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  1. Community clubs have had the opportunity to bid for £500 each of funding to put on ‘enhanced festivals’ in August and September with a view to promoting the World Cup.
  2. If that’s a penalty try, why was it not the same when Hooley got clobbered in the first half?
  3. This slope is worth 12-14 points I reckon. Almost perfect half from Batley, who have bullied Fev on the whole. It is going to be very close this one.
  4. Irrespective of the whys and wherefores, this is now getting a touch embarrassing for the sport.
  5. I have to admit, I have totally missed the memo on this one. I didn't see that one coming at all. Surely there is an appointment waiting in the wings? If not, it is a heck of a job to put together both a coaching and playing team in the close season.
  6. Yet sadly, quite predictable. RIP Queen Elizabeth. A fellow human being. A mother. I think that games may be postponed on the day of the funeral (currently predicted to be next Saturday) and it is up to each governing body to decide how to mark her death at other times. ie black armbands, minute's silence etc.
  7. Playing standards would have the smallest gaps at the very youngest age groups. (Ie cubs, or u7s). That’s exactly where I would be starting with any such competition.
  8. They’re off sale at some stage today so that remaining seats can be determined after corporate/sponsor requests are collated. Then, it seems, some areas of ground will be re designated to lower price bands and more of those cheaper tickets which are running low will come on sale. I have tickets for Newcastle, Bramall Lane and The Emirates. Might just squeeze in the Bolton game if I can get some cheaper tickets and then save up for the final. That’ll likely be me done, although if a romantic giant-killing act is to unfold somewhere down the line with one of the lesser nations, I may well be tempted to attend the subsequent game.
  9. If you use a flat-earth map, could you not just roll it up into a cylinder and then it would be a local derby? Problem solved, right?
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