris Thorman.
  12. Tyler Mellor & Fui were the pick of the bunch today - Tyler in my opinion is now playing in his best position, a player who always turns up and gives 110% - I would like to see him at DP next season. Fui was fantastic today, not only did he take up the ball strongly he was also instrumental in organising the town defence when haven attacked our line.
  13. I was there and it was definitely a point lost with all the possession we had in the 1st half practically on their line, we should have gone in at least 12 points up - the disallowed try was not forward, line ball at best. I don't like to criticise players but I can't agree that Penky had a good game - he threw out some poor passes several times and was responsible for the build up to their try when he lost the ball at the back of a town scrum. Why did we kick on the second tackle late in the second half when we were attacking their line?
  14. I wouldn't say that genuine concern from supporters about the current situation at the club is being NEGATIVE, more like negativity should be replaced by the word TRUTH or REALITY. So does this mean Thorman's comments are negative?
  15. And how many times have we showed solidarity and has it made any difference in the past few seasons - NO! How can a situation change over such a short period? Several weeks ago we had two healthy crowds at BP and a touch of optimism along with a professional, enthusiastic coach. Why have things gone down hill so fast? Who or what has allowed this decline to happen? There as got to be a reason why once again attendances and revenue will be reduced. I want to say plenty more but I can't be bothered like some Town players.
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