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  1. You would think that the French competition would be easier from a logistics point of view , my worry with them suggesting that the English set up suiting them more is are they hoping to rely on traveling fans too much ?
  2. Completely agree , I wasn't happy when we signed him , still not , for me he should never have set foot on a RL pitch again That however doesn't stop me offering an opinion on somebody else
  3. First brood of ducklings at the ' clay hole ' Hindley green today
  4. M6 J35 ? , So you went to Wigan via Carnforth ? , From Congleton ?
  5. Indeed , in fact moving east from Wigan you first hit Leigh , then Salford
  6. We had Bodine and Jordan in 2018 , don't think they were twins though ?
  7. The ' Characters ' you speak of , were usually the dirtiest thugs to play the game , hard as nails , but dirty as hell , they wouldn't get away with the scrutiny we see with modern technology Oo aa , Timmy Street , I said oo aa Timmy Street
  8. Do we really need a player capable of that level of thuggery ?
  9. Given the number of trys scored off overlaps , our lack of a genuine full back to organise our defence could be a real issue for us IMO
  10. More the Giants relaxed , a dangerous thing to do in RL where momentum is massive
  11. Peats with a solid enough debut , scored a try , looks a decent foil for Hood , we need and 2 or 3 of a similar quality if we've to stand any chance of staying up Oh , and for The Future is League He was rubbish
  12. McGilvary ends the game Lots of improvement needed from both sides Crabtree probably right in things just went away from Leigh when they needed a bit of fortune with 10 to go
  13. Matty Gee held up over line , Thompson scores again , 28 - 16 , kick to come , the Giants have put the cue on the rack
  14. Peates with a charge down try after lacklustre set from the Giants and a good defensive set from Leigh
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