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  1. Oldham aren’t great and Swinton don’t have Ashton this season. I think a few of you are underestimating what a good side we’ve got. A few with Super League experience and a lot of hungry and talented youngsters, all looked after by a great coach. I’d say the challenge now is to turn over a few of the more fancied teams like Bradford and Sheffield. There’s so many good teams in this division but there’s no reason we can’t challenge for an 8th or 9th placed finish.
  2. Statement expected from Warrington imminently. Not good news if you’re a Gelling fan.
  3. No SBW and they’ve named just a 19-man squad for their game at Wigan. Worrying signs.
  4. They were able to pick up the odd win a few years ago because Oxford and Hemel were knocking about. I want them to do well but you‘ve got to be realistic. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t finish the season.
  5. Fair play to them for releasing these quotes but it all comes across as a team that doesn’t really know what it’s doing.
  6. They must be the only semi-pro side in the world to have more off-field staff than players!
  7. I admire the players, staff and supporters of West Wales who keep going back when they know they’re going to get beat 99 times out of 100. They’re a million miles off League 1 standard and I’d be astonished if they win a game this season. Coventry at home would be their only chance. It’s sad because there’s some great people involved at the club. But you have to start asking questions. How many games have they won in the last five seasons? Is it more than ten?
  8. SATURDAY 8TH FEBRUARY Leigh Centurions 26-10 Sheffield Eagles Toulouse Olympique 36-8 Oldham SUNDAY 9th FEBRUARY Featherstone Rovers 20-10 Halifax London Broncos 38-4 Whitehaven Swinton Lions 16-23 Dewsbury Rams Widnes Vikings 32-10 Batley Bulldogs York City Knights 16-10 Bradford Bulls
  9. Quite a confusing piece. According to the website pie and mash and a desert is £40. I’m assuming that includes a match ticket?!
  10. Oldham and Whitehaven will be lucky to win more than a couple of games. They’ve basically gone with the squads that got them promoted, which is admirable but they’re not playing Coventry and West Wales in the Championship.
  11. Tyreek Hill on the wing would be quite a sight. And what about Ben Stokes in the centres?
  12. I’m a big fan of Toronto. I had a great weekend out there a few years ago and met some fantastic people. They’ve just announced their squad numbers. I can’t help but feel, with this current crop of players, they are favourites for relegation. This squad is full of players past their best and players who have struggled at the top level. Yes the signing of SBW has been amazing and helped the marketing side of things but they haven’t signed the SBW of ten years ago. There’s a few good players in that squad but, if I were a Toronto fan, I’d be extremely worried. A squad lacking in both numbers and quality. Surely they need a few more proven top level players?
  13. I'm quite surprised Toronto have not gone out and brought in a few more top level players. Yes, SBW has created headlines but he's not the SBW of ten years ago. It's a big ask to expect him suddenly rock up and put in assured performances week in week out. A few of the Toronto players are in for a shock I feel. They've had three seasons now where they've gone into most matches expecting to win, and win well. I can see Toronto losing a lot of their early season games and hitting the panic button and bringing in some big names from the NRL. Their current squad is nowhere near the quality needed for Super League.
  14. 25 grand in League 1 seems a bit off. There’s lads in Super League that aren’t earning much more than that. I know from speaking to a former employee of a League 1 club that the majority of his players were on between £200-£300 a game.
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