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  1. Moving to a 14 team SL would only be a good idea if Toulouse and London were both promoted. Their presence in Super League could help attract revenue from national corporate sponsors, at both the club and competition levels, and would add to Toronto's impact on the game in this regard, by making rugby league appear less of a northern England boutique pastime. And has been pointed out many times before, having Toulouse in Super League would attract more French fans and French junior players because it would be tapping new geographical pools and also because it would be creating a local derby in southwestern France Toulouse, with its large number of French players in the squad, would not be taking too many English players out of circulation. London would be taking English players out of circulation, but with a judicious choice of just a few (6?) Antipodeans, it could have a competitive team that would thereby attract more fans and junior players in the south of England.
  2. Not according to Michael Carter: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/mar/22/coronavirus-leaves-super-league-facing-13-team-season-next-year
  3. Retaining Catalans and Toronto while promoting Toulouse and London in 2021 would make a lot of promotional and advertising sense, and would surely increase the fan base and revenue for rugby league. Subsequently promoting Ottawa and New York four years from now would make additional good sense, and make Super League one of the premier sporting competitions in the northern hemisphere, and dare I say it, in the entire world. However, if the truth be known, Salford, and possibly Wakefield, could fall by the wayside as a result of the financial impact of the Covid-19 closing of the Super League competition in 2020. So in that case, with the promotions that I have suggested, Super League could still remain a 12 team competition in 2021, and expand to a 14 team competition in 2024.
  4. I think that he is inadvertently including in his calculation his time on RLFans, from where, it has been alleged, he was recently banned for life. He may be getting a bit confused in his senior years. I do hope that his lovely wife, who is more on the ball, can help him in his businesses during these very difficult times.
  5. The NRL is planning to play on as long as possible (i.e. until the time a player gets infected) by playing without spectators, and probably by relocating all teams soon to a remote town in western Queensland. So long as the competition continues, the NRL and the clubs can continue to receive the money from the television contracts, and the players can be paid. We don't know how viable this will be, but that is the plan. Could this plan be replicated in Super League, and perhaps the Championship? It would mean finding a remote town, with no current Covid-19 cases, and with enough accommodation for 12 teams if it was only the Super League involved. And it would require Catalans and Toronto teams and coaches and support staff to be admitted to the UK, to stay for the duration of the competition. Is that plan viable? If not, many British rugby league clubs are going to collapse very soon.
  6. Why don't people consider the option of playing PNG later this year? Thatisland nation is quite isolated, and may not have the Covid-19 virus yet. With a team that includes classy players such as Alex Johnston and Edene Gebbie (South Sydney), Rhyse Martin and Wellington Albert (Leeds), David Mead (Catalans), Justin Olam (Melbourne), Lachlan Lam (Sydney Roosters), Stargroth Amean and Wartovo Puara (Barrow), Watson Boas (Doncaster) Edwin Ipape (Blacktown Workers), and Luke Page (Burleigh Bears), they will be a great competitor for England, as they showed when they beat England last year.
  7. Another then assistant coach at the Sydney Roosters, Justin Holbrook, left his position in the NRL to become head coach at St Helens -- a very successful appointment, which later led to him becoming head coach at the Gold Coast Titans in 2020. So are you in fact saying that moving to Hull, working at the whim of and under the control of the cruel and heartless Adam Pearson, would be a different, much worse choice than moving to St. Helens working under the kind and affable Eamonn McManus?
  8. Apparently the virus hasn't reached the Lower Hutt area yet. But it might arrive eventually.
  9. The RFL are already targeting Newcastle, and the Thunder is moving ahead in leaps and bounds -- especially after its recent victory over Championship club Dewsbury in the Challenge Cup. The RFL's commitment to the south of France is a question mark, though if Toulouse get promoted to Super League in 2021 (hopefully not at the expense of Toronto) playing in the same competition as Catalans, it will make the south of France a huge expansion area for rugby league. Having Toulouse and Catalans in SUper League together will grow the game exponentially in the south of France. If that happens I predict that a third French club (hopefully Avignon) will shortly afterwards make a bid to enter the RFL rugby league structure, and then a lucrative TV deal could be imminent. Ottawa and New York City increasingly look like they are going to become actual expansion clubs, thus making Ontario and the US east coast genuine expansion areas.
  10. Most of the objections that you raise are not at all persuasive. Toronto Wolfpack has been playing its early season games in Britain for over three years. Yet this has not hampered its ability to attract very decent home crowds when it has started playing in Toronto in May. Playing most of their home games in New Jersey (from April on) is demonstrably not a problem for any legitimate New York CIty sports team. Both of New York City's popular NFL teams, the Giants and the Jets, play at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey. The New York City MLS (soccer) team, the New York Red Bulls, plays out of New Jersey's Red Bull Stadium. It has been suggested that the New York City rugby league team might play out of the same stadium. The competence of Ricky Wilby is more of a legitimate question. But we don't yet know the answer.
  11. Why isn't Trent Barrett being considered? He had two years as a player at Wigan. Barrett was later head coach of Manly Warringah 2016-18, during which time he had an inconsistent record, which included 6th place one year, and second last in his final year.. Barrett is now one of two assistant coaches to Ivan Cleary at Penrith Panthers. However Craig Fitzgibbon is obviously a strong contender, given his two years as a player at Hull FC, where he was very popular, and his time as an assistant coach working with the masterful and extremely successful Trent Robinson at the Sydney Roosters. I am sure that Fitzgibbon is happy in his current position, but I doubt that he would turn down the offer of a well paid head coach position at Hull FC. .
  12. Political science. That is the field in which I received my Bachelors', Masters and Doctoral degrees. At the same time I have some legitimate credentials to be called a historian as well, which I do also call myself.
  13. People can do short courses at Harvard Business School, which don't result in a degree. The professional schools there, especially Harvard Business School and Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, offer such possibilities. It is true in a very narrow sense, that by having taken a course at Harvard, Scanlan was Harvard educated. But in terms of a general education, which means having completed a Bachelor's, Masters, or Doctoral degree, Scanlan is not Harvard educated. It is this latter sense of the phrase that most people would understand as being relevant to a person's cultural and professional status. I spent ten years as a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard, during which time I sat in on and actively participated in numerous courses, with some of the finest minds in my field, on a non-degree basis. (This was a side benefit of my main official appointment at the university). In many ways I received much, much more of a Harvard education than Scanlan did. But I would not go around telling the world that I was "Harvard educated."
  14. No I don’t think that such a thing is morally right. But this is not exploitation for personal gain. Showcasing rugby league is not promoting the spread of the virus. On the contrary, by keeping more people at home in front of their televisions, the promoters of rugby league are making it more difficult for the virus to spread. Rugby league is taking advantage of a situation not of its own making to promote its unique kind of group sporting activity.
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