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  1. Just because he is a mate doesn't mean he is infallible, we are penalised for dissent, then a haven player is shouting and bawling at him nothing. Shall we go onto the quick penalty taken from the wrong spot and the deliberate contact with the dews player or the knock on by the haven player before the pull back by sykes, both alleged infignements and both sin bins Matches are decided by such small margins, again there's a reason he is reffing us !!
  2. So what's the opinion as regards Mr thaler now..... Still the chosen one, he is in our league for a reason , not right good , doesn't t like us, join james vella, James Smith and the rest
  3. Reply to my view The interception pass , was thrown by Davey Dixon sykes was sin binned for an off the ball tackle not for dissent So for me , no attendance no opinion !!
  4. Just to cheer everyone up after the Halifax debacle,,,referee for the Whitehaven match is Ben Thaler !!!!
  5. We were two of the few that went, without doubt one of the poorest performances I have witnessed over the past 20+ years of supporting. The issues liie with the coaching, or apparent lack of it: No set plays whatever No running onto the ball , every ball passed is to a player standing still Half backs running down blind alleys, not drawing men before passing, throwing long cut out passes to already covered wingers and the almost inevitable interception pass These are just the tip of the iceberg, the players appear to have no confidence in the coach, who appears just to sit in the dugout. No shouting, cajoling or any sort of encouragement comes from him ,at any point either before or during the game. If he is not bothered then he needs to go, that is now, a few are saying see what happens over the next two matches, lose them the season is done, and relegation is almost certain.
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