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  1. But not quite wrong enough for you to actually give a toss, funny that. Another one for the spineless hypocrisy thread.
  2. No, that Indie supported the Coalition that wanted it to be "a little less Conservative, a little more Liberal".
  3. Just before the last election the number was 2/3's were happy with their ZHC
  4. I'm surprised so many people who decry the imaginary privatisation of the NHS are voting to "Remain" as the TTIP deal is on it's way. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/what-is-ttip-and-six-reasons-why-the-answer-should-scare-you-9779688.html 5 Jobs The EU has admitted that TTIP will probably cause unemployment as jobs switch to the US, where labour standards and trade union rights are lower. It has even advised EU members to draw on European support funds to compensate for the expected unemployment.
  5. It's "In a word". How's your grasp of the English language?
  6. Only certain sections, the women in the Labour party appear to be the only grown ups and look where that gets them. Rape threats. The racist, bigoted, misogynistic terrorist sympathisers who run the party should be pilloried, but no, they get defended "See, he's said his sorry for wanting child murderers honoured". "Oh, I'm voting for my constituency MP not the PM". It's utterly laughable. Pay your £3. It's for Corbyn, McDonnell, Milne, Abbott, Livingstone. No pretending otherwise makes it true. And the fact all you've got is "you're just writing gibberish" is one of the many bloody reasons why people like me will never want to be associated with a party that has adherents like you. So you carry on telling us how a Tory bought a house and I'll carry on looking at the Labour party, led by nasty cretins, defended by the spineless and hope to God the women come out of the shadows and rescue a once relevant party from the men who'll destroy it.
  7. Unfortunately, as you only seem to read the Mirror or Guardian and with the same verve that the Westboro Baptist Church laps up the Bible I'm not surprised you're confused, but then you quote Martin McGuiness as some sort of beacon of truth.
  8. Dan Jarvis taking cash from hedge funds is another lovely bit of spineless hypocrisy, but you can always count on racist Livingstone to add a particularly vile cherry on top and if did just that, invoking Jimmy Savile as a comparison. Someone wrote about the mask slipping off the Tories (again, it seems to happen every month), well the whole outfit has fallen off the Labour cult and what we're left with is a racist, bigotted, misogynistic rabble who still don't get why we're pointing and laughing at them. Quick, search the guardian or mirror for a story about how a Tory poured salt on a slug and laughed as it died.
  9. Gerry Downing Another racist cretin welcomed by the Labour cult until it's pointed out by others. "we need to confront the Jewish question"
  10. "there's no suggestion him and his wife have done anything wrong" Go on, start typing "morally....." So this is what you want, you're access to certain things should depend on how you voted? What a fine idea. Now let's see, we know Labour said they'd be tougher on those on welfare than the Tories, the delightful Rachel Reeves told us and we know that 9,347,304 voted Labour what rights do you want removed from these heartless swine. How many of these "people" kicked the poor and suffering then stuck their snouts in the trough and gorged themselves? Probably the same number of people who voted to cut the ringfence on money for homeless people and hand it over to the fat cat bankers in 2009 and then bleat about how sorry they feel for homeless people. Should I copy and paste this to the "spineless hypocrisy" thread?
  11. The leader of the Labour sect has come out in favour of legalising the abuse, exploitation and violence against women. Jess philips isn't impressed. The nasty party just got nastier.
  12. . This cretin who spoke these words will try to be voted into parliament by Labour members and voters, when he should be routinely publicly shamed. It isn't my fault YOUR desired future government is led by people who wanted the IRA to win, still you keep up your "nice Tories" thread.
  13. Have the Labour party's mates started up again in Belfast?
  14. Lord Rose, one of the "In" campaign leaders, reckons wages will go up if we leave. I wonder how many of those bleating about the poorest in this country having to "heat or eat" will vote to keep them on the breadline.
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