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  1. I have no idea which clubs in England the NRL would deem the most important/valuable. It'd probably be largely informed by which clubs are the most valuable to broadcasters.
  2. If that were true they'd already be doing it. Yet they're not, so yeah...
  3. It'd be invested into all sorts of things. Acquiring assets, marketing, facilities, creating competitive teams, junior development and grassroots, sponsorship acquisition, etc, etc. Basically it'd be invested anywhere that the club is lacking.
  4. You are misinterpreting 'create' in this context. He doesn't mean literally create a new club, he means 'create' a successful club, i.e. make a club that already exists into everything it could be. And he's right, that's probably exactly what the NRL would want to do if they could get control over the Super League. They'd go around picking the clubs they think have the most commercial potential, effectively take them over and put their people in charge of them, flush them with resources, parachute them into the Super League where necessary, hopefully build them into a strong club, and then sell them onto the highest bidder once they are a sustainable business. That's exactly what they did with the Titans, Knights, Tigers, and to a lesser extent others like the Dragons, and it's exactly what they'd want to do in England.
  5. LOL, since when? The RL media in Sydney is probably the most adversarial to the sport they are covering that I've ever seen anywhere in the world, it's really toxic. It's almost always sensationalised gutter "journalism" made to create as much manufactured controversy as possible (which regularly ruins peoples lives and careers), and is directly responsible for general attitudes in the public of RL being the sport for stupid, violent, bogans.
  6. The NRL actually came out of covid pretty well, probably the best of all the major Australian sports. Sure some of the clubs are struggling, but aside from the ones that were already struggling none of them have been really badly effected by covid. In other words the NRL still have a lot of financial might to swing around, and if they wanted to they could flush the Super League with more money and resources then it's ever had. Take just the clubs grants (central funding) for example; Super League clubs get what a few million pounds right now? The NRL clubs get au$13 mil (about £7 mil). If the NRL wanted too it could easily, easily, afford to come in pick 8-10 clubs for a new Super League with licensing and at least double the amount they are getting in central funding each year, and that's just the clubs grants, there're plenty of other areas they could flush with resources as well. I should stress that they could do that, and not that they necessarily would do it, and also that everything would come with strings attached.
  7. People should also be open eyed to the potential of NRL changing a lot of things. For example; I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they came in, found investment for the clubs they see as having commercial potential, then got rid of the clubs that wouldn't play ball or were leftover. There'd be positives and negatives to everything the NRL would do, but you should just be careful what you wish for.
  8. Yep, until we know exactly what the NRL would be buying, how much they are paying, how much control they would have, etc, etc, it's almost impossible to tell if it'd be a good thing or a bad thing. BTW, the only reason that it's a rumour is because Brent Read can't, or won't, reveal his source. I have zero doubts whatsoever that the NRL have contacted an investment firm about the potential of buying into or buying out the SL, how serious they are about it or whether it will actually amount to anything are different questions though.
  9. Controlling the schedule doesn't give them any control over the actual internationals themselves, and doesn't give them access to the money made by them.
  10. They'd have to buy the RFL to get control over the international game, if it's even possible to buy the RFL. If they were buying the Super League they'd just be buying the professional structure in England.
  11. Even if the NRL did buy the SL V'landys wouldn't be running it, not directly anyway. If the NRL bought the SL they'd put in a new CEO, and that would be the person that really runs the SL. V'landys would effectively be that new CEO's boss, and he and the ARLC would set the new CEO's agenda, but for the most part he'd probably not be too involved in the day to day running of the SL.
  12. With the exception of cutting off internationals (if there's money in it they'll do it) that's pretty much exactly what the NRL would do, if they could get away with it of course. There'd be positive and negatives to the NRL taking over the Super League, and I'm not really sure if it'd be a good thing or a bad thing, it'd just be different.
