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  1. Just an idea , given Moor lane is north of Salford , would it be viable for Swinton to share ?
  2. Once they let trailfinders in , all bets are off Fev lions would get in now
  3. Which is exactly what should have happened in 2018 when London beat Toronto in the MPG , they should have denied them promotion and either put Toronto into SL or not relegated Widnes But they let them in If you refuse Moor Lane you refuse Belle Vue and Wheldon Rd as well
  4. And Leigh still doesn't have a train station at the LSV
  5. Fair enough , nobody is saying Jordan isn't a good player , I'm sure we would have liked to have kept him , but he's took an offer closer to home , his choice , we all wish him well except when playing against us , thank you Jordan for your efforts and commitment to our club , I hope you enjoyed your time/s with us
  6. He has the skills , but something else lacking , the best HB's the world has seen have had an attitude , an arrogance , a confidence , Josh just doesn't seem to have that
  7. Or people could just buy a ticket and go to the games they want to see live
  8. Always been the same , anybody not on top form will struggle to beat the Dogs
  9. The win, lose applies always , but what it does mean is the Fairweather fan will go to the pub and complain to his beer how ###### his team is rather than go to the game
  10. Do you want Ben Flowers mobile no ?
  11. Indeed , will it financially benefit the clubs ? , Not really Will it enhance and improve the visibility of the competition ? , Not really Will it result in a huge detrimental affect on attendances overall ? , Not really Will it inconvenience loyal fans who currently attend most home and away games ? , Not really , unless your club ends up playing 5 times away on a Monday night at clubs too far away to realistically attend So essentially " we've got a deal " , said in a squeaky ' love island ' type voice
  12. Fair enough , for me it doesn't really matter , but it will stifle away support at the LSV , which is a part of the enjoyment of the event
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