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  1. For your information Derwent Park was looking in good condition, considering the weather - lush green grass and no standing water.
  2. Who was the player in shirt14, thought he had a decent game?
  3. Does anyone know who the two players are - locals or travellers- experienced?
  4. Lacklustre performance especially in defence - lost count how many times they off loaded and how many dummies were sold, typical example was their tall scrum half making their last try with an outrageous dummy. It was hard to tell who were the amateurs.
  5. Totally agree, I am a traditionalist - I can't remember playing in hoops; either a single blue band or 'V' for me. Look how Wigan and Saints keep their identity.
  6. Not being a party pooper but I am not keen on this shirt, since when have we played in blue hoops?
  7. Dejauvu for the past couple of seasons, promising start and miserable ending. Well done to the players who turned up today, hope things improve with Chris as coach and the BOD have learned some valuable lessons. UTT
  8. What do you mean, three years in champ. Div. 1? You must be joking.
  9. Age is the only thing against Fui, Tickle & Penky - all three have pulled their weight and been professional all season. You could argue Penky has not had the same effect as last season, IMO this is mainly down to his individual style of play that looks genius when it comes off and not so when it doesn't. Does any one know if they want to continue next season?
  10. What is going on when they let one of the few talented backs we had on the books drift away? Why has Tyler Mellor left the club? Heard from someone who seems to be in the know that he started training has a plumber and got find for missing training - if true I am not surprised he has walked. Same source reckons we are getting several former players returning from haven , I won't name them but I for one am underwhelmed. I have supported the club all my life but rapidly losing interest, gets harder every year to leave the ground at the end of another disappointing season. What I would give to support a team like London Broncos, who aren't super stars, whose team spirit is second to none
  11. town blue


    Probably from Town & Barrow if rumours are correct - and the merry go round starts again. Can't see much changing at DP unless there is some serious investment from somewhere.
  12. Totally agree with this post. What is there to tempt Chris Thorman to stay, even if there was a chance, when all he seems to experience is disappointment and frustration?
  13. Never heard the post match comments, what did Chris say? Think its about time we had a clear out of players who don't want to train ( if that is the problem). Seems like the secret society down at DP. Come on WTRLFC what is going on - do you not want promotion?
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