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  1. So long as Catalans have Tomkins, Folau, Maloney, McIlorum, Bousquet, Kasiano, Garcia, Batieri, and either Langi or Mead, fit and able to play, Catalans have a decent chance of beating Leeds out of fourth place at the end of the regular season. If any of the first four are missing their chances drop considerably.
  2. I agree. But we need more campy players in rugby league, especially if they can win man of the match often, and get a chance to be interviewed on television. Their entertainment appeal would increase match attendances and television viewership.
  3. You are correct. However that does not refute my point. Man of Kent citing the age of Casty and Moa doesn’t prove that they are rubbish. And of course they are not rubbish.
  4. Steve Menzies was playing for Catalans , and playing well, into his fortieth year. The world’s greatest ever hooker and future Immortal Cameron Smith is 37, and may play on next year in the NRL. Age is not, in itself, proof that a player is too old to play well.
  5. Big Julien Bousquet didn’t play tonight. Nor did big Sam Kasiano. Their impact was missed in the middle, and their presence could have changed the outcome. Casty and Moa are past their prime, but hardly “rubbish.” Your extremely harsh judgment is over the top. But I expect no.less from you.
  6. Barrie McDermott chose the Maltese international winger Jake Mamo as man of the match. The hyper-excited Jake showed his appreciation by dropping the “S” word on national television, and in conversation with a lovely lady to boot.
  7. The Catalans didn’t play badly, just not good enough. They have a good team, with the best full back and the best centre in Super League, plus a top quality hooker. They should not have been losing all of their last three games, certainly not the CC loss to Salford. But Catalans were awful against Wigan. Tonight they were much better. However they still should be competing for a Grand Final spot with the team that they have, and they aren’t doing that at the moment. The stats show a poor completion rate and much too many missed tackles.
  8. We need an independent arbitrator here. What is Martyn Sadler’s opinion on the likely Grand Finalists, and by implication whether the Roosters are still serious contenders for the premiership?
  9. This was a freakishly bad performance by the Roosters. Totally unprecedented in recent years. At the same time the South Sydney five eighth Cody Walker had an astonishingly good game, closely followed by winger Alex Johnston. We will not see the Roosters play so badly again this year. You cannot conclude anything from this game, other than that South Sydney are likely to smash an out of form Newcastle next week, and pose a real challenge to whomever they play in week 2 of the playoffs. The Roosters are still in the hunt for a three peat.
  10. There needs to be 17 players The correct team would be: James Tedesco Josh Addo-Carr, Joseph Manu, Latrell Mitchell, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Luke Keary, Nathan Cleary Jason Taumololo, John Bateman, David Fifita Josh Papalii, Cameron Smith, Siosua Taukeiaho Interchange: David Klemmer, Jared Waerea-Hargreaves, Williame Kikau, Apisai Korisau
  11. This has been first pointed out a long time ago, and many times since. It was even featured on an Australian rugby league television program a couple of years ago.
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