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  1. I agree clubs are sticking to guidelines. I think the guidelines were alittle strange. Lads were wet through and covered in mud getting back into cars
  2. Same with changing rooms. Lads can train together spend 80 mins tackling strangers, but cant get changed in seperate rooms before and after.
  3. I dont like the sound of this change either. Will be very messy once the attacking player is over the line. Could even lead to a number of defending players pulling players over try line in order to steal.
  4. How can clubs enforce no spectators if they play on a open field?
  5. Is there anything saying how much if anything they are donating to the rob burrow cause? I would have thought they would be if using his name etc.
  6. There must be some dodgy dealings going on because the oxen shirts I have arnt great! I currently have 2 shirts and a vest,they seem like cheap imported copies. Like as been said they tick boxes with promotions and stores but quality is rather lacking i wont be buying another one of their products unless its greatly improved.
  7. Soon as attacking players join in tackle the ref should be shouting hekd i believe
  8. Good work all involved. I like to see RL clubs getting better facilities to rival our union friends
  9. I think the old stalwarts of union will not embrace the new rules. They will liken it to league and that will leave a bitter taste in their mouths.
  10. I think thats why I like RL because its simple ha. Ive been watching union for some time now and still dont get all the rules.
  11. Yes i saw that, if im honest ill enjoy it more as I'm a massive RL fan I prefer to watch it. My son just likes playing rugby so he plays both codes (rather that than go to football) So im hoping it speeds up yawnion.
  12. Your right i dont know the full facts. I get most of my information from my sons coaches he plays both RL and RU and the difference in the sessions etc. For example his union team started back before rl after the first lockdown. They was hitting bags,shields and went into contact while his rl team was still training in bubbles. This could have been the coaches personal preference but he told us he was under strict restrictions from rfl. BUT.. my lad played 2 games of rugby towards the end of this year both RL. So i applaud the RFL and the groups who put in the hard yards to make that possible. Maybe i could have worded my original post better? I was just speaking from my own experiences. I also am aware of it being off season for the majority of clubs.But usually the xmas period is used by alot of clubs to host charity games or past vs present games etc which ive been told they cant do this year. So will miss out on the income unfortunately.
  13. I was told RFL said no activity till jan? My local RU team start back training tonight with a busy festive schedule of games. Which ill go down and watch just to get out watching rugby again. Its not the RFU organising games, the clubs are doing it between themselves i believe. Fair play to them for giving players some normality and getting back out on the field.
  14. I saw yesterday that grassroots rugby union are back in contact training then allowing adapted games from the 18th. Why are the RFL always lagging behind and hold onto the coat tails. I know the majority of our pro/community clubs would normally be out of season this time of year, but community clubs have had very little if lucky enough to have any time on the field at all during 2020. In my opinion We've already lost players to football who have been playing regularly now we are risking losing more to union. I think RFL could have followed suit or got on the front foot and allowed training or inter club games during the run up and into the xmas period that would have given clubs somthing to promote and look forward too. Or do we think the RFL are right in sitting back to see what action to take?
  15. Is kr a retirement village for ex rhinos
  16. I know but i think its abit early to say no community clubs will be entered
  17. Bit surprised at that because lower tier teams have been in the FA cup as normal
  18. Not sure if I'm honest. But with the new lockdown i think it will be new yr before anymore games are close to being played
  19. Thats a bad shirt and i dont like the new badge
  20. Some teams have been playing open age and juniors. That must have been good for all involved to get out on the field
  21. I thought the collars was badon the replica shirt, but the collars on the playing shirt looked shocking
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