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  1. You're far too generous Gilly- a pinhead would suffice!
  2. Along with the legions of overpaid commentators and news readers who are too idle to enunciate the word "sixth" instead saying "sickth". Grrrrr! ( Just call me Victor)
  3. Fui and other impact players are rarely asked to do the full 80 minutes. He knew that he would have to today and paced himself accordingly. No point busting a gut early doors when you're not getting the ball on the bang. When he came into the line with momentum he did what he always does- drags defenders in in numbers and makes the holes .Just a pity we didn't have the personnel to take advantage.
  4. I thought the guy who clattered Buffer was lucky to only get a yellow. He made no attempt to wrap his arms round in the tackle and contact was above the chest. By the way ,l assume Tickle did get a ban?
  5. The two commentators were pants. Kept calling Marwood Bolton and were more one-eyed than the Gibson joker that commentates on Radio lamb bank. Even suggested Gordon was "hiding" on the wing to conceal an injury. He was there because we had nobody else and he gave it a good shot.
  6. Singleton was a standout today. Hope we have him for next season. Young Marwood put a shift in and played the full 80. An off season to put some beef on and he'll be an asset. Maybe Jamie could give him a transplant??
  7. I think the officials might notice if we had 17 on the field........?
  8. How poor is Walsh ? His defense is non existent.
  9. It's obviously affecting your spelling posting under the duvet with a torch.
  10. Still giving it the "we" stuff ! Give it a rest jambo you are well rumbled.........
  11. The biggest cul-de-sac in the UK ! It's a beautiful part of the county but that journey seems to take an eternity. When you eventually get there all you can do is turn round and drive back. Looks like Barrow are recruiting early and I am disappointed that T didn't come home.
  12. I confess to a certain bias towards Gary. When he coached Town he sat near a bunch of us supporters at the back of the stand and his passion and enthusiasm played out for all to see. Even though he didn't have a jersey on he lived every minute of the action ! When he moved on I always made the journey down to Maryport to enjoy the exploits of the locals that he coached with such success. It was a joy to watch a group of guys playing an expansive game with a smile on their faces. No 5 drives and a kick for Murdock - it was all about sleight of hand and exploiting the edges with pace and skil.
  13. And I repeat , Gary Murdock is well regarded amongst local players and , importantly, by their families who acknowledge his pedigree as an exceptional player and a judge of local talent. His ability to engage with the players and bring the best out of them is testament to his man- management skills and I have no doubt that he will prove to be a valuable part of the new axis at Town. We have traditionally recruited well from the community that Gary is so familiar with and I am certain that if prospects are identified he will be no barrier to their recruitment.
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