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  1. I've been summonsed to Odsal on a couple of occasions to throw some cash in a bucket. Does that count?
  2. Streamed on Facebook Live too. There was an appreciative crowd there too. Great stuff.
  3. It would be a dire outcome; and I am one of the positive ones usually.
  4. Game Caller kind of noises, or more substantiated?
  5. I seem to be sucked into a bulk buy online when stuff seems so cheap. I am, by default, in need of one of something, but often end up with a job lot. Recent purchases when I needed 1 or 2 units only: Shoe laces (x6 pairs) Ball pump needles (x20) Bungs for the homebrew (x5) Rings for chicken's legs (x12)
  6. II don't have the whole game picture, but I do know that registered Midlands Junior activity was up by 19% this year, and that Masters RL has broken the 2000 registered players mark for the first time this year. I also know that Community Clubs have had their insurance premiums paid for them, as agreed, this year.
  7. Uptake of this scheme has been relatively poor over the past year that it has been launched and run. We are now in round 2 of the funding cycle and there is a definite push by the RFL to encourage clubs to get involved. Alongside this scheme sits a capital fund for the purchase of machinery and with the requisite pitch power survey completed, clubs can get 75% of costs covered for up to 25k in purchases. It's surprising not more clubs have accessed the programme thus far.
  8. I know where you are coming from, but this is an exceptional situation that the club could cash in on in the short term and prosper from in the long term. That development is akin to a brand new large village within minutes of the ground. That is not a frequent 'gift' that clubs receive. Would season ticket holders continue to be annoyed if from that the club generated long-term buy-in from 100 fans who would go on to pour £100s of quid into the club in subsequent years and bolster the playing budget. These boards are rammed with ridicule of the RFLs abilities to generate interest in the game and bring crowds to games. The problem with the kids go free idea is that it requires a parent to commit to taking them. If you offer 5,000 tickets to school kids in Wakefield on that basis, how many do you think will take them up? Look at Bradford; they gave tickets away like confetti and hardly anyone used them.
  9. Given the extraordinary size and proximity of this new development, I'd be straight onto the developers for some sponsorship within the club, in exchange for access to a mutual deal. I would be offering one free season ticket per new household, with additional match tickets available for £10 and £5, subject to availability. In Y2, I would offer similar, but only 50% off the season ticket, with the additional match prices staying the same.
  10. And I think that could generate 55-60k across the 3 games too.
  11. Yeh, stuff ‘em. Let’s just have another one in Huddersfield or St Helens.
  12. But that then flies in the face of all the other arguments about the Tonga crowds being inadequate for only generating 11-12k crowds. I thought there were tens of thousands of southerners prepared to watch a game down south?
  13. I would love to see Boutros-Boutros Ghali as the video ref.
  14. The North Kick it off at Headingley and fill it. The Midlands Perhaps Meadow Lane, Nottingham (20k) or the King Power, Leicester (32k)? The South I like the idea of Fulham (29k), especially given the back-story of the rugby league team. Another possible venue could be The Valley, Charlton (27k), also with a bit of former RL history.
  15. I think it is a venue worth persisting with, as long as a few little configuration changes can be made with seating. Obscured seats weren't sold as being so. The atmosphere was generally very good and seems to have come across well on tv too. Transport-wise, we made it back home to Notts l- door to door - less than 2 hours after the final whistle, letting the train take the strain. The venue is well-positioned about 15 mins walk from the station, but, at £8.50 a pint (and £5.40 for a glass of coke) I will be sneaking some stuff in next time as a round for a family of 4 would be costing £2.20 less than the whole cost of the tickets!
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