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  1. Password is 'forum' https://fantasy.superleague.co.uk/
  2. Remove the Newcastle United link and you’ve got a cracker here.
  3. There’s some right ‘choonz’ from Oasis, but I can’t stand the pantomime that surrounds the brothers.
  4. A go at Union with Toulon being suggested.
  5. Yep, that for me too. I have never bought a new one. Indeed, my most recent was a 5s for £50. I can't comprehend spending hundreds on a phone that does only a few more things (that I am not sure I would ever need) than a predecessor of only a few years.
  6. Enjoyed the short stay. Will be back given the opportunity. The crowd seemed knowledgable and appreciative of the hierarchy at all levels. Great atmosphere in that respect.
  7. Must have been 3-4K there. Nice setup. Very appreciative crowd. Cold.
  8. Really important work going on at the club. Keep up the good work.
  9. Of a sort! They play in Mansfield Woodhouse, just up from the station. Good multi-use sports venue. Good folk up there too.
  10. It certainly reminded us how special some of those players were in their day. And they were real characters too. We seem to be missing them a bit these days. Never take anything for granted folks. Ever.
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