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  1. Will there be a opening Game for England ? got tickets for the weekend hotel booked only last week but think Samoa Tonga & PNG will also pull out under pressure from players clubs.
  2. Lets look at some facts is their a Euros outbreak nope are people getting TXT from Saturdays Challenge Cup Final ? all because protocols where put in place before the games. If the Aussies & Kiwis stick to the set up that's been offered to them they should be ok.
  3. Not looked into what effect it will have on me personnel but did find going out to Trailfinders a pain in the neck especially on a Sunday never understood why you didn't play your games on a Saturday? when the railway station was open, after a long trip up from Devon then a trip out to your place by tube then bus because station was closed on a Sunday. So next time up in London to watch Dewsbury will it be trip out to Trailfinders or to the Wombels ?
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