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  1. Well I really enjoyed that. A few big errors, but the intensity was excellent and a close game right up to the hooter.
  2. With the return to competitive junior fixtures this weekend, how did everything pass off for you? How were the kids? Parents? Etc Any difficulties or did all go well? Looking forward to a few positive stories. Here in the Midlands, Bassetlaw Bulldogs and Bolsover Bulls saw 55 kids across 3 age groups battle it out with great fun and endeavour. They were certainly very, very pleased to be back in action.
  3. Is it not an accent thing? I quite enjoy listening to his intonation too. When he once said 'Bamber Gascoigne', it sounded like the noise the 56k internet connection used to make when you first logged on.
  4. Wigan's two late tries have the feeling of success akin to the reluctant designated driver picking up the used beer glasses at the end of a match and returning them for the £1 deposit return.
  5. Wigan came off second best in every element of that play. It was a perfect summary of the game in one play.
  6. Leeds have dominated Wigan in every area of the game. What a disappointing game for the neutral so far (albeit very well deserved by Leeds).
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