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  1. All we have is an accusation. Maybe you should put your pitch fork down until you actually know that there is a criminal.
  2. Has what was allegedly said been reported? If they did in fact racially abuse him then throw the book at them, but you should never jump to conclusions before you know the facts. From the way it's being reported it sounds like he was targeted because they thought he was French, and it'd be pretty random for somebody to start hurling racial epithets at a person for that reason, especially if we assume, as is most likely, that both parties are in fact the same race. You'd think if they were attacking him for being French that they'd attack that national identity, not the persons race.
  3. The NRL aren't killing international RL, in fact it's undeniable that the PI teams that you are talking about (including NZ) would be shells of what they are now if it wasn't for the NRL and NRL clubs. Your (international RL sycophants) real problem is that the NRL, and the clubs in particular, are ever increasingly less willing to eat the disproportionate hidden costs most international RL events have on them, and considering the game's position in Australia who can blame them. Find a way to make international RL worth their while and they'll be their with bells on. How you go about that is debateable, but trying to shame them into it isn't the way to go about it, nor will it make any difference, you're just wasting everybody's time.
  4. Playing games in the PI's would be very expensive and wouldn't make a large return. In other words most of the time internationals played in the PI's would make heavy losses, and there's no organisation in RL in a position to eat that cost. Tonga doesn't even have a stadium with the basic facilities necessary to host games, which would blow costs out even further, especially if you planned to broadcast the games. Put simply, outside of on the odd occasion playing internationals in most of the PI's simply isn't feasible.
  5. So long as the AFL grants national coverage while the NRL is restricted to the eastern seaboard the AFL's broadcast rights will almost certainly always be more valuable than the NRL's. It just is what it is. Doesn't look like the NRL will expand west anytime soon either, the NRL/ARLC are too focused on their circle jerk in Sydney and, to a lesser extent, SEQ.
  6. International RL has no hope of ever growing into what it could be until certain people in the sport realise that internationals aren't popular in those sports simply because they are games between national teams...
  7. Internationals make significant amounts of money for the governing bodies and clubs in soccer and RU, they don't for the NRL and clubs in RL. Until that changes the NRL is always going to be resistant to playing them as the risk reward ratio is way off. You should be pushing for increased domestic development and exposure if you are serious about changing those circumstances, because internationals will always be a hard sell in Australia until their are a few pro-competitions of similar standard to the NRL kicking about in the rest of the world.
  8. Why would they? You're the ones that want the game to go ahead.
  9. The ARU rule over a dying sport and needs every cent it can get just to survive, and the Wallabies are the only product that makes them money anymore. In other words the ARU is reliant on international competition just to survive. The NRL on the other hand is not so desperate. Would the EPL go out of their to play games in Australia just because it'd benefit soccer in Australia? Of course not, so why would you expect the inverse from the NRL?
  10. It seems to me that it's you lot whom are the ones that click your fingers and expect the NRL/Australian RL to appear with bells on... I mean this thread is dominated by people demanding that an NRL club drop everything and travel to the other side of the world to play a glorified exhibition game because it's in your (English RL's) interest. That's entitlement on a level that is astounding.
  11. I really wish that ViacomCBS would go all in on the FTA rights, and then go hard for the streaming rights when they come available again. Ten and Paramount+ need a major local sports product if they are going to be competitive, and the NRL desperately needs to excise the cancer that is Nine.
  12. Going on current talk NZ is the safe bet for the 18th club, however it's completely reliant on NZ broadcaster interest. If Sky or another broadcaster won't put up the cash for another team then it won't be viable, at that point Qld, specifically another Brisbane club, would be the hot favourite. As long as the ideological group currently in control of the sport maintains control Perth and Adelaide, i.e. where the real long-term growth and money is, have little to no hope of getting a club. It's a shame really because the AFL is really starting to leave RL behind in national market share now, and once they get too far ahead it'll make it much more difficult for the NRL to grow it's share.
  13. It must be very blissful to live as you do. The Dolphins run teams from under 6s through to masters in multiple sports, and have done so for generations. In other words basically every RL fan in Brisbane that lives/has lived north of the river, and a lot in the South as well, has played for or against the Redcliffe Dolphins. That's a lot of history, a lot of tribal allegiances, lots of basic in-group out-group psychology. So yeah their Qld Cup attendance may not be huge, though TBF it is bigger than you are making out and it was relatively huge within living memory, but every weekend in winter tens of thousands of people interreact with the Dolphins brand, and have positive or negative associations with them as a result. Redcliffe have put themselves in the position of asking that people play against them in the morning and support them in the afternoon. That didn't work out too great for the Tuggeranong Vikings, the Brisbane Roar, or any number of other examples, and it won't work out great for the Dolphins either.
