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  1. town blue


    Well done Carl, he is like a vintage bottle of wine that gets betterwith age.
  2. Elliot Hall deserved man of the match but Marcus O'Brien wasn't far behind. Fitzsimmons and Scholey work rate and defence was outstanding. Outstanding team performance, if we can reduce the mistakes and penalties the winning margins can only increase. UTT
  3. Just ready an in depth article on CT in the Mirror on line, excellent article that is both interesting and revealing.
  4. The question is would Chris Thorman have them in his team plans if they became available? Fully believe in the Thorman revolution, UTT.
  5. I can still picture Billy Boston powering to the line blasting thro several Town defenders for the winning try in the popular side corner at the town end.
  6. I heard the same on the popular side, totally uncalled for - ok he was unsure on a couple of high balls but you can see what potential he has - Alex will come into his own on dry pitches.
  7. Can't agree with this comment, you have to compliment the Doncaster defence which tackled well. Fully agree that Marwood provided the spark along with Fui playing like a 20 year old and the coaching / conditioning staff deserve a pat on the back for the team's fitness levels.
  8. For your information Derwent Park was looking in good condition, considering the weather - lush green grass and no standing water.
  9. Who was the player in shirt14, thought he had a decent game?
  10. Does anyone know who the two players are - locals or travellers- experienced?
  11. Lacklustre performance especially in defence - lost count how many times they off loaded and how many dummies were sold, typical example was their tall scrum half making their last try with an outrageous dummy. It was hard to tell who were the amateurs.
  12. Totally agree, I am a traditionalist - I can't remember playing in hoops; either a single blue band or 'V' for me. Look how Wigan and Saints keep their identity.
  13. Not being a party pooper but I am not keen on this shirt, since when have we played in blue hoops?
  14. Dejauvu for the past couple of seasons, promising start and miserable ending. Well done to the players who turned up today, hope things improve with Chris as coach and the BOD have learned some valuable lessons. UTT
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