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  1. Surely they’re not paying players £100 per game?!
  2. Rank average squad, it’s no surprise to see them struggling. Not sure where the club hierarchy thought they would finish this season, but the club seems to suffer delusions of grandeur. They are a million miles away from challenging for promotion. The best thing for the club would have been liquidation 5 years ago. A chance to rebuild away from that godawful stadium.
  3. Full time aren’t they? Currently getting pasted 30-4 before half-time by a very good Sheffield side.
  4. I predicted they wouldn’t see the season out. There’s only so many 80 point defeats you can take as a player before you wonder what the hell the point is. The people in charge of this club have a passion for the sport but they are, I’m afraid to say, completely inept.
  5. Sheffield Eagles 24-20 Newcastle Thunder SUNDAY 24th APRIL Dewsbury Rams 22-16 Workington Town Halifax Panthers 30-10 Barrow Raiders Leigh Centurions 36-10 London Broncos Widnes Vikings 14-23 Batley Bulldogs York City Knights 32-14 Whitehaven
  6. Yes but Toulouse have players with NRL, Super League and Championship experience. A lot of these lads for Cornwall have come from low grade Union or the student game which is a million miles away from the level required in League 1.
  7. Hurricanes have been solid. The notion that a bunch of lads can be thrown together at short notice and be competitive is just naive in the extreme. We’ve seen it with West Wales. Recruiting players from the amateur leagues and student game to play against seasoned semi professional squads is a recipe for disaster. Such a shame as there’s a good crowd there. I’m sure many will be shocked as to how poor the home side are. Obviously it will take time.
  8. 30-0 to the midlands. Only chance Cornwall have of being competitive is against West Wales and London.
  9. London Skolars 14-36 North Wales Crusaders Cornwall 16-34 Midlands Hurricanes Doncaster 10-30 Swinton Lions Oldham 50-4 West Wales Raiders Rochdale Hornets 22-22 Hunslet
  10. London Skolars 10-34 Hunslet Doncaster 26-20 Midlands Hurricanes Oldham 22-23 Keighley Cougars Rochdale Hornets 22-20 North Wales Crusaders Swinton Lions 76-0 West Wales Raiders
  11. They could reach a Super League place if a multimillionaire comes in, builds a brand new stadium, forks out on a whole new squad, a dozen or so back room staff and signs big sponsorship deals with large companies. They’ve done very well the past month. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though.
  12. Moscow01


    MASSIVE win. Especially with 12 men. Well done Rams.
  13. That chap’s thread on Twitter is spot on. They’ve just tweeted out another ‘we’re happy to announce we’ve partnered with four companies who will be heavily involved with us this season’. They don’t mention in what context. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Its clear the people steering the ship ha e no idea what the destination is. As each week goes by this club gets worse and worse. I feel for the players and the few supporters. This can’t go on.
  14. They remain completely naive to the fact that League 1 is a very tough division and dragging players from the amateur game will not help them one bit. Yes it’ll mean they will be able to fulfill their fixtures potentially, but the 70 and 80 point defeats will still happen.
  15. You could forgive a lot of their mistakes in the first year or two. But for the love of god - how on Earth do they expect to even be competitive when they can’t even appoint a head coach? Whatever excuses they try and peddle, there’s no reason whatsoever that they couldn’t have nailed down a head coach by Christmas at the very latest. The recruitment has been an utter shambles. Signing players from the student game, who have had no experience of League 1 whatsoever, is a recipe for disaster. It’s just all so unpleasant to watch unfold. It’s awful for the players getting walloped every week. The problem they now face is that they’re seen as a joke. Off field and on field. Who wants to pay to go and watch a load of lads who are nowhere near League 1 standard go and get beat by 70 or 80 points every weekend? I’d be very surprised indeed if they finish the season.
  16. 1) Featherstone 2) Leigh 3) Halifax 4) York 5) Batley 6) Widnes 7) Dewsbury 8 Bradford 9) Newcastle 10) Barrow 11) Sheffield 12) London 13) Whitehaven 14) Workington
  17. Good luck to the lads that have signed but bar one or two players their squad is miles below what’s needed to be competitive at this level. I reckon we’ll see a few 100-0 results this season. Such a shame.
  18. Their social media and website is an absolute mess. I know every club should be proud of their history but I can’t for the life of me understand why they go to such efforts to create posts such as ‘remember our kit from 2017’ and ‘here’s a team sheet from a game we played on this day three years ago’. Literally no one cares. Get your mobile phone out, hit record and ask one of your players how the preparations are going for the new season. They’ve lost all their best players from last year. They will be considerably worse this season than last.
  19. Crikey - they’ve just announced their first signing…… Anthony Mullally! Fair play
  20. The thought that lads can just turn up for trials and then play against seasoned professionals in League 1 is laughable. They might find a few players, not a whole squad. Even locals who have played to a good standard in rugby Union will struggle. This is all coming across very naive and rushed.
  21. West Wales have also lost all their best players. I really don’t like to knock them - I’m like most rugby league fans in hoping they do well - but their media output is atrocious. Website looks like it was created in the 1990s and a lot of their social media output is things like ‘which of our old kits do you prefer’. It’s almost like the club can’t quite believe they are in League 1 and still believe they are in the amateur league. On the playing side of things they will do very well to put together a 20-man squad for their first league game. I really wish them the best but I’ve got a bad feeling about their prospects.
  22. Not a single player announced. No head coach either. Most teams are starting their pre-season training now. Have I missed an announcement on incoming players?
  23. York signed a former bobsleigh athlete last week. Did every rugby league fan suddenly start watching bobsleigh? I’d be astonished if 1% of people watching wrestling (other than those based in uk) knew what rugby league is.
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