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  1. Serious questions need to be asked if Newcastle don’t win this. Look at their squad - full to the brim of talented players that have played at the top level. They must be spending a fortune on wages. With the squad they have they should have won this division. To not go up via the playoffs would be a huge disappointment for them.
  2. That’s a huge sign of intent! https://dewsburyrams.co.uk/2019/09/17/annakin-signs-for-rams/
  3. Coventry 0-72 Whitehaven Many congratulations to Whitehaven who claim the League 1 title.
  4. How many of this Coventry side played in their wins against Newcastle and Workington? Are they missing loads of players? Whitehaven have been great but Coventry aren’t at the races.
  5. Bleep - if you need that tenner I’m happy to send it to you. Just message me your bank details and I’ll send it.
  6. Only to be expected when a new coach comes in. He's said numerous times he's open to giving players a chance at Championship level. Some have thrived, others haven't.
  7. West Wales Raiders 16-40 North Wales Crusaders Keighley Cougars 14-30 Whitehaven Newcastle Thunder 54-14 Coventry Bears Oldham 26-22 Doncaster
  8. Toronto Wolfpack 72-4 Rochdale Hornets Toulouse Olympique 40-10 Batley Bulldogs Dewsbury Rams 14-30 Bradford Bulls Sheffield Eagles 36-16 Barrow Raiders Leigh Centurions 30-18 Widnes Vikings Swinton Lions 18-22 Halifax York City Knights 16-27 Featherstone Rovers
  9. A brave performance against a very good side. I don't know about anyone else but I'm really looking forward to next season already. I'm sure Lee will bring in the right players to make us a much better side.
  10. They must be very confident of promotion. Surely those players won’t join if Thunder are still in League 1 next season?
  11. When you consider Lee came in late, a number of our best players had moved on and the teams around us were bringing in players with big reputations, I’m fairly satisfied where we are. On our day we’re a very solid team - you don’t go and beat Widnes and Featherstone unless you’ve got something about you. We’ve all said it a million times but all those close games - York home and away, Toronto at home, Sheffield at home, Swinton away, Barrow away etc. Even if we’d won just two of those games our season would have a very different feel to it. Credit to Lee for bringing in Garratt - he’s been superb and it’s great he’s signed on for next season. I imagine there will be a few players moved on but I’m very confident in Lee’s ability to bring in the right replacements. Next season’s squad will be Lee’s, and I’m looking forward to seeing who he brings in.
  12. To survive, Barrow will have to win at least three games and hope the teams above them don’t win a single game. They’ve only won four all season. Their remaining games: York (h) Bradford (h) Sheffield (a) Toronto (a) Batley (h) Hard to see three wins there I reckon..
  13. Rochdale 12-32 Rams Lovely stuff! A dodgy first half but well done to the coaching staff for their half-time talk. Onwards and upwards!
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