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  1. 38 minutes ago, DemonUK said:

    So they have just signed 2 Leeds players (Walters and Ormondroyd) and are now also after Brierley.  I seem to remember a few years ago, they signed 4 Leeds players on one year contracts who then returned to Leeds but still used their Dual Reg arrangement with Leeds.  Was that a way of just using more than the allowed number of DR/loan players.  For a club that has lost over half a million quid in fundng, they aren't half managing to splash some cash.

    No, we've not won the lottery.

    Campbell sold the land, went to Vegas and put it all on red.

    Expect us to be winning The NRL by 2022

  2. No, don't even drink usually (I find that I spend too long going to the bog and miss a lot of action).

    Never been keen on getting stoned, not my cup of tea.  

    However, I quite like a cup of tea, which is my cup of tea?


    Not attacking the OP for his life choices, but I find the company of stoners to be the most tiresome and dull way to spend time.

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  3. Fair play to the club.  If not enough folk are buying, then it's a waste of time and money.

    Sad to see the tradition go, I used to have a massive collection of home and away programmes, but the world moves on and the paper based programme is not relevant (enough) any more.


  4. Have we suddenly become cashed-up?  If the rumours of Brierley and A.N.Other "Super League Forward" (Baldwinson) are true, that won't be cheap, neither will Walters and Ormandroyd.

    I'm about 8,000% more positive about this season that I was a month ago.  Think we're in danger of building something special here.

  5. 12 hours ago, Hemel Stag said:

    I don't understand the logic of setting up a team in an area already blessed with a multitude of the finest, most historic and honoured clubs. And, why start from scratch? There are lots of clubs in the Midlands and South, functioning but in need of investment to get to the big time.

    Here's a quick comparison of local population sizes and game attendances from the weekend:

    St.Helens (pop 177,000) V Wigan (pop 322,000) - Attendance 16,500

    Warrington (pop 202,000) V Leeds (pop 474,000) - Attendance 13,000

    London (pop 8,000,000) v Wakefield (pop 333,000) - Attendance 2,149

    I think the Bronco's can look after themselves. Skolars have the Toronto Wolfpack investment. If I had money to punt on a Sports Club I would be interested in Coventry Bears. The Bears are uniquely centrally located, well connected, media friendly and playing good sport, well organised and impressive. Great springboard in place.

    Think the population figures you are quoting there relate to the respective borough councils.  Certainly Wakefield's population is nowhere near what you quote. (it's less than 100,00 and is only called a "city" because it happened to have a Cathedral at the right moment in history).

    I'd guess that Liverpool has a similar potential audience to Leeds.  I think it's definitely worth a punt, it's a city that all 7 Billion humans have heard of and will generate interest outside the Rugby League bubble.

    Agree about Coventry, definitely ripe for further investment.  Just don't see it being Koucash, he's based up north.

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  6. One of the reasons my son doesn't play RL any more is that the atmosphere at the vast majority of games was absolutely vile, you'd have regular threats of violence between the opposing sets of parents (and on more than one occasion, actual fighting), vile abuse and physical threatening of the referee and even player's grannies effing and jeffing from the touch line.

    He now play RU, where the respect level is several degrees higher, but sadly poor parental behaviour is also creeping in and getting worse, especially at the "posher" clubs.

    I just don't get it, it's like there's a separate species of "total arrsehole human" evolving.

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  7. 15 hours ago, RobLambert said:

    I've never seen that law of averages apply to Fev. I've said for years that we seem to either win well or lose tight games.  I think we're still paying for 1983.

    Come off it, there's no conspiracy. 

    Sunday was a howler of a mistake. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I really don't understand why so many of my fellow Rovers fans have such a victim complex.

    Even the penalty goal that won us the game in 1983 was dubious.  You'll never convince me that Charlie Stone headbutted Pete Smith.

    You win some, you lose some. C'est la vie


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  8. Can't understand what the problem is here.

    Would anyone think it was OK to waltz into a boozer with a beer you'd bought in Tesco?

    Fully behind the club on this one. I think it's taking the pizz in the extreme taking your own stuff in. 

    Agree with the comment about healthier options, lard pies are no good for me any more.

    Maybe folk with specific dietary requirements that the club can't cater for should be given an exemption?

    Must admit that the food prices do not represent good value for what is pretty low quality fare, so I now limit my kids to drinks only and make them eat before we go.

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  9. Can I suggest dirty meat and tatie pies for the Yorkshire folk visiting.  Perfect for soaking up the ale.  Traditionally the ones we eat have barely any recognisable meat content and are extremely bad for the cholesterol levels, but damn tasty especially with gravy and mushy peas. 

    I'll be there with Mrs Shep and our three kids on 13th July, really looking forward to it. Where's a good place for pre and post match drinks?

    Does it matter which stand I buy a ticket for?  Can you move freely between the two?

    Up the chuffing Rovers?


  10. I hope we put the Riddy money to good use. To my mind we're short on two proven, quality halfbacks.  

    All well and good trumpeting the PNG lads, but they are totally untested in our competition, not here yet (our visa track record is not good) and might not be as good as their YouTube highlights.

    As for our former coach: A mate of mine posted on Facebook comparing him to a lady garden, mocked his hobbit like features and wished him a fiery death in Mordor. Difficult to argue.

    If we make the top 8 next year, I will be astonished. 

    I'll be there lapping up the punishment.

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