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  1. PNG , with ' King ' Edwin scoring the winning try from 50 years out
  2. We've beaten part time teams this year relatively easily , we've seen posters on here suggest we'd have been competitive in SL , but until you actually are out on the pitch facing SL opposition week in week out , nobody actually knows , this year we've had fewer injuries than I can remember in the last 20 odd years , in SL that would probably be different , time will tell only about 16/17 weeks to go
  3. It's good to see clubs ( any of them ) in SL taking a punt on young English coaches , Matty Peet at Wigan didn't have an illustrious playing career having come through Leigh's academy ( yes we used to have one ) but not going on to play professionally but returning to the community game and then through the systems at Wigan , if Wellness gets the gig , the best of luck to him , same with Applegarth at Wakey
  4. Somebody has to finish bottom , that might be anybody
  5. This is an example of things not being ' fair ' as I've just put in the other thread , lets us Wigan , they rent , why would they need to spend on maintenance ? Unfairness is something we have to accept no matter what structures we have , because our clubs are so diverse
  6. Criteria is rarely ' fair ' , and even less seen as fair
  7. But if you make it part of the grading , then you potentially have academies being run for the wrong reasons , to tick a box , not necessarily to produce top quality players
  8. I have no problem with the number of academies being ' capped ' ultimately we only need to produce 20 odd new SL players per year , and decimating the community game isn't what we want either But the advantages on the Salary Cap should be enough of an advantage , the lack of an academy should not affect anybody's ' grading ' for a SL spot There is no other system we could now introduce
  9. Is it just me because I don't understand any of this post
  10. Massive well done to the Bulldogs fans that made the game tonight , never stopped supporting their team , brilliant support , I had a brief chat with Kevin pre match , he remembered me from our RFL and NL council meetings , he's looking better than me , top club , top fans , top team and a top chairman
  11. I was discussing pitches with somebody else , your new pitch ( when you get it ) will I'm sure be able to withstand hours and hours of use with no deterioration , I'll look forward to watching the Leythers play on it should we still be in SL when you get it , that is providing Wakey are still in SL when you get it All the best
  12. Tend to fold ? Like who ? St Pat's and Blackbrooke ?
  13. I seriously doubt you'd use a hybrid pitch costing half a million for 40 hours a week , they are match pitches only , not training or community pitches , max of 6 hours use per week for the LSV pitch , I think somebody's getting their hybrids confused with their 4 G s
  14. Nobody has said it's purely initial quality ,but that is a massive starting point , and as I said it starts at junior level with community ' super clubs '
  15. I'd have put male genitals , but the swear filter will change it to male genitals
  16. We were contacted by a coach ( service area coach ) from a different local team to the one my son was playing at asking us if we were interested in moving him , he ' suggested ' he had influence in getting my son onto the Wigan scholarship if we were to move him As I said at that time I'd been told ' that ' some ' local clubs had close to double the RFL allowed number of kids on their scholarship programmes But either way , we were happy ( as was he ) to remain where he was
  17. I'd suggest they aren't ' interested ' in academies , but do understand the need to have them to produce UK players for the sport and the potential benefit that is for the England/GB team going forward into the lucrative international market
  18. I was just pursuing this board when you replied I agree , it was rubbish , and even if Leigh ended up with the chosen few , I'd be seriously considering whether it was worth bothering with
  19. Blx They produce more because they get more of the best to start with , plenty of that done through creating amateur ' super clubs ' , plenty of having bigger scholarships than they were supposed to have , plenty of ' bribing ' junior coaches to encourage the better kids to move clubs , not forgetting actual monetary incentives , and one of the big ones of Dads having bragging rights for where their lad is on scholarship or academy Leigh got Chris Hill quite simply because he refused to move to St Pat's as Wigan asked him to do , so the lesser clubs get the odd one like Chris or the occasional late developer , but the big clubs hoover up all the best either at scholarship or academy , Tommy Makinson and Joe Burgess were at Leigh scholarship , but jumped ship at academy , so give Saints 4th pick round Lancashire and we'd see a lot less coming through no matter how much ' better ' the coaching or the money pumped in So you suggest that in our brave new IMG world teams that don't produce their own should lose A grading , who decided what the cut off is ? , You ? , How about we remove the academy from the grading , as clubs like Saints , Wigan and Leeds are already gaining advantage on the salary cap , just how much of an advantage do you want ?
  20. There's loads of good arguments , and equal numbers of terrible ones It's all male genitals
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