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  1. Beating Melbourne in Melbourne, after being down 18-0 was a huge achievement for the Green Machine. Hodgson played a key role for Canberra, as he usually does. Bellamy made a great mistake in leaving on the bench until the last five minutes his dynamo attacking player Ryan Papenhuyzen. The Dutch flyer could have made a difference, but was brought on too late.
  2. It is tough to find quality backs. Of course the forwards are very impressive, since so many of them are killing it in the NRL. Here is my 26 man team pick: Johnny Lomax Tommy Makinson, Mark Percival, Jake Connor, Ryan Hall Blake Austin, Gareth Widdop, Sam Burgess John Bateman, Elliot Whitehead James Graham, Josh Hodgson, Thomas Burgess. Interchange: James Roby, George Burgess, Chris Hill, Sean O’Loughlin Reserves: Stefan Ratchford, Sam Tomkins, Jermaine McGillvary, Joe Burgess, Oliver Gildart, George Williams, Ben Currie, Luke Thompson, Alex Walmsley, It may be controversial to leave O’Loughlin on the bench. But the back row forwards selected are stars in the NRL, and I am sure that Wayne Bennett will pick them. Blake Austin qualifies as British, and he is at or near the top of the Man of Steel ladder. I don’t think that there are any Welshmen in my selection. So perhaps you might have to include Ben Flower.
  3. You seem to be either a very confused or a dreadfully uninformed person. First the title question doesn't suggest that Toronto and Toulouse are already in Super League. In fact if you actually read the original post it stated clearly that there was a lot of support for both of them to enter Super League (hence logically entailing that they aren't there yet). The original post then asks if there should be further expansion after they enter Super League, and if so, with which clubs. Second, it is patently false to assert that " after those 2 clubs there aren't any more that actually exist." For your information Newcastle, Sheffield, Avignon and London Skolars are clubs that actually exist. It boggles the mind that a reader of rugby league forums would not know that. Moreover two other proposed clubs, Ottawa and New York, are in the advanced planning stage. Third, under the current promotion and relegation for Toronto or Toulouse to enter Super League could mean displacing a current heartland club, but not if London Broncos are relegated. In any case,in the future the size of Super League could conceivably be expanded so as not to displace existing clubs. So the question is hardly loaded to antagonise fans of existing "real" clubs, as you assert. Again, as I have pointed out, four of the clubs proposed are already existing 'real' clubs. So there is nothing silly about the question. There is however a lot of silliness and shameful ignorance in the minds of the people who seek to ridicule the question, and who seek to ridicule the whole idea of global expansion of the game. That is the real reason why there have so many silly answers on this thread from an agitated few.
  4. You have descended back down to extreme caricature, in a feeble attempt to ridicule possible future expansion, instead of trying to present a rational argument. It is not funny and definitely not smart. But I guess that is all you are intellectually capable of.
  5. I think that you have to preserve many of the bigger traditional clubs --- Wigan, St Helens, Warrington, Hull FC, Leeds, Catalans, and perhaps Hull KR and Castleford --- in Super League along side the new clubs from bigger cities like London, Toronto, New York, Ottawa, Toulouse etc. Otherwise the traditional fan base of the game will disappear.
  6. It might feel a little strange, but even the NFL, with its mostly big city teams, has the tiny town of Green Bay, Wisconsin with a franchise, up against teams from New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.. It might eventually develop in Super League, if further significant expansion takes place, that nearly half the clubs will be big cities (e.g. London, Toronto, New York, Ottawa, Paris and Boston) some will be medium sized cities (e.g Toulouse, Leeds, Newcastle, and Hull), a few others will be towns ( e.g. Wigan, St Helens, Warrington, Castleford,), and others will be regions (e.g. Catalans, Avignon-Vaucluse)
  7. The M62 corridor is a dead end for growing the game, an area which no rational business man is going to invest in. Smart businessmen look to new horizons, like Toronto, which is one of the big potential growth areas for our game, along with Toulouse. I am sorry and sad that you are so rigidly opposed to expanding the presence of our game around the world, thereby improving its popularity and financial well being.
  8. Don't the RFL already do that with any newly established team joining even League One and the Championship, let alone Super League? The RFL has sent delegations to Toulouse in the past to look at its operations.
  9. Yes. Rugby league needs to show that it has several professional clubs already in Super League before it tries to establish a team in Paris. Rugby Union's Stade Francais Paris was established in 1892. The other current Paris club, Racing 92, was formed in 2001.
  10. You misunderstood my argument. I didn't say that Theo Fages would not play for St Helens without Catalans being in Super League. I said if one adopted the fatalist "philosophy" of life, then Theo Fages would not have tried his luck in England (and there would be no Catalans in Super League nor a Toronto Wolfpack on the verge of entry).
  11. My list was not based on internet chatter, but on actually existing and planned clubs, plus two other clubs proposed by a very successful innovating entrepreneur in our game. The Paris team could work, in my opinion, after there was already an established level of participation in Super League, with television coverage in France, by other French clubs -- namely Catalans, Toulouse and Avignon. Last time Paris was the only French team in Super League. Also the RFL would have to scrutinise the Paris management team, which was poor last time. Where they would play, on what days, and who the principal TV partners would be, are technical questions which is for the management team to work out, and are not obstacles. The 20,000 capacity Stade Jean Bouin, used by rugby union's Stade Francais Paris, could be a possible ground (it has been used for rugby league internationals in the past). The French players would initially come from the south of France, mixed with NRL imports as all other Super League teams are today. As the team gets established, with a junior system in place, over time recruits can be drawn from the Paris region. If three French teams are already in Super League, with French TV coverage, then the game can attract supporters from the Paris region. Rugby Union now has two professional teams from the Paris region, even though rugby union is primarily based in the south. For big matches, such as against against Toulouse, one of the Paris clubs has often drawn 80,000 spectators in Paris. Why can't rugby league achieve at least a quarter of that level of success and thereby be successful?
  12. Of course hard work is required for a new club. But Toronto has shown that if the money and a motivated management team is there, something can be created out of nothing. I have not named random places. All but three clubs I have listed either exist or are in the planning stage. Of the remaining three two others, Boston and Philadelphia, have been suggested as future possibilities by the successful Canadian innovator Eric Perez. Paris has existed in the past, and it is not absurd to imagine that it could be revived if the money and organisation was there. It's recreation would have a lot of media profile and commercial advantages for the game in France.
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