  13. Funnily enough Brent Read reported yesterday that supposedly the NRL had contacted an investment firm to look into the potential of buying a stake in, or buying out, the Super League. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/sport/nrl/peter-vlandys-secured-kate-jones-amid-interest-from-the-afl/news-story/90fe251f48b06a42932b018fe3007eb5 I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not, but it seems that the NRL aren't sure if it's a good idea either.
  14. Little Bruce could have been the next Andrew Johns, instead he became the next Gary Ablett...
  15. Just on population alone there's more potential talent in the Affiliated states and bush than PNG. I mean look at it this way; almost every professional AFL and RU player (and potentially other athletes as well) could potentially have become a RL player if the sport had engaged with them at a young enough age. That's a lot of talent in Australia where the NRL currently doesn't even get a look in, but with changes could be syphoning some off into RL. That's also without even getting into the guys with potential whom never even really get a look into a professional career in sport and end up giving it in, of which there are a lot but they are hard to quantify. You say look at the Hunters, but there's no equivalent opportunity for that talent that is overlooked in the Affiliated states or bush to showcase their wares, so you're basically arguing that there's more talent in PNG simply because it gets more exposure, which is just silly.
  16. Where did I say that the majority of NZ rugby league players didn't learn to play the game in NZ? I mean is it really that hard to just address the point that people are making instead of twisting it into something else. It doesn't mean jack where they learn to play the game as a kid if there's no pathway to professionalism, and currently for most Kiwi RL players that means either through Australia or the school RU system in NZ.
  17. Firstly, you are moving the goal posts a bit there, because you are using a different metric for successful expansion then I was. Sure the Storm have been great on the pitch, but in 20 years they've utterly failed to make any significant headway in the grassroots in Victoria. Until a few years ago they weren't even trying instead investing all their time and resources into SEQ. But even if we totally accept that the Storm have been a massive success in every regard that is 1 time in the last 112 years that RL has successfully grown outside of it's "heartlands", and by any reasonable standard that is a total failure to expand the sport. RL losing ground in it's heartlands isn't a myth either, it's a fact that people would rather ignore because currently it's happening out of sight out of mind. The AFL has steadily grown in Southern and, to a slightly lesser extent, Western NSW, and with each year is crawling further and further north. It's got so bad that if the AFL launched a club in Canberra tomorrow it would be at least as big if not bigger than the Raiders overnight, which would have been a laughable notion 20 years ago. Their growth in Sydney has also been slow but steady. There've grown larger than anybody said would be possible, and in a generation or two they'll have cemented GWS and the sport in Western Sydney along with them, which is growth at a rate that RL could only dream of in Melbourne or anywhere else outside NSW and Qld. Sure that's part of why international RL is dead down here, doesn't change the fact that having bunch of strong PI teams won't grow mainstream interest in international RL down here, and that you need to break SOO's monopoly on representative footy in Australia before you'll see any real interest in internationals again.
  18. Up goes another straw man . The majority of professional RL players from NZ either come through Australian junior pathways or the school RU system in NZ, and without the NRL there to poach the RU players none of them would end up in RL anyway. The only major exception are players that come exclusively through the Warriors system, whom are a minority, and it's been that way for decades now. People my not like that fact, but it is what it is.
  19. Frankly the way you've responded shows that you don't have a clue what my attitude is, so maybe stop trying to be a mind reader. The game is basically dead in England because it's been run incompetently by people whom value perception over substance, with a giant dollop of self interest, for most of it's existence at this point. The NRL is walking straight down the same path that the RFL have (an even better comparison is to the ARU though), and to suggest that 'the NRL is doing well' is bloody ludicrous considering that it presides over a regional sport that has almost totally failed to grow outside of it's "heartland", has slowly but surely been losing ground in it's "heartlands" to aggressive competitors, and is only going through a boom period because of massively inflated broadcast deals being given out by a dying medium desperately trying to keep pace with streaming services. Maybe the investment into the PI's would be worth it if there was potential for a big return on the investment, but building strong market share in any one of Vic, WA, SA, the bush, or NZ, are safer, more potentially lucrative investments than investing in the PI's, with just as many opportunities to grow the talent pool to boot. Every cent spent in the PI's is a cent that could have been spent spreading or cementing the sport here at home or in NZ, and by rights it should have been spent in Australia considering that is literally the ARLC and NRL's job. Speaking of hard to swallow here's one for you; international RL hasn't been a viable commercial product in the Southern Hemisphere for the better part of 30 years now, and you're not going to change that fact no matter how many strong PI teams you build! You want to make internationals important again, you've got to weaken SOO. How do you weaken SOO, the same way the AFL did.
