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  1. Would be unfair on the u13s to proclaim typicality in such moves, so I won’t.
  2. I might even sack this one off. It's in no way a classic, other than if we are looking for fine examples of turgid, mistake-ridden, atmosphere-less tussles.
  3. Batley have not made good advantage of the slope in the first half of the last few games, playing downhill first. They didn't get enough points on the board against Whitehaven or Dewsbury and paid the price.
  4. I was referring more to the stuff on the pitch, in terms of dancers, flag wavers, mascots etc? I have you right for everything else.
  5. First 10 minutes, but quite an even affair after that….
  6. Happy to stand corrected, but much of the razzmatazz is still not allowed. That said, there’s still some stuff can continue.
  7. You've read it haven't you, you clever sausage!
  8. This is really poor from Leigh... and a really poor look for Super League (whichever angle you choose to look at it from). Oh well....
  9. I don’t know how many people had to cancel their tickets due to the rearranged dates, but I know a fair few of them who are involved in the community game, where that wasn’t possible this time round. Equally, there’s plenty of folk who are just not ready to return to sports grounds quite yet. 35k is a very respectable figure in the circumstances.
  10. Gutsy from Trinity, and in truth they could have (and should have) crossed a couple of times more. Leeds? Somewhat lacking today...
  11. Shall we just save a load of hot air and call 60 again, rather than 6? One way traffic this.
  12. His time has since come. Terrible discipline from Wigan tonight.
  13. Perfect opportunity to calm the game down and get some rugby played. If he wants to be authoritative, he’s got to send him off. I suspect he is just letting the pressure cooker build further by taking that decision.
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