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  1. They wore a thick red top, with a thinner, slightly shorter white one over the top. Here’s the Masters team alongside some of the juniors.
  2. I’ve wondered in the past about how good I would be at working out how long had passed if I was stuck in a cave or somewhere away from daylight. I’m finding out that I would be useless and that’s even with the ability to stare out into the garden.
  3. And indeed if the leadership are pilloried or vindicated.
  4. Kate McCann is now telling us to stay inside with the kids to keep them safe. Seems a necessary plan to me.
  5. There really are no words... https://mobile.twitter.com/StevenagePolice/status/1244215791928705024
  6. Disconcerting spike in deaths (up to 5pm yesterday). This thing is here to cause damage. Major damage. Sad times.
  7. We're on really dodgy ground here. Best left I would say.
  8. Missed it, but sounds interesting. Any key messages you can summarise for us please?
  9. Expect the army round with your parcel or provisions. Hope you all come through this well and unscathed.
  10. Here's the website the page Smudger quotes comes from. Not sure where the main sources are from, other than press links. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/uk/
  11. Yes. 48 today in UK, 133 on the corresponding day in Italy. Clearly this is only one day, and the first that has been somewhat different to the Italy figures. The acid test is if there are significantly more than in Italy in the coming days. I suspect that the tourism that has been seen this weekend alone will contribute to a catch-up somewhere along the line.
  12. Yes, I was relieved that the figure was lower, but immediately shared the fear you raise.
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