  20. Without even mentioning the almost completely untapped talent pools in "the affiliated states", there's probably just as much talent in country NSW and Qld that gets overlooked due to lack of opportunity, and more often than not is lost to the game as a result, as there is in PNG and probably the rest of the PI's put together. The talent is there, it just needs a better system and more opportunity, and more teams from overseas is a further roadblock to that opportunity.
  21. My talk is fine, you are just incapable of engaging it honestly! For example I never said there should be a ban on foreign players, you've just built that straw man because it's easier to argue against that point then the one I was making. BTW, we know exactly why kids are being pushed towards AFL, soccer, and basketball over RL, RU, boxing, etc, at an ever increasing rate. The parents that are doing the pushing aren't the least bit shy about their reasoning, especially after CTE became a well known issue. Without going into too much detail, people have the perception that RL, RU, etc are much more dangerous sports than AFL, soccer, etc, and particularly don't like it when a significantly larger kid plays and dominants (those significantly larger kids being disproportionately represented by Polynesians). This leads them to demand changes that have their own negative effects, such as banning tackling till an older age (which actually leads to more injuries), or divisions based on weight instead of age (which leads to the larger kids and their families becoming disenfranchised). It's a complex situation, and I don't claim to have any solutions to the problem, but ignoring it because it's inconvenient isn't going to make it go away.
  22. Pfft, the Hunters probably wouldn't be around today if the NRL hadn't agreed to providing "necessary funding"... Every Islander in the NRL is taking a spot that could have been taken by an Australian, and if we are being honest with ourselves it'd be better for the sport in this country if they were taken by Australians. The influx in Islanders has also correlated in a growing trend in Australia of young kids being pushed towards Aussie Rules over RL by their parents (primarily by their mothers if we are being honest), which among other problems is going to bite us in the ###### in a generation or two unless we find workable ways to deal with it. Surely you are joking about the Pacific tests. They're a charity case that wouldn't happen at all if the NRL didn't prop them up, which is the theme isn't it, the NRL propping things up that are neither sustainable nor any of their business at the expense of the game locally with little expectation of a significant return on the investment. The NRL is very quickly becoming the firefighter whose house burns down during the bushfire while he's off saving other peoples, and it won't be good for anyone if/when that happens.
  23. Did you even read what I said? I mean I literally said that the grants themselves aren’t a problem, but that creating a direct competitor for a business that is struggling a bit and needs financial aid isn’t a very good idea. But if we are being honest with ourselves is it really the NRL’s place to be propping up teams from PNG anyway. Especially when A. it comes at the expense of growth in Australia, and B. they wouldn’t do it for any of the second tier teams in Australia.
  24. Despite assuring everyone that they wouldn't need any financial assistance the Hunters have had some financial struggles, and have received at least one grant from the NRL. Now I don't really have a problem with that, every start up business underestimates how much they'll need in start up funds and a bit of assistance isn't a big deal, but it doesn't make much sense to add a competitor to the market while the first club is still struggling for financial stability, especially when you'll just end up underwriting that competitor as well. Adding more clubs from overseas also creates a greater barrier to entry for new local clubs from smaller country town, when one of the greatest things that could ever happen for RL would be if the NRL could stop the slow death of the sport in the Bush and get as many fans in the bush as possible actively engaging with the sport on a regular basis. Honestly well supported clubs in all the major country towns in NSW and Qld would be enormous for the sport, and maintaining and growing the sport in Australia is why the QRL, NSWRL, and NRL exist...
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