  14. I'm not the one being selective you are! Well, that or you've just got NFI, probably the latter to be fair. Until very recently (the last half decade) Port Adelaide were the smallest and least successful of the AFL's expansion clubs in their heartlands outside of Vic. They've historically struggled financially, and struggled to grow their support base outside of the rough North East of the city. Even they, and the more reasonable amongst their fans, will tell you one of the main reasons why that was is because they failed to attract as many supporters from across the city as initially expected, and that a significant part of the reason why that was is because of their history. A significant portion of the population of Adelaide simply refused to support Port because they are Port. They're turning things around now, but it's largely because of good fortune not good management, or rather the good management of others. Basically what's happened over the last decade is that the Crows have sold out all their ticketed memberships, and fans have to pay to go on long waiting lists before they can buy one. This has had a flow on effect for Port where a lot people abandon the wait for a Crows membership and buy a Port one out of convenience and it's boosted the club's growth. Same thing happened in Perth with Freo BTW. Obviously that's good for Port, but there's no reality where Broncos sell out their ticketed memberships in our lifetime. So Redcliffe will have to build their support base off their own back, and frankly it'll take generations of changing attitudes before they are capable of doing that. I know and the same will be true of Redcliffe. That's the problem... There aren't enough existing Redcliffe fans and their descendants to support a strong NRL club, so if the club is to be a success they'll have to find a way to attract a lot of new fans, many of whom (most considering gap in the Brisbane market that there is for a new NRL club to fill) have long histories of supporting and playing for the Dolphins rivals and are going to be resistant to supporting them as a result. It's especially bad in a market like Brisbane where it was well within the NRL's means to build a club that could have rivalled the Broncos in size. We could have had the RL equivalent of Man Utd vs Man City, instead we've chosen to have Man Utd vs Bolton Wanderers.
  15. Their 'diversified' portfolio seems to be tiny when you actually look into it, which is hard because they're extremely secretive about it and all the clubs finances. It seems to amount to their stadium (not a money spinner BTW), a small shopping arcade, a gym/aquatic centre, and a seemly small amount of residential. It's almost all built on land directly connected to the leagues club as well. I also never claimed that LC's were illegal, but they are slowly starting to be legislated out of existence in most states/territories because of their reliance on gambling, hence why most of the successful clubs (in all sports) are moving away from them as fast as they can. BTW, recent boosts pushed by on field success aside, the Panthers are not a particularly successful club commercially. It's less than a decade since they almost went broke (the last time), and they are only in the position that they are now because of forgiven debts and millions of dollars in angel investment that Phil Gould secured from James Packer. Benefiting from corruption and pork barrelling may be 'effective lobbying' in your book, but in most other people's it's just immoral and only a matter of time before it catches up with you. It's a hell of a rabbit hole if you are willing to follow it- https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/millions-in-public-money-poured-into-dolphins-dash-to-be-nrl-ready-20200720-p55dqi.html Wrong again. News limited (owner of the Broncos and vested interest in other regards) hand picking them won them the 17th spot in the NRL- https://www.sen.com.au/news/2021/10/08/they-would-cannibalise-the-broncos-why-brisbane-prefer-redcliffe-bid/ Nothing of the sort. I just actually pay attention to what's going on and actually care what's best for RL, and what's best for RL isn't another shitbox suburban club squatting on a license and adding nothing to the league.
