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  1. And then there’s the old Chinese Gooseberry, aka Kiwi fruit.
  2. Value for money would be looking for a gite in southern France and dipping in and out of the resorts mentioned. That said, a week in Roses would likely cost you £1000-£1200 in August, I'd say. You would probably be able to get a self-catering gite for around £750 near the France/Spain border. If you are just sticking to southern France, we stayed in this gite three years ago in Thuir. One of the best family holidays we have had. 15 mins from Perp. 30 mins from beach, currently £600 for the week in August. https://www.gites-de-france-66.com/location-vacances-Gite-a-Thuir-Pyrenees-orientales-66G121032.html?&deb=03/08/2019&fin=10/08/2019&reload=true
  3. The wrist band gets you rides for £1.50 a go...
  4. Would you be flying down? Renting a car etc? In that area there are some fantastic places to visit for families. On the Northern Spain end, Roses is a superb resort, with calm warm seas and some cracking eating places. You can hire pedalos with slides and all that sort of malarky. On the French side, Argeles and Canet are very family orientated coastal areas (but busy). And very conveniently, Perpginan is but a stones throw away. In Villefranch de Conflent, the 'Train Jaune' is a fabulous ride, with plenty of interest for young and old.
  5. I can't imagine there will be many Leigh fans standing up to defend what appear to be regular, repeat offences, but the 'hang, draw and quarter' brigade baying for blood are well and truly out in force tonight.
  6. Catalans are not fit, they are more than a yard off the pace. Seems to be an ongoing story that blights this team. No match for an energetic and flamboyant FC side.
  7. Looks like a good crowd! Let's see if the game is befitting of it.
  8. I don’t disagree with that. What I do disagree with is that we lose to an amateur side on current form.
  9. I don't agree with that, however poor the performance was yesterday. Sheffield are a good side and have scored a good amount of points against plenty teams this year. The result cements the reality of where Batley are in comparison.
  10. Jokes are often based on mis-fortune, or something perceived to be wrong/unacceptable. Here's an interesting study result which lends itself to the idea of 'Benign violation theory', citing three conditions which are 'required' to be met in order for something to be funny. Where there is doubt, such as with Baker and Brand, either (or both) the level of violation has been exceeded/vastly understated, or the subject is not sufficiently benign (sufficient time has passed). (Peter McGraw, University of Colorado) Society has a way of naturally drawing a line at what is acceptable, but as that is a constantly moving line, that's where the grey areas often exist. When we know a joke does cross that line, can we have any surprise that our judgement is called into question? However, it is not always obvious; those moving lines of violation and benign-ness (is that a word?!) can change quickly. Comedians are often walking on the tightrope of that line. Social media, tv and the press appear to be the main barometers of feeling, but they can have an immediate impact on where those line lie. That said, can we be castigated for finding something funny in the past that would not be appropriate now, if we were in the knowledge that, at the time, societal lines were not being crossed?
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