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  1. I wouldn't say that genuine concern from supporters about the current situation at the club is being NEGATIVE, more like negativity should be replaced by the word TRUTH or REALITY. So does this mean Thorman's comments are negative?
  2. And how many times have we showed solidarity and has it made any difference in the past few seasons - NO! How can a situation change over such a short period? Several weeks ago we had two healthy crowds at BP and a touch of optimism along with a professional, enthusiastic coach. Why have things gone down hill so fast? Who or what has allowed this decline to happen? There as got to be a reason why once again attendances and revenue will be reduced. I want to say plenty more but I can't be bothered like some Town players.
  3. How can any BOD / management allow this apathy and unprofessionalism take place and develope in this once proud club. WTRLFC need to wake up and smell the coffee and listen to what Chris Thorman is saying - he is totally professional and appears to care what is happening at DP. If Chris as walked who can blame him. Thats me finished I am staying away, first time ever until this mess is sorted out. Appointing an untried coach and mainly local players is not the way forward IMO. If the club as any ambition they should try and persuade Thorman to stay - offer him a 2 year contract - I think he will introduce professionalism, discipline and make the changes required on the playing front.
  4. Being realistic most of the players mentioned heading for the door are coming to the end of their careers so it is probably true IMO. Yet another rebuild job in prospect for the next couple of seasons and the merry go round starts again with rumour and counter rumour of which players will change the town blue for the haven choc/gold and vice versa. This is getting all too predictable and tiresome I would like a fresh start and a change in culture at the club e.g. be more professional both on and off the pitch. On the playing front the team should be built around our younger talented players such as Scholey, Dawson, Curwen, Maudling, etc.
  5. Brilliant idea based on it's a knockout rules where they are both perched on a log, knocking seven bells out of each other with sacks full of xxxxxx (leave to your imagination).
  6. We have hit rock bottom this weekend what with today's result and the so called new stadium, things can't get any worse or can they? UTT
  7. Why are people on here going on about locals, by that I mean W. Cumbria, can you name any who have really made a difference recently God knows plenty have been given chance. All the successful teams Town (the lancs cup winning team maybe the exception) have had have been a mixture of imports, travellers and talented locals. Try and fill the team with locals only and we will be competing with the likes of W. Wales and Coventry for the wooden spoon.
  8. Jamie Doran has previously stepped up.
  9. Silverfox, totally baffled by your post. I am not advocating repairing things and papering over the cracks at BP - my point is if the new stadium does not go ahead the town & reds will be left with 2 decaying stadia and what i would like to see happen (my opinion only) if they decide to pool their resources and develop one ground - the remaining 6 year lease on BP is an obvious consideration. Your experience at the Rec is different to mine - yes you are close to the action on the open terrace, but your vision is impaired if action is taking place in the corners especially at the Kells end. I am In total favour of a new stadium. UTT & the REDS.
  10. On Radio Cumbria he seemed pleased with the performance, especially in the second half where they played at a standard that he expects. Spoke very highly of Jamie Doran's performance. He's very much aware of the defensive weaknesses and was disappointed with 2 of their tries. Chris is a fantastic coach and we should try everything to keep him.
  11. I have supported both teams all my life and I have to say Borough Park provides the best match day experience and atmosphere. Thoroughly enjoyed today's game - you could feel the atmosphere ( even with the DP faithful strangely quiet) and hear every crunching tackle. I know people on here will disagree with me, but if it came down to developing only one ground if the new stadium falls through I would choose BP. I thought today's gate was a 1000+.
  12. Just out of interest groundhopper was this for a league cup tie back in the early sixties when Workington Reds entertained Coventry City, that's about the only time I remember the two teams meeting.
  13. It is only half way through the season and too early to predict end of season placings - too many variables: Injuries, DR players availability, players on holiday, loss of form, form momentum, 4 pointer games, unpredictable teams/ results, team confidence, etc. TOWN will finish in top 3 with this coach and providing there are no significant injuries.
  14. town blue


    Why what do you know about Olly's injury, I got the impression from the radio that he went off with a head injury, which is now standard practice. Let's get behind the new coach who has stated that Saturday's performance was not acceptable - unfortunately a change in fortune may take some time. UTT.
  15. Forgot to say they also got the score wrong way around - we won 31-28 didn't we?
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