  16. I'm sorry but you are simply ill informed. Firstly Port started with a neutral brand where the Dolphins have not, which mitigates some of the issues, but even so they have regularly had identity crises throughout their history that have negatively effected their fanbase in one way or the another. The most recent of those identity crises have been pushes to go back to traditional Magpies colours and jerseys, specifically the prison bars design, which has not only brought them into conflict with Collingwood and the AFL but has bred discontent between the "Power fans" and the "Magpies fans". I'm the only guy here who supports a club that is a promoted club (I've actually been involved with two), and have done so since the beginning. So no I'm not 'being very RL', I frankly just have way more experience on the subject than most people and I'm telling them things they don't want to hear. The Raiders are for all intents and purposes just an extension of the Queanbeyan Blues, and that fact has dogged the club it's whole existence. Though things aren't as bad as they once were, the Raiders turn 40 next year and you still regularly hear quips about the 'Queanbeyan Raiders', 'the family farm', etc, any time they are struggling or make a bad decision. If they had been able to keep the Blues brand, like the Dolphins are doing by keeping theirs, they wouldn't have made it to 10 years, let alone 40, because nobody in the region (including myself) aside from Blues supporters would have touched the club with a forty foot pole and they didn't have the money to bankroll it indefinitely like the Dolphins do. That is in fact what happened to the other promoted club I've been involved with, the Tuggeranong/Canberra Vikings multiple times. They'd be promoted to a higher tier, would be reliant on the support of the whole ACT RU community for the venture to be successful, would refuse to make any concessions to attract a broader audience, especially when it came to the brand, and promptly poison themselves to the broader market. Then the whole venture would fail and they'd waste stupid amounts of money propping it up, though like the Dolphins they could afford to do so. Because of totally avoidable PR, marketing, and branding mistakes the Dolphins have made it inevitable that they will follow the same path as the Vikings, and as such after the initial novelty period has worn off the NRL will be left with a club that averages 15-20k (maybe less considering their plans to play so many games at small venues) when they could have had one that averaged 25K+. As a result they'll fail to live up to the expectations of the broader RL community and broadcasters and it'll probably set expansion back years just like the Titan's struggles did. BTW, if your business plan is to bank on being successful on the pitch then you need a new business plan. Nobody can be successful all the time, and only one team can win the GF each year.
  17. They can't/won't do either of those things. If they explicitly embrace Redcliffe/Moreton Bay they'll instantly alienate the majority of the rest of their supposed target audience. If they name themselves Brisbane/North Brisbane they'll alienate the Redcliffe fans and Sunshine Coast. If they don't name themselves anything and continue as just 'the Dolphins', or go with something broad like Sunshine State or South Queensland, they'll be too broad and in trying to be everything to everyone will only achieve being nothing to anybody. If they push much more gold into the brand, or make any other significant changes to the brand, they'll alienate the old Redcliffe fanbase. If they don't make significant changes to the brand they'll alienate a bunch of their supposed target audience outside of Redcliffe. If they go with the famous white vee, not only will they alienate a large portion of their supposed target audience outside of Redcliffe, but St. George will also fight them to the end to protect their brand identity. If they go with a totally new design they'll alienate their old fanbase. If they go with a new take on a traditional design that isn't their most iconic it will just confuse and alienate everybody (as has happened). I could go on, but I'm sure you get the point. They can't win, whatever they do they're going to paint themselves into a corner and ###### off a bunch of people they need to support them if they are going to be successful. The only way it could have been avoided is if new the Brisbane club had a neutral brand, but this is RL, we always find a way to shoot ourselves in the foot.
  18. The Redcliffe Dolphins 'progressive' LOL. They'll be the most hardcore traditional club outside of Sydney in the NRL, and are deeply reliant on their leagues club when the rest of society and pro-sports is diversifying away from them as quickly as they possibly can. They are an old school club, with an old school business model, that's used old school tactics to get where they are. Oh and that 'success and progressiveness' is built on pork barrelling... Google sport rorts and have a look into how their stadium got upgraded over the years for example...
  19. Their most recent talk on the subject (during the press conference for their launch if you want to find it) was that they were looking at playing roughly 7-8 per season at Suncorp. So yeah it's 'more than half', but it's small difference and a bloody joke when considering where they plan on playing those 4-5 others... I'd also bet you anything that they increase the amount of games in Redcliffe overtime, not decrease them.
  20. That'd make a comp that is already overly Sydney centric even more Sydney centric and even further slant the comp in their favour... In a just world that'd be SL 2.0 territory.
  21. I don't understand why people are surprised by the Dolphins jersey. It's a new take on one of their more famous traditional designs. It was inevitable that a club run by relics of 60s would run with a lame rehash of a jersey nobody but the initiated cares about.
  22. The whole point of a second Brisbane team was to have a game at Suncorp every round, yet the team that "won" the license plans to play effectively half their home games each season at a tiny suburban venue with a capacity of 11.5k and a regional venue with a capacity of 12k... This sort of faux expansion, that pays lip service to real growth while in practice only adding another dead end "traditional" club is exactly the sort of thing that PVL has pushed since joining the ARLC.
  23. Blatant puff piece. Half the stuff in that article is either twisted into the best light or isn’t even true… For example, leagues club members are meaningless, and the only way you could consider the Dolphins the richest club in the NRL is if you do some dodgy accounting.
  24. BTW, as long as they carry the Dolphins brand it won’t matter what they call themselves, they won’t be able to disconnect themselves from Redcliffe, their history, and people’s perceptions of the club as a result. So it’s really a non-issue at this point.
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