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  1. The way we set up in this comp is just an indication of the level of importance placed on it. (as a warmup to the Lions tour) Shame, as the competition is great and needs developing further. We were schooled by players who have far more experience of this format of the game.
  2. Indeed. Can’t see anything other than a NZ romp. Hope I’m wrong! Here we go....
  3. Clearly, by levelling the funding differences across the nation, there will be winners and losers. What percentage of schools do you think have had their budgets reduced this year? What percentage do you think have had an increase? As the national funding formula is still manipulated at a local level by LA schools forum, the effects you might see in your local authority could well be very different in others. Such is the increase in my budget, gains are capped, so I’ve had 6% top sliced to cover the minimum funding guarantee for schools who are losing out under the new system. The new system has been a stepped process for the last 3 years. I am not suggesting that there isn’t a funding problem, I am merely questioning the level to which this is impacting ALL schools, as it simply isn’t.
  4. It’s better funded in my provision due to a more equal approach to national funding formula, but if you know my budget better than me, just let me know. I’d prefer it if we just dealt with facts, as I find it easier. Working with the most deprived children in the country has been my life. Not entirely sure what you are insinuating about my character?
  5. Players won’t play for the Tongan National RL due to disagreements, so not an official team.
  6. How much of this is fact and how much is propaganda? I only ask as the nursery provision I run is better funded than it has ever been.
  7. Christmas homebrew is on. Gone with a stout and a pilsner, so probably need something in between too.
  8. Thompson and Walmsley were incredible last night. They might not have the flair of Sam Burgess, but they make far fewer errors and massive yards. I'd be excited seeing the pair of them in a GB shirt.
  9. You never know. In a few years time, Leeds might be able to start performing on the pitch again, as well as in the stands.
  10. I used it last year to replace some tickets. It was excellent.
  11. DG70 - OT has an excellent ticket collection system using the Man Utd ticket office outside the ground. Take a booking number/receipt/email confirmation and you’ll be reet!
  12. I’m with you on 1,2,4 and 5 (I’m sure 3 was lovely) and a Salford win on Saturday would top the lot.
  13. The people who want a smaller attendance are those who have a fetish for counting empty seats from their armchair whilst a game of rugby league is on. There are one or two of them on here, unbelievably.
  14. I would pretty confidently predict we are already over 60k. Looking forward to a fantastic occasion.
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