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  1. Too embarrassed to have bottom dwellers, but too embarrassed to see the state of some of the super league clubs. RL fans want to make their mind up what they want and then stop moaning. In the unlikely event that Batley are eligible for promotion, they should be promoted, irrespective of at whose expense that would be.
  2. Yet according to one of our regular posters, so is Bill Arthur. It’s there right under our own eyes, not just on Twitter.
  3. In the absence of any visual or audio evidence from the broadcasters, it is presumably going to come down to whether any other player on the pitch heard it, and then the extent to which they are prepared to testify as to what they heard/saw. In the absence of that evidence, one man's word against another would mean that one party would be particularly miffed at the outcome, whichever way it went.
  4. Thanks! I was surprised at how poor Widnes had been in comparison to my pre-season expectations up until now, but to put 46 on any side in your division is a (very) good effort.
  5. Not able to watch, but is it as one-sided as the score suggests? Enough for Widnes to think they have turned a corner?
  6. No need for that, but I guess it’s easy sat behind a keyboard, anonymously, in an attempt to gain a ‘like’. All in a weekend where RFL channels are marking a silent weekend to raise awareness of online abuse.
  7. I think I am right that Bassetlaw, Bolsover and Immingham are all 50+ too at this current time.
  8. Ravensport or Stag will produce a full kit of 17 shorts, shirts and socks for around £750 (+VAT) for adult sizes. They are both excellent quality.
  9. Also fantastic to see Telford Raiders topping 100 junior and youth registrations for this season.
  10. The guy at Scunthorpe RU is a former league guy and they are getting involved in some of the summer activity.
  11. It is accurate in that they are the teams who have signalled intent to take part in junior activity this year.
  12. NEW Ravens is easier! Birmingham Bulldogs have a senior team only, I think.
  13. Most current runners and riders for the coming season. Variable playing numbers/teams across the age groups.
  14. This is the crux of the matter. The scope of the membership benefits is not well known and on that basis, it makes it a very hard sell. An even harder sell is to charge volunteers to offer their time free of charge! The devil is in the detail, which we have yet to see.
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