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  1. An absolutely staggering article. Imagine being a local businessman reading that thinking of investing in the club...
  2. Not having a go here because I like the Bears but maybe worth getting someone to check these reports before publishing them. Barrow were playing in the Championship last season, not two years ago.
  3. What they did last year was miraculous. Probably the best achievement in British rugby league in years. They could, and should, have beaten Toulouse and London. Last year they won loads of matches by 2-4 points, but obviously they can’t keep that run going. They’ve had the most difficult start, fixture wise, to their league season. It’s a matter of time before they start winning matches.
  4. I think he’s referring to the young Warrington full back.
  5. He’s listed on the Newcastle team however.
  6. The match report mentioned a Jed Charlton playing for the home side, yet he isn’t listed on the team sheet. Who is he?
  7. Odds for the League 1 games just released on Skybet. Barrow -2 and North Wales +8 look the pick.
  8. Nice one. Doubles and trebles are the way forward. These mugs putting on 9 team accumulators are just throwing their money away. Very surprising to see York +2 at Halifax tomorrow. York finished third last season and after two tough games away to Leigh and Toulouse really found their form last week beating London Broncos. Halifax lost to Dewsbury in their last home game. Halifax are solid but York are very good. I was expecting York -6 so a 2-point head start is worth a bet for me.
  9. Coventry Bears 6-40 Newcastle Thunder Doncaster 14-24 Barrow Raiders London Skolars 16-23 North Wales Crusaders West Wales Raiders 0-56 Hunslet Workington Town 20-21 Keighley Cougars
  10. League 1 and Championship clubs who currently don’t own their own ground and rely on RFL funding should be extremely worried. I can’t see a future for them. I think progressive, well-run clubs like Newcastle will be OK. Teams like Whitehaven and Oldham - with no money and no hope of ever returning to what they once were - will be in trouble. In a few years’ time I see a 14 team Super League, a Championship division containing the best run part-time teams who own their own grounds and can access income. Then all the rest - much of the teams currently in League 1 - forced to go amateur or cease to exist.
  11. It might be something really silly to do with your phone. Turn the power off for a minute or two and then try.
  12. Nothing stands out today. The army ha have got a 48-point head start on Rochdale and I’d be surprised if they didn’t cover it. The army lads will be fit and well drilled. Rochdale should win but I can’t see them winning by 48.
  13. Without bragging, I’ve made a healthy profit the last few years betting on Championship and League 1 games. Some of the odds compilers haven’t a clue. A few weeks before the season started Skybet had Widnes -6 at Oldham on the opening day. There’s countless times, especially early in the season, where the odds are so far out. The only problem is Skybet have reduced my stakes so I’ve had to get my dad to open an account!
  14. Oldham aren’t great and Swinton don’t have Ashton this season. I think a few of you are underestimating what a good side we’ve got. A few with Super League experience and a lot of hungry and talented youngsters, all looked after by a great coach. I’d say the challenge now is to turn over a few of the more fancied teams like Bradford and Sheffield. There’s so many good teams in this division but there’s no reason we can’t challenge for an 8th or 9th placed finish.
  15. Statement expected from Warrington imminently. Not good news if you’re a Gelling fan.
  16. No SBW and they’ve named just a 19-man squad for their game at Wigan. Worrying signs.
  17. They were able to pick up the odd win a few years ago because Oxford and Hemel were knocking about. I want them to do well but you‘ve got to be realistic. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t finish the season.
  18. Fair play to them for releasing these quotes but it all comes across as a team that doesn’t really know what it’s doing.
  19. They must be the only semi-pro side in the world to have more off-field staff than players!
  20. I admire the players, staff and supporters of West Wales who keep going back when they know they’re going to get beat 99 times out of 100. They’re a million miles off League 1 standard and I’d be astonished if they win a game this season. Coventry at home would be their only chance. It’s sad because there’s some great people involved at the club. But you have to start asking questions. How many games have they won in the last five seasons? Is it more than ten?
  21. SATURDAY 8TH FEBRUARY Leigh Centurions 26-10 Sheffield Eagles Toulouse Olympique 36-8 Oldham SUNDAY 9th FEBRUARY Featherstone Rovers 20-10 Halifax London Broncos 38-4 Whitehaven Swinton Lions 16-23 Dewsbury Rams Widnes Vikings 32-10 Batley Bulldogs York City Knights 16-10 Bradford Bulls
  22. Quite a confusing piece. According to the website pie and mash and a desert is £40. I’m assuming that includes a match ticket?!
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