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  1. What a depressing read. I’d love to know why the Broncos media output has been so amateur for so long. Even when they were in Super League, it was really poor. Surely they can afford to appoint a savvy media and marketing professional?
  2. You have a sniff on a wet pitch when every single player plays well and half the opposition play poorly. On a sunny day, against players who have been training in full-time Super League environments, you’re asking for a miracle.
  3. I think anyone who goes into games against Toulouse and Featherstone, on rock hard dry pitches no less, thinking we could win is living in cloud cuckoo land. Those two teams are head and shoulders above the rest in this league. Two winnable games coming up. Oldham are shipping points for fun, worryingly for them against teams in the lower half. Be good to see a few players back for next weekend as well.
  4. Dewsbury Rams 10-48 Featherstone Rovers London Broncos 42-16 Whitehaven Newcastle Thunder 30-18 Oldham Swinton Lions 14-38 Halifax Panthers Widnes Vikings 40-10 Sheffield Eagles York City Knights 30-20 Batley Bulldogs
  5. London Skolars 4-52 Barrow Raiders West Wales Raiders 14-38 North Wales Crusaders Coventry Bears 16-40 Keighley Cougars Hunslet 20-34 Doncaster Workington Town 32-16 Rochdale Hornets
  6. To do what they did in their first season in the Championship was miraculous. But since then, despite recruiting from the division above, they’ve been very disappointing.
  7. It’s so strange how they did so well straight from League 1, then recruited a number of Super League players - presumably on big money - and have been very underwhelming.
  8. What has gone wrong this season? Goodness me, for the talent you’ve got you should be doing a lot better.
  9. Oldham 20-21 Sheffield Eagles Dewsbury Rams 10-56 Toulouse Olympique Featherstone Rovers 26-16v Bradford Bulls Halifax Panthers 24-20 York City Knights Swinton Lions 22-22 Newcastle Thunder Whitehaven 20-28 Batley Bulldogs Widnes Vikings 24-16 London Broncos
  10. Barrow Raiders 40-10 Rochdale Hornets London Skolars 18-28 Hunslet Coventry Bears 14-32 Workington Town Keighley Cougars 66-4 West Wales Raiders North Wales Crusaders 18-30 Doncaster
  11. Well done Salford. Inu is an absolute plank and I hope he spends his time on the sidelines to reflect on his shameful behaviour.
  12. They’ve signed a player in his late thirties who has never played the sport, and a maverick half back whose best form was a decade ago. Other than that it’s the same squad of players from previous seasons. They won’t win a game all season. I wish them well, but bloody hell they must have some mentally strong staff, because getting turned over week in week out isn’t fun.
  13. West Wales Raiders 0-72 Barrow Raiders Doncaster 36-10 London Skolars Hunslet 22-20 Rochdale Hornets North Wales Crusaders 28-16 Coventry Bears Workington Town 26-22 Keighley Cougars
  14. Bradford Bulls 32-14 Newcastle Thunder Halifax Panthers 30-10 Sheffield Eagles
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