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  1. Stan Robin is an excellent attacking half back. Very fast and so often in the right place to support a line break. Does anyone on here know why Stan Robin left Toulouse?
  2. https://www.to13.com/effectif-to-xiii/ Toulouse has a very strong starting squad. However there are only 23 players listed in the squad! This is ridiculous. It is especially ridiculous for a club that aspires to win the Championsip in 2021 and to be promoted to Super League. Remi Casty is a very good addition at prop. He is supported in that position by the very capable Mitch Garbutt, Joe Bretherton, Justin Sangare, Ben Evans, Maxime Puech and also Harrison Hansen. So they seem to have quality and lots of depth at prop. At hooker they have Eloi Pelissier and Lloyd Wh
  3. I had forgotten to mention Sam Burgess’s TV commentary career in my original posts. He had been stood down by Fox League after the earlier intimidation charge, pending the outcome of the trial. His conviction in that trial made a resumption of his TV career most unlikely. I never thought that Sam was good on TV commentary, especially when he was placed alongside highly intelligent and articulate ex-players such as Cooper Cronk, Ben Ikin, Greg Alexander, and Michael Ennis. In addition he compared poorly with the articulate and personally engaging player commentators James Graham and Benj
  4. But they are players. Sam Burgess has no playing prospects. He would like to be a coach, which is more demanding of a good character record than playing. Any criminal convictions will make him unsuitable for a most important leadership role in any club.
  5. Sam Burgess has been pulled over by the police on the Hume Highway in Sydney, on his way to pick up his children. He was charged with driving an unregistered car, never having held a NSW driver's licence, and most important failing a roadside drugs test for cocaine. He will appear in court in May. https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/nrl-2021-sam-burgess-arrested-allegedly-failing-a-roadside-drug-test-south-sydney-rabbitohs/news-story/095313252c90b02916f5e13937487417?utm_source=breaking_sportsmail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=crm&utm_content=statici
  6. There is no evidence that Dean Whare (pronounced FAR-AY) is replacing Israel Folau. Rather he is competing with Samisoni Langi for one centre spot alongside the champion Folau. The latter player could move to full back in the event that Sam Tompkins is injured. All of this indictates that the Catalans backline is extremely formidable.
  7. Salford will have an impressive albeit elderly backline in 2021. But having lost Gil Dudson to Catalans, their forward pack looks very weak. They are strong enough to avoid relegation, but they won’t achieve much more than that.
  8. The This is all water under the bridge now. The main sponsor of St. George-Illawarra rugby league team — St. George Bank — told the club shortly after the move to bring Folau to the club was announced, that if he was signed, the bank would reconsider its AU$1 million a year sponsorship. It didn’t take long for the management at St. George-Illawarra to drop their Folau plans. So it appears that Israel Folau will remain at Catalans. Should Israel Folau, and James Maloney be able to recapture the very high level of performance that they displayed in the NRL, and should Josh Drinkwater also r
  9. Many people on here have touted Andrew Voss and Dan Ginnane as good game callers. Ginnane I agree. Voss however is overrated, in my opinion. He knows not the concept of modulation of excitement level. Voss continually yells at a hundred miles an hour. Ray Warren, for all his geriatric defects, still has that excitement modulation skill which has made him great. Voss gets all the praise that he does in the UK because of his interest in and knowledge of the international game (which I agree is admirable), and because of his knowledge of and promotion of Super League, and also his promotion of Pa
  10. For you to call Joey “awful” is very disrespectful of a rugby league icon, and flat wrong. The rugby league Immortal Andrew Johns is not a game caller. He is an amazingly insightful analyst of the technical aspects of the game. He has suffered and dealt with severe mental health problems over the years. He deserves respect and admiration for that. Andrew Johns brings a commentary skill that few others possess. Certainly not his purported rival for the status of the greatest half back ever, Jonathan Thurston. (Joey was a powerful defender, Thurston never). Thurston in retirement was tried as a
  11. Channel 9 must e crippled by sentimentality. Ray Warren passed his use by date several years ago. He cannot identify players any more, let alone pronounce many of their names if they are Polynesian or especially if they are Melanesian. He should be released and put out to pasture in the country town of Junee, where a statue of his unlikeness now stands.
  12. This is good news for fans of rugby league in France. It now seems likely that Izzy will stay with Catalans, and perhaps begin to show what a talented player he really is. Interesting that with Inglis at Warrington and Folau at Catalans we will have both centres from the champion Melbourne Storm team of 2008 playing in Super League.
  13. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck will play for the Warriors in 2021. If he switches to rugby union it will be in 2022, in order to try to qualify for the All Blacks in the 2023 RU World Cup. Benji will have retired by then, and will be a major commentator for Fox League in Sydney. Benji's articulateness and thoughtfulness (qualities which few league players possess) plushis sense of humour, and his humble style will guarantee that he is on the air for years to come.
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