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  1. You are correct about Catalans. However they should never have made the mistakes which allowed Leigh to score three tries in the first half, and they should never have clocked off after they took the 36-18 lead. The coach needs to instill in the players a more consistently relentless and unwavering attitude in both attack and defence for the full 80 minutes, such as they showed against Wigan and St. Helens.
  2. The man who is widely known as Brendan Elliot, which is the name shown on his birth certificate. When he is playing for Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, he uses the name Adam Elliot.
  3. HLet us not get carried away by Leigh’s performance today. Leigh has managed to cobble together a team combining Catalans rejects and homeless former Toronto team members, plus former Wigan and Wales Hohaia basher Ben Flower —- topped off with former Manly and Roosters utility back Brendan Elliot, and former Wigan and Catalans winger Lewis Tierney, as Leigh’s best players. There are no graduates of the nonexistent Leigh Academy. Leigh’s main asset is a decent stadium, more than appropriate for Championship games. I see no reason not to believe that Leigh will be back in its element, figh
  4. What brings you to such an outrageous conclusion? The season is half over and Leigh have yet to win a game. Only the signing of Ben Barba, Michael Jennings, Bronson Xerri, Curtis Scott, Tony Clubb, Krisnan Inu, and George Wiilliams within the next two weeks could possibly save Leigh from relegation — although at the cost of a skyrocketing local crime rate.
  5. It can only be against Wakefield or Salford, but even so it will not be enough to save them.
  6. As expected, the injection of emerging French superstar Artur Mourgue into the. contest has taken the game to a new level. Leigh just can’t compete with a young player of Mourgue’s quality.
  7. This situation whereby the relegation favorite Leigh was in front of the number 2 team in Super League was clearly designed to strengthen the neighboring Big Brother Wigan’s position on the SL ladder. I smell a rat.
  8. Last night’s performance by Dominic Young has established this young giant as one of the most exciting prospects that Jamaica has seen in years.
  9. Hull KR depends upon the presence of seven former NRL players, three of whom (Kenny-Dowell, Linnett, and Hall) have played for the Sydney Roosters.
  10. The precepts of my religion have influenced me to take that massive step. Please respect my decision.
  11. Abba Miski is a Lebanese international representative. To be part of a team that includes NRL stars like Mitchell Moses, Adam Doueihi, Josh Mansour, and Alex Twal is pretty impressive. Miski has done well for London. Wigan will give Miski the English fan base and television stage that he deserves.
  12. Vossy used to work at Channel 9. However Ray Hadley, who had a close relationship with the boss of Channel 9, got Vossy fired from Channel 9 for daring to say that he Vossy thought that the statue of Ray Warren which had been erected in the town of Junee didn’t look much like Ray Warren. That opinion of Vossy was suggested by Hadley to be the equivalent of blasphemy, even though the only person who had a right to feel offended by Vossy’s opinion was the sculptor. Hadley has always been a bully. But Hadley was then, and may still be, trying to make himself the successor to Ray Warren. Thus for
  13. I never did. I said Fifita was the best second rower in the world. But the distinction between best second rower vs best player is a minor detail for sad old Davo5 —- who needs to appear to score points for his ego gratification every hour of every day.
  14. Catalans by at least 47; with Davies grabbing 3 tries and Kasiano and Tomkins 2 tries each. Maloney a field goal on half time.
  15. On current form, the team will now likely be: Sam Tomkins Tommy Makinson. Herbie Farnworth, Mark Percival, Tom Davies Johnny Lomax' Gareth Widdop Victor Radley Elliot Whitehead, John Bateman, Tom Burgess, Josh Hodgson, Luke Thompson Interchange: Daryl Clark, Alex Walmsley, Ryan Sutton, Morgan Knowles
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