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  1. I wonder what the land is worth? I'm fairly sure it isn't worth enough to fund a new stadium, so additional partners (retail possibly) will need to be found if the money is ringfenced for a new stadium.
  2. Meanwhile, the RFL reveal that they have not yet received an application from Bradford to use the Dewsbury ground and that the move remains subject to approval. If it wasn't such a pathetic mess, it would be laughable. Then, in another turn, Park Avenue come out and say they will leave their ground share offer open for a limited period, and if the Bulls don't take it up, will begin their own professional Rugby League club in the BD postcode. Bulls RL of Bradford?
  3. That's bang average for the Championship, especially when you consider Derby took 2k+ of them. What's happened to all the glory supporters? I bet they aren't Giants fans now...
  4. Is this just posturing by the club to the RFL and the Council? It would be a momentous decision to leave Odsal. Presumably this was always on the cards then and it shouldn't be news to anyone.
  5. If I were a businessman and had contemplated needing to make something from an impossible situation, I wouldn't have invested. What I don't understand is what has actually changed since the takeover that wasn't already the case then.
  6. So the current incumbents took on an impossible job? What sense in that, if that is the case? Might it be that they committed a bit too much money on those contracts? I don't know, but you can see where the doubt comes from, surely. As for learning lessons, I didn't realise that you could only learn from your own mistakes...
  7. I really don't see it that way, although it has become the stock accusation to anyone daring to question the running of the Bulls. I find it hard to believe that there are actually people out there wishing clubs of any stature to be destroyed and whilst I appreciate it is probably a bit of defensive hyperbole on your part, it's not necessary to suggest otherwise. I think what people really DO want to see is clubs living by their means. Until we have more information about these latest issues at the Bulls (hopefully the club will refute there is an issue at all), it is hard not to put 2 and 2 together and surmise that, not for the first time, the club are experiencing financial difficulties. I've no particular draw to Bradford Bulls over any other team, but I, like many, have put my hard earned into collection buckets and driven 100s of miles to attend games following pleas to the rugby league family to support the club in its darkest hours. But, there is a limit to what folk like me are prepared to do if lessons are not learnt. I await more positive news from the Bulls administration, so we can put this latest scare to bed, if indeed that it all it is.
  8. Let's get over the chippy stadium comments (Let's face it, if the roles were reversed you would hope the RFL would show us some grace) and congratulate Sheffield on being comfortably the best team today. As for Batley, same old story of the season.
  9. Agree 100%. We just weren't good enough (again) going forward. The defence was strong throughout the game. I made the point about the halves after the Yorkshire Cup game against Bradford and that hasn't changed all season, unfortunately.
  10. Batley not showing much here, although at 6-2, they are still well in it. Sheffield looking reasonably comfortable and should probably be further ahead.
  11. I think the BBC have done a great job on all of their platforms in promoting the sport this weekend. Credit where it is due.
  12. Cracking game and all we can talk about is the attendance. Leave it until tonight, at least.
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