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  1. Many would nail that little bug ger to the nearest pole round these part!!
  2. Oh they just love Jamie here in Rovrum...
  3. Whilst im first to accept there is ample room.... its like my socks disappear and turn off the transponder
  4. You say that.... one of my big woollen walking socks did one last winter.... Showed up again last week!!!! Errant socks are a pain the ar se
  5. The divorce rate of my socks is unbelievable... where the #### do they go???
  6. However, folks drivings with fogs on in perfect conditions......
  7. The boy has just fixed it. I knew those 7 yrs at uni would come in handy one day.
  8. Dunno.... I'll get my sparks mate to look at it tomorrow.... to much red wine has been drunk for me to start bug gerin about wi it.... Still... be-bop deluxe anthology on cd is a blast
  9. My vinyl player has packed in.... Its like the earth being thrust off its orbit and cast into the eyes of the sun.... I suppose I'll have to play one of those new fangled cds they have nowadays...
  10. Teaching a two yr old girl how to play career opportunities..... She'll be as good as me by tomorrow
  11. Cracking place though init? Can't think of a finer setting for a gig tho i was distracted by the architecture at times. Not really a placebo fan... i went just cos it was at the amphitheater
  12. betrayed by labour??? Since 1979 labour had 13 years during which much regeneration of manvers and surrounding coal fields took place. In 37 years labour only had 13 yrs in power. Yet you swipe away everything thatch did and blame labour???? Bug ger me wi t'curly end of a Raja's slipper..... tha takes t'biscuit thee owd lad.
  13. Did some work for a pal.... as usual i rarely ask for owt.... but a bottle of singleton is a nice gesture....
  14. the place is a sheeite hole. 7m could be better spent in Rotherham in my opinon.If you wish to discuss the history and politics of coal mining in the dearne valley, I'm more than happy to do so....
  15. see.... you n i share similar views here. But the memsahib has just chastised me.When abroad and Americans show up and ask where we're from, i used to tersely reply with the old eddie izzard come back... "from europe. Where the history comes from". The memsahib reminds me of this and suggests we can't sneer at americans whilst we let history crumble and disappear...... She's made up the Wentworth Woodhouse has got a 7m grant today. It tests my socialist resolve.....
  16. It may now be a yuletide quintet seeing as I've just bought an Asyla from compass box. My favourite blend. A mix of Clynelish and Ledaig. It punches well above its weight.
  17. Fancying a 16yo lagavulin to complete my christmas quartet
  18. Me n'all.... and not unusually it was with a social worker....
  19. Ive had that quote almost verbatim off my young un today!
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