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  1. That response is so pathetic that it is hard to believe that you didn't make it up. The RFL must be hiring people who have recently been fired by the Royal Mail for monumental incompetence.
  2. Dugan was massively overpaid by Cronulla. If Latrell Mitchell's fair market value, based on the Sydney Roosters' offer to him, was AU$800,000 (495,000 euros), then Dugan was hardly worth AU$600,000 -- even less based on Dugan's injury plagued performances in 2019. So it's probably correct to say that even if the Catalans only offered Dugan 300,000 euros (a huge sum for a Super League centre), the Catalans probably did dodge a bullet. Samisoni Langi, on much less money, may be good enough for now, or maybe the (likely underpaid) Frenchmen Arthur Romano or Gavin Marguerite can step up and do a good job as Brayden Williame's replacement.
  3. Josh Dugan has turned down an offer from Catalans. Catalans were offering him less than he is on at Cronulla, to be a centre replacement for Brayden WIlliame. Dugan thinks that he can cement a spot in the Cronulla first team despite Cronulla having Matt Moylan at full back and Jesse Ramien and Bronson Xerri as hot prospects for the two centre berths. It is hard to imagine Cronulla playing him on the wing, though they might. Still, Dugan may end up in reserve grade on AU$800,000 a year! https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/nrl-2020-josh-dugan-rejects-catalans-deal-cronulla-sharks-super-league-jesse-ramien-bronson-xerri/news-story/7f6d765c39cbe0951338b29fd14326f6
  4. Possible Sydney Roosters team: James Tedesco Daniel Tupou, Brett Morris, Joseph Manu, Ryan Hall Luke Keary, Kyle Flanagan Victor Radley Boyd Cordner, Angus Crichton Jared Waerea-Hargreaves, Jake Friend, Siosiua Taukeiaho Interchange: Joseph Liu, Mitch Aubusson, Lindsay Collins, Nat Butcher This is a formidable team, even without Latrell Mitchell. It will be very difficult for St. Helens to defeat the Sydney Roosters.
  5. No truth to the rumours about James Tedesco having injured his pec:
  6. Toronto has two outstanding players: Sonny Bill Williams and Ricky Leutele. It has several very good players, such as Matty Russell, Chase Stanley and Bodene Thompson. But the teams's main weakness lies in the mediocrity of the halves and the lack of two very intimidating props. Should David Argyle make three signings that rectify those weaknesses, then Toronto will be a powerful force in Super League. Absent such signings, the club will struggle. However Hull KR looks very vulnerable to me, especially after the tragic career ending injury to Mose Masoe.
  7. Latrell Mitchell is running out of options. Unfortunately I think that Toronto's marquee spots are taken up by SBW and Ricky Leutele, which if true would mean that Toronto cannot afford to be in the market for Latrell Mitchell.
  8. So you hate the Conservatives more than you love rugby league. I don't love the Conservatives, and I intensely dislike the Brexiteers. But your attitude is bordering on sick.
  9. Do you mean The Sydney Morning Herald or the Daily Telegraph?
  10. Wests Tigers talented five eighth Josh Reynolds has been charged with domestic violence https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-12-12/nrl-star-josh-reynolds-charged-with-domestic-violence/11793506
  11. Toulouse have released their star centre and winger Gavin Marguerite. Negotiations over an extension of his contract have broken down. They need a replacement for him, and a couple of strong NRL quality props, if they are to have a good chance of promotion for 2021..
  12. When Toulouse played Toronto at Stade Ernest Wallon, they attracted over 6,000 fans. If they were in Super League, playing at that stadium (which they would be) we could expect at least such crowds, probably more, on a regular basis. London cannot attract many fans at it current stadium. But if it could find a larger better stadium, and funds for marketing, it could attract many more people. But in any case if London is doing well in Super League, the team is an inspiration and aspiration for young rugby league players in southern England.
  13. It is looking like Valentine Holmes will leave the NFL and play for North Queensland in 2020.
  14. It is looking like Latrell Mitchell will sign for the Wests Tigers on AU$1 million a year for four years. https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/11/20/he-can-do-anything-he-puts-his-mind-to-fittler-backs-latrell-for-fullback-switch/
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