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  1. They played on an anti-establishment platform with a raw energy that frightened the living sh it out of the established music industry.Dum dika dum dum dum drums on the intro of pretty vacant was/is awesome.... and jonesy very powful... Sadly... a band i never got to see live....they played at goldthorpe club. Mate asked me if i wanted to go and i declined.... idiot!
  2. White riot 7" on white vinyl Bannana splits the dickies on yellow vinyl Devo - are we not men? picture disc And never mind the sound quality ...sex pistols on picture disk Steve jones humbuckers still sound amazing
  3. Bill Nelson is one of Britain's most underrated musician/song writers of the last 50 years
  4. And i make no apologies for playing axe victim and sunburst finish back to back
  5. Ive got me vinyl out ...The wild the innocent and the E street shuffle..... "Let those black boys in to light that soul flame"....
  6. Ive had tapestry on this aft ffs....I cant believe im actually admitting this...
  7. But quirky.... britain does the 'slightly eccentric' very well.... love it.
  8. Never mind the sound quality.... Here's the sex pistols...... Who???? E M ayeeeeee
  9. Saw him 78 supporting nils lofgren..... blew him off stage. Big fan.... but not as much as the memsahib
  10. Well the Lorraine whisky is open.... the memsahib describes as a peaty blinder.... Not sure it will be my type of dram....
  11. Sat on my own in t'garden.... glass o' cab sauv.... the cure in me earoyles turned up to 11.... sorted.
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