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  1. Cornwall are so, so bad. West Wales have gone, now it’s their turn to be the whipping boys. Most of their players are nowhere near League 1 standard. Sorry if that’s painful to hear for their fans but it’s the truth.
  2. London Skolars 16-30 Workington Town Doncaster 22-22 Hunslet Midlands Hurricanes 38-4 Cornwall North Wales Crusaders 10-30 Rams
  3. Crusaders have lost a few of their better players. I’d be astonished if they got anywhere near promotion.
  4. Why is it that self-important club officials so often feel the need to say “I want to place on record’? By saying it, and your club putting it on their website and social media channels, it is on the record. You don’t need to actually say that damn thing. Winds me up no end.
  5. Surely they’re not paying players £100 per game?!
  6. Rank average squad, it’s no surprise to see them struggling. Not sure where the club hierarchy thought they would finish this season, but the club seems to suffer delusions of grandeur. They are a million miles away from challenging for promotion. The best thing for the club would have been liquidation 5 years ago. A chance to rebuild away from that godawful stadium.
  7. Full time aren’t they? Currently getting pasted 30-4 before half-time by a very good Sheffield side.
  8. I predicted they wouldn’t see the season out. There’s only so many 80 point defeats you can take as a player before you wonder what the hell the point is. The people in charge of this club have a passion for the sport but they are, I’m afraid to say, completely inept.
  9. Sheffield Eagles 24-20 Newcastle Thunder SUNDAY 24th APRIL Dewsbury Rams 22-16 Workington Town Halifax Panthers 30-10 Barrow Raiders Leigh Centurions 36-10 London Broncos Widnes Vikings 14-23 Batley Bulldogs York City Knights 32-14 Whitehaven
  10. Yes but Toulouse have players with NRL, Super League and Championship experience. A lot of these lads for Cornwall have come from low grade Union or the student game which is a million miles away from the level required in League 1.
  11. Hurricanes have been solid. The notion that a bunch of lads can be thrown together at short notice and be competitive is just naive in the extreme. We’ve seen it with West Wales. Recruiting players from the amateur leagues and student game to play against seasoned semi professional squads is a recipe for disaster. Such a shame as there’s a good crowd there. I’m sure many will be shocked as to how poor the home side are. Obviously it will take time.
  12. 30-0 to the midlands. Only chance Cornwall have of being competitive is against West Wales and London.
  13. London Skolars 14-36 North Wales Crusaders Cornwall 16-34 Midlands Hurricanes Doncaster 10-30 Swinton Lions Oldham 50-4 West Wales Raiders Rochdale Hornets 22-22 Hunslet
  14. London Skolars 10-34 Hunslet Doncaster 26-20 Midlands Hurricanes Oldham 22-23 Keighley Cougars Rochdale Hornets 22-20 North Wales Crusaders Swinton Lions 76-0 West Wales Raiders
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