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  1. What world do you live in !!! we wont get a better chance then this Autumn to showcase Rugby League, you cant have it both ways moan don't get enough media coverage then happy where going up against the Football World cup plus other events. 2022 is bloody stupid time to have it full stop.
  2. What a load of tosh, maybe you should step away from Anfield & try traveling around Rugby League grounds, lets take the other week i traveled up from Devon for the Cup Final on the train up where other Westcountry based Rugby League fans. In the evening due to problems with our train we had to go up to Reading on the Swansea train loads of Rugby League fans going back to South Wales plus once we got our return Westcountry train a large group of us travelled back after a few beers in Paddington. A bit more info for you about 5 amature sides reside in the Westcountry IE Devon & Cornwall.
  3. Yep i agree i traveled up from Devon it was wet i like many others had to go up to the stadium early to get my ticket due not being posted plus inside was rubbish plus bloody stewards telling fans to remove flags & banners, they didn't do anything to help Rugby League to return to the Olympic Stadium. Saying all that got a great pic of me in my Dewsbury top thanks to a kind steward that day.
  4. Think positive, it wont be cancelled to much invested in it to let the NRL bully us.
  5. If we are going to play our European Neighbor's lets look at best places to play the games Wales start in the North West, Scotland Newcastle ? France i have said it before got to have one in France to help with them getting the World Cup. If we was to play likes of Serbia look into if there's a big community in England then look at playing in that area, all these things need to be thought about anything to help promote the game.
  6. Was looking forward to going to Spurs & have ticket booked for the Emirates, living in Devon ideal having games in London but not stupid KO times like Schofield has come out with 5pm for Cup Final idiot leave it alone 3pm.
  7. Forget the Olympic Stadium went when we played the Kiwis bloody rubbish atmosphere even had stewards telling fans to take down the flags would never go there again for a RL game.
  8. According a article in todays Daily Express put back till next week, it says more NRL players willing to travel so are the RLWC hoping for a climb down over the weekend ?
  9. Having a scratch Aussie team haven't we been here before back in the 90s due to Super League down under weren't there players banned from coming over ?
  10. Lets say it goes ahead France & Greece for their first game could fly into Doncaster Airport (understand Toulouse do that) so would be no reason to isolate in the UK at the start of tournament. Wales could find a base in North Wales due to games being in the North West. Once again Italy could fly into Newcastle for first 2 games plus Ireland into Doncaster again, has for Scotland like Wales a base near Berwick would be ideal special coaches just for them teams washed & cleaned after every trip with the World Cup logo & team name on it.
  11. Sorry if this has already been posted, but he makes the point about lack of take up for the Covid Vaccination down under so my question is why & have the players been offered it. I understand for personnel reasons some players will say no plus he talks about the union teams touring England have they had the Covid jab? Does make you wonder if the powers in charge where ever going to come & the question should be why if not weren't the players who where likely to come over offered the Covid jab? In Support of Rugby League World Cup Withdrawals - YouTube
  12. Their wont & shouldn't be any delay its October or nothing its time people stopped all this talk of putting it back the stadiums are booked its not only the fact we would be up against the world cup have you thought about the football clubs may be planning work on their stadiums during the world cup shutdown lots of hurdles to think about if its put back pity our so called friends down under don't think about this instead of coming out with statements on Channel 9 "we told them to put it back" ok for you all you have to worry about down under is Cricket & Union.
  13. A mate of mine was out drinking last night & in is local a Aussie drinks along with a few Yorkies, my mate has a joke said to the Aussie my mate down in Devon has got a downer on your Rugby League team the come back was he wasn't happy plus the yorkie lads has they had planned to go to games. He also confirmed that the players wasn't consulted before the announcement.
  14. Most of you posting on this post have been interested in the result for weeks & read the first statement the Aussies put out plus the statements from the WC people about the offers to help the Aussies come over & what they offered seemed ok for NZ a week ago 90% of us where aware the Aussies where playing hardball for other reasons, one of the offers was planes just for them & my understand they would put them up in so called country clubs with all the faculty's or has somebody mentioned in another post places like Bath University where they have sports facility's. All this can be done easily places like St Mary's Cricket ground was used in the summer where both cricket teams plus the media where isolated so come on Aussies & Kiwis what's the real reason we have put on safe events under Covid in the UK for months.
  15. Trying to be positive today so putting this out has a positive answer to the problem !!!! So the Aussies & Kiwis don't want to play in our World Cup OK so lets invite the USA & Serbia to take their places & invite the USA & Serbian press to a conference to announce they will be replacing the Aussies & Kiwis plus work with organizations in the UK to get the message out to citizens from the states & Serbia that live in the UK use any papers that are printed for them, Social Media sites to spread the word. Also afterwards try to organize a thank you game in the USA plus a game in Serbia with England to say thanks for stepping in to keep the World Cup on. Our future is playing the likes of France plus encouraging other European Country's to play each other whenever possible one off games, small tournaments to build up the European brand invite the likes of Jamaica , Lebanon & Greece plus Italy with invitations to USA & Canada let the Aussies & Kiwis be the so called big fish in their own pond.
  16. We need to get 3 test game against France in the next few years even play one game in France plus 2 games in England. My first ever international back in the 70s was at Headingly against France great game no quarter giving by both sides.
  17. Yes cant guarantee the stadiums next year likes of Donny, St James Park or Elland Road.
  18. I saw USA V Cook Islands in 2013 at Memorial Ground Bristol great game.
  19. Once again somebody knocking the attendance my understanding is a few stadiums have sold very well, so if you know different lets see the facts or are you just a knocker for the sake of knocking show the facts or shut up.
  20. Well Damien use quote then other people are aware what your talking about at the moment theirs 24 pages to read.
  21. I should think the sponsors have been sorted already & has i have pointed out before you cant make the media print your story but i will guess every newspaper tomorrow has a write up.
  22. Another one who doesn't grasp the truth in Australia they don't have the Premier League or Rugby Union like in the UK, even decent Non-League football clubs get decent gates. Rugby League down under is the Man Utds or Leeds United.
  23. Your favorite answer, get it into to your head its not us that has pulled out where just angry, so stop your stupid remarks.
  24. So nothing to do with planned Autumn tour mentioned in first statement pull the other one.
  25. But what other sports are they up against a Man Utd or a Leeds United, Arsenal its a false argument even certain Non-League football teams in the UK get decent gates all their is down under is Rugby League, Union & Cricket.
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