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  1. Czech Republic for me. And that brewery tour at Plsen was out-blinkin-standing. Also about 15 years since I was there.
  2. I’ve been round to the local this afternoon. Very quiet when I was walking by, so stopped off for a quick drink. Perhaps more a measure of the demographic than anything else. Well organised, strange, but a good pint, which I have missed a great deal. It felt well deserved and safe.
  3. We are into our 3rd week with Bassetlaw Bulldogs kids. Twice weekly sessions, very well attended - 5 groups of 5 plus a coach. It won't be easy maintaining the sessions as we go forward as the distancing makes it a bit limiting. RFL session cards has been useful.
  4. They appear to have begun to fall apart again this evening, this far.
  5. Think of it as broadening your horizons. Is it any less productive than sitting down in the armchair and nodding off for a few hours? Did it entertain you? Did you learn something? I reckon both of those things happened and that makes it legit in my book.
  6. I think Saltaire Model Village takes some beating, as much for the story of self-sufficiency as the architecture.
  7. An observation I made to myself yesterday in similar circumstances. It struck me just how lacking some players were in the core skills and the approach we took really helped to refine and develop those skills.
  8. As impressive as the Sri Swaminarayan Temple in Neasden is on the outside, the inside is out of this world. It is all the more interesting as a monolith amongst its very different surroundings. I also think the old Bankside Power Station makes a tremendous setting for the Tate Modern.
  9. It’s a fine building but has been a victim of its own quality. As the roof is listed, it comes with a pricey maintenance tag.
  10. Starbucks now. Just down the road from me.
  11. Totally understand. That's why this 'blended learning' business is going to be so important. We have to mix it up for all kids so that it is right for them as often as possible.
  12. You are rightly pointing out the ideal scenarios, but we haven't had that luxury to do that for 3 months now, nor will we likely have it in the coming months. If it is a choice of my child having some sort of face-to-face tuition in school with a non-specialist, or a good quality Teaching Assistant/Non-specialist teacher under their direction, versus a remote learning opportunity, I would [pick the first one every day of the week. How about you?
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