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  1. With the departure of the current Warrington coach Steve Price and the arrival of talented Daryl Powell the club will surely have a renaissance in 2022.
  2. I thought that Inglis had signed for two years! Warrington should re sign him. 2022 will be a good year for him.
  3. On Fox League NRL360 today one of the commentators said that Corey Norman is headed for Super League because no NRL club wants him. All agreed that no NRL club wants him. Don’t underestimate the stupidity of the recruitment office at Wakefield.
  4. Paul Green was an assistant to Trent Robinson, and left to become coach of North Queensland and NRL Grand Final winner in 2015. Green is now Queensland State of Origin coach. Justin Holbrook was an assistant to Robinson at the Roosters. But he left to become very successful at St Helens, winning Grand Finals, and quite successful at the Titans. From what I have seen of Trent Robinson in public, I can’t imagine this very intelligent and caring man ever being an insecure employer of incompetent sycophants. There are Bellamy assistants who have been successful, most notably Michael Mcguire who won the 2010 Grand Final in his first year at Wigan, and was named Coach of the Year in the Man of Steel awards of 2010, and the next year won the Challenge Cup final over Leeds. In 2013 Mcguire began his position as coach of South Sydney, making the top four in that year, and the following year won the 2014 NRL Grand Final at South Sydney. He is now coach of West’s Tigers and New Zealand.
  5. Both full back Matt Dufty and five eighth Corey Norman have just been told that they are not wanted beyond this season by St. George-Illawarra rugby league club. Dufty, who is not on big money, has only been in conversations with Canberra Raiders. No other club has shown interest. This means that he cannot demand a financially extravagant contract. Norman’s agent has been trying to find another NRL club for him, but has found no interest. Norman will thus not be demanding a huge financial deal. This suggest that both players, who are still in their prime, could be attracted to good offers from Super League clubs. Which clubs are most likely to put in an offer to them?
  6. So you are claiming to be part of the tradition of Robin Gibb?
  7. Robin, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but are you a man or a woman? Robin can be a man’s name, but it is more commonly a woman’s name.
  8. Robin, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but are you a man or a woman?
  9. Boyd Cordner won’t be elected an Immortal. But he deserves to be a member of the NRL Hall of Fame. He is a real role model for younger players.
  10. I found his statements very moving. Any rugby league fan who has a heart should watch the entire 26 minutes.
  11. You are exaggerating massively. The Catalans teams are not consisting of “virtually no French players.” Last weekend 9 of the 17 Catalans players were French. Catalans are not fielding “half a dozen ex Wiganers.” There are four ex Wiganers in the team when all are fit and not suspended: Sam Tomkins, Joel Tomkins, Mickey McIlorum, and Tom Davies.
  12. But it was the poster I was responding to who first described himself as a bad person.
  13. I never said that Catalans blew away St Helens. There is no sentence of mine conveying that interpretation. Please read my text again. I said that Catalans displayed against both Wigan and St Helens a “more consistently relentless and unwavering attitude in both attack and defence for the full 80 minutes.” That allowed Catalans to narrowly defeat St Helens, in part by inducing a part of Saints’ poor completion rate to which you referred, and also allowed Catalans to blow away the Hardaker diseased Wigan team.
  14. Sydney Roosters coach Trent Robinson reflects on the career of Boyd Cordner in the aftermath of the two-time premiership winner's retirement announcement https://www.nrl.com/news/2021/06/14/a-leader-of-men-robinson-pays-tribute-to-cordner/
  15. Many people will not know, or might have forgotten, that this club was where a number of the greatest Australian stars of British rugby league began their careers — most notably the two all time try scoring record holders Albert Rosenfeld (Huddersfield) and Brian Bevan (Warrington). But it was also the Australian club of the British greats Adrian Morley and Martin Offiah, as well as Phil Clark, and less successfully Joe Burgess, and Ryan Hall.
  16. This is worth watching in its entirety. Not only to see Boyd Cordner’s profound respect and love of coach Trent Robinson, and Chairman Nick Politis, as well as for his father and wife, but also to see his really deep love of the club, the Sydney Roosters. Wait until his response to the final question about what was the greatest highlight of his career. Amazing! It is so easy to talk about rugby league as a business, and in many respects, and for some players, it is. However Cordner shows what this one club means personally to a one club man The Sydney Roosters Captain and Player #1113 announces his retirement from the NRL, having achieved success at every level of the game. https://www.roosters.com.au/news/2021/06/14/boyd-cordner-retirement-press-conference/
  17. That is a bigoted statement. Uncalled for.
  18. Avignon would e a good choice. It is a beautiful town located in a large beautiful region of southeastern France which is away from the existing heartland of the Toulouse-Perpignan southwest. Villeneuve is a small town in the southwest which will add little to the existing rugby league fan base in France. Paris or Lyon would be much better choices than Villeneuve.
  19. This is unprecedented in the history of rugby league. Also note that 10 of the Toulouse 17 playing today were French. I wonder if the RFL management can grasp the fact and its implications.
  20. The real concern should be not that Herbert Farnworth is not in the game days 17, which have not yet been selected. The concern should be that he is not even in the squad!!
  21. Has anybody asked Lance Hohaia for his opinion on this matter?
  22. You are correct about Catalans. However they should never have made the mistakes which allowed Leigh to score three tries in the first half, and they should never have clocked off after they took the 36-18 lead. The coach needs to instill in the players a more consistently relentless and unwavering attitude in both attack and defence for the full 80 minutes, such as they showed against Wigan and St. Helens.
  23. The man who is widely known as Brendan Elliot, which is the name shown on his birth certificate. When he is playing for Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, he uses the name Adam Elliot.
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