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  1. The biggest cul-de-sac in the UK ! It's a beautiful part of the county but that journey seems to take an eternity. When you eventually get there all you can do is turn round and drive back. Looks like Barrow are recruiting early and I am disappointed that T didn't come home.
  2. I confess to a certain bias towards Gary. When he coached Town he sat near a bunch of us supporters at the back of the stand and his passion and enthusiasm played out for all to see. Even though he didn't have a jersey on he lived every minute of the action ! When he moved on I always made the journey down to Maryport to enjoy the exploits of the locals that he coached with such success. It was a joy to watch a group of guys playing an expansive game with a smile on their faces. No 5 drives and a kick for Murdock - it was all about sleight of hand and exploiting the edges with pace and skil.
  3. And I repeat , Gary Murdock is well regarded amongst local players and , importantly, by their families who acknowledge his pedigree as an exceptional player and a judge of local talent. His ability to engage with the players and bring the best out of them is testament to his man- management skills and I have no doubt that he will prove to be a valuable part of the new axis at Town. We have traditionally recruited well from the community that Gary is so familiar with and I am certain that if prospects are identified he will be no barrier to their recruitment.
  4. I totally disagree. Gary was an achiever when he coached Town and we were in a healthy position when he quit for personal reasons. Subsequently he took Maryport and a very entertaining side called West Cumbria Crusaders to great levels. Every group of players that he mentored bought into his style of coaching and I for one am delighted that he is back on board at Town.
  5. You mean Wilkin? Was he having T..............?
  6. I once had a dog that kept chasing people on bikes. I asked the vet for advice. "Take the bike of it "" simple as that
  7. Jeez! We can't put up with anybody like that on here!
  8. In reality though these guys play for buttons. Outside of Super League the rewards for risking life and limb in the ultimate collision sport are paltry. (ironically Rookie came perilously close to paying the penalty for his commitment not too long ago) Look at the obscene salaries in the round ball game and union - the comparison is stark. They are not professional and most have day jobs that they put in jeopardy every time they pull the jersey on. Down in the depths of the lower leagues that's the way it's always been and I have nothing but admiration for those that supply our entertainment, even if they occasionally fall off the wagon.........
  9. Fortunately it's not up to me ,you, or any other supporter to pass judgement on Scott for this episode. When he plays he gives it his all. The consequences of his absence are down to the club, whether in the long or short term. Players frequently stray from the straight and narrow - even in the exalted heights of Super League and NRL. Donny tonked us with input from Rangi Chase who's previous misdemeanors make even Karl Olstrum look saintly. Still, if you and others decide that Scott deserves to be cut adrift then who am l to argue ? Of course the decision will be taken by those who run the show and not those on this forum.
  10. Olstrum was a serial offender in that respect yet many were prepared to keep cutting him slack (including me) to have him in the side. Scotty has apparently blotted his copy-book this weekend which is unprofessional and inexusable but if we are short on numbers - particularly outside backs - then if he has learned his lesson and Thorman agrees then I think he should be given a chance to make amends. Just saying.........
  11. The usual Red Hall agenda. I have no doubt who they prefer to go up with the jam. Thunder already awarded the World Cup games that should have been ours before the sabotage of the new stadium by Mark "Gervais" Jenkinson and his acolytes. Newcastle have a proper stadium and tick many boxes as far as the RFL are concerned. Be interesting to see who they appoint as ref at Kingston Park. I'll be there to see us roll them over against the odds! UTT!
  12. So the fact that we won with what you imply was a scratch side doesn't elicit any positive feedback from you? We were iffy in the first half but bossed the last 40 minutes and came away with the win. To borrow a phrase from elsewhere if you are a true Town fan then l am a banana............
  13. At this level young Marwood is still feeling his way and Thorman has recognised that by not putting him on for big minutes. In the cameos that he has enjoyed he has shown that he is a born poacher by supporting the line-breakers at every opportunity.
  14. Blain was signed as a hooker/half-back. He needs to bulk up somewhat but the lack of stature never stopped his dad being a Town legend and given the right guidance his son will turn out to be a shrewd signing. Quite why you think it is clever to suggest playing him on the wing defies all logic.
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