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  1. Look at the difference between the points difference for the cat 3 academies and the rest. It tells you all you need to know. As I've said in other posts, I know what it's like in that league because I played in it. For colleges like Winstanley the sports program is nothing more to them than the couple of paragraphs in their enrollment brochure. It's a purely academic college and their sole priority is hoovering up the brightest students they can within a 20 mile radius to boost their numbers for successful Oxbridge applicants. We fulfilled at best 40% of our fixtures and it only looks to have gotten worse since i left from a RL standpoint.
  2. See my post above on the standard of opposition at college level
  3. To give you an idea of what the leagues are like, here is the table for the NW division 1 in the last completed season before Covid. Top 4 you've got the Cat 3's for Wigan, Wire, Salford and Leigh respectively, then below you've got a set of uninterested colleges and 6th forms that pay nothing more than lip service to the competition(if at all as you can see from the 2 teams that didn't fulfill a single fixture). For the pro clubs, you've essentially got 3 semi competitive fixtures a season. The problem with a lot of the other colleges(I played for Winstanley in the late 2000's) is that Wednesday afternoon (when classes end early to allow for sports and extra curricular activities) is the only contact time a lot of these teams have, so they only tended to train when not playing a match. For the Cat 3's they will obviously do extra sessions under the guidance of their pro club affiliates but when the standard of opposition is so poor/unorganized it offers nothing to the actual development as players.
  4. That's funny, because this is the second paragraph of their statement. Maybe you should get in touch with Castleford to let them know your feedback? The early feedback given as to the reasons that Castleford Tigers has not been awarded an Elite Academy Licence is due to a large number of clubs in a small geographical location, and that since 2014 the Club has been bottom of the league for producing First Team players.
  5. It doesn't matter how much investment is put into a college team, or how many great coaches they have involved, if the playing pool is limited to who is signed up to the college and they are limited to playing fixtures against local 6th form teams. I don't know if you've ever played in the college leagues(I have), but the quality is vastly inferior even to amateur leagues. It's essentially a series of friendlies, if the matches take place at all(a lot of colleges put very little emphasis on their sporting programs and player availability is a constant issue). Everyone focuses on the funding aspect, but they neglect the full wording from the RFLs own operational rules. It is a 'funding and participation' agreement to be awarded a Cat 1 license, meaning competitive fixtures are ringfenced.
  6. It's matched funding up to £100k plus additional payments on top based on performance. The academy licence period has been changed to be in line with the broadcast contract, which is up at the end of the year. The current funding model sees every academy receive around £100,000 of base funding, with a reward on top of that depending on how productive the academy is.
  7. Can you point me towards the criteria that was published 2 years ago?
  8. Clearly from the statements clubs have been putting out, it hasn't been defined at all and that is the problem. On one hand there are suggestions of below par academies being axed, but on the other you suggestions from multiple journos that the main factor has been geography reasons and impact on the amateur game. The issue is, once you've defined the 'haves' and 'have nots' it's almost impossible to upset the status quo without one of the haves going belly up. If you are limiting to 3 academies in W.yorks for example, how can a club without a cat 1 academy now possibly hope to prove they can do a better job running one when they are bidding against a fully funded cat 1 neighbor who will now be in much greater control of a concentrated junior playing pool. Everyone complains on here about SL being won by so few teams but are quite happy to see teams below them hamstrung into positions that make a competitive division even harder.
  9. £1.2m isn't enough to fully fund 12 academies. They get £100k base funding plus additional payments depending on the successes.
  10. They already do, Ryan Brierley for one went from Leigh's catchment area to go through Castlefords Academy. they certainly can't recruit more from outside their immediate vicinity without a Cat 1 academy. At the end of the day, you don't improve clubs academies by disbanding them. If they are underperforming, by all means implement special measures such as reduced funding etc pending improvements. If this is an RFL cost cutting exercise because SL clubs have cut them out of the TV deals then fine, but they should call it what it is rather than hiding behind excuses, because much like the decision for promotion in 2021 the criteria is set in a way that they can justify doing whatever they please.
  11. The main feedback Castleford stated they received was too many academies in a small area and not enough academy players transitioning to the first time. The first is out of their control and the second they cannot fix if they have the academy removed. I don't think this is anything more than a cost cutting exercise for an RFL terrified of losing funding.
  12. Looking that way, but to be honest even getting access to a reserve team would be a relief as a Leigh fan considering we were knocked back last time we asked to join.
  13. Any players currently in scholarship will have to find themselves new clubs for next year or go back to the amateur game
  14. If it's dictated by player availability and financial resources(probably the key factor here considering RFL is still trying to secure funding from the new TV deal), then what hope could clubs possibly have to get those final 2 spots?
  15. Essentially yes, certainly when you put it in terms of what people would consider a 'proper' academy that runs from scholarship to open age. Clubs can still attach their name to the local college team to focus on education if they choose.
  16. They do have higher aspirations, that's why applications were made. Without and published feedback or criteria for the judgements everyone is just guessing as to why they've only awarded 10. It is quite funny seeing the same people on this forum who lost their collective minds at the decision to promote Leigh suddenly having full faith in the processes now though.
  17. The college leagues are of a lower standard than the amateur game, they couldn't be more different from a multi age group elite set up.
  18. How many players do you think will get to SL through a local college league?
  19. and how exactly would you propose a club can turn a single age group college team into a player pathway?
  20. This decision also creates further imbalance in the salary cap
  21. Who would the academy play against? Are you suggesting clubs run their own unsanctioned competition?
  22. They can have cat 3 academies that are essentially just slapping a pro club name on the local college team. They play in a college league. A lot of clubs already did this anyway. Cat 3 academies are not about producing top players, the goal is to transition those that likely won't make it into education and qualifications to give them a profession outside of rugby. What are the off field setups you are referring to that clubs should be investing in?
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