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  1. I thought the same. Either age has caught up to he hasn't been fit(presumably due to the u turn on retirement). They'd have been better off letting him retire, the wages they spent to draw him to the championship will be sizeable and they would've been able to pick up 2/3 young English fringe players with a point to prove for that.
  2. Leigh 58 - 10 Sheffield. As clinical a Leigh performance as I've seen for a few years now. Seem to have picked up where we left off in the second half against Dewsbury.
  3. They seem to do this every year, first week odds out at xmas but wait until friday/saturday for the rest of the year. I always try to take advantage of the first week as the handicaps are always well off.
  4. Dewsbury 10-36 Leigh full time. Leigh cut loose second half after Dewsbury led for much of the first.
  5. I must say that particular clip took me back to the days of Rugby League Raw.
  6. Sky bet had leigh, fev and Widnes on -6, -8 and -6 a few weeks back. Glad I got in when I did.
  7. Toronto own the north American tv rights for their games so the TV money issue is within their own control. If they can negotiate a good deal they could get more than any of the other clubs recieve in central funding which was the trade off. I think 10% dispensation in line with London would be fairer, but 5% is more likely to get the go ahead from other clubs at this late stage so I can see SL's position on this. Either way, it's a bit farcical this wasn't sorted months ago. At this point they basically have a gun to their head and some clubs are in a no win situation - either they approve the dispensation potentially at their own expense, or they risk a few injuries at Toronto derailing what is a critical season in terms of securing a new TV deal. Without any new faces Toronto are very likely to go into at least one game without 17 players due to the injuries that typically occur during the average season. If the dispensation does go through they need to make it go as far as possible and get at least 3/4 fringe players to cover.
  8. If we're going to scrap the cap, just scrap it and make it full survival of the fittest. What's the point of releasing the financial restraints of clubs and replacing it with one that restrains the quality of player but not the finances?
  9. It's difficult to find stats on total players used by clubs over a season, but I did find this put out by the NRL in may which covered the first couple of months of the season. https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/05/10/stat-attack-how-many-players-your-club-has-used-in-2019/ By May half of the league had used more players than TW currently have in their roster. It would be interesting to see what the lowest number a club has fielded in the SL era but I don't really have the patience to scour the net manually putting that together.
  10. Teams can apply for salary cap exemption for an injured player like Castleford did for Luke Gale but this is for when players suffer serious injuries that rule them out for the season.
  11. The loan of Worthington to Featherstone is starting to make sense if they think they may be over the cap. It does leave them in a perilous position in terms of depth though. Once the injuries start picking up they could be struggling for 17.
  12. I hope that they have a few signings to announce, it looks at least 5/6 short. For a thin squad they are carrying 3 players with injury history(Wheeler, Mellor, Kay) and SBW is likely to miss a few due to age. Without some recruitment they are basically relying on the cleanest bill of health in superleague history. It's a bit worrying that the preseason update video released on twitter today seemed to focus on reducing field training to avoid injuries.
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