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  1. Stanley Gene. At the time he was born the Australasion and African plates were joined.
  2. I was going to ask a silly question- no sound on in the pub and people mentioning how flat it all was. Are the attendees just on a curious freeby? Sounds much better hearing reports of a good time. Hoping so anyway.
  3. Dont know about you but I'm still getting over the bloke holding up the beer queue. And I'm in North Yorkshire.
  4. I argued just this point on one of the FB pages. Apparently I am Sad, Bitter and Jealous. (Fair Cop). I replied that even if this is true it doesn't negate my point. I suppose that without 'narrow tribalism ' it would be a different game experience.
  5. The St PieLoins do bore me. Just imagine if Catalan lose to a disputed refereeing performance? Justified of course......
  6. I was dreading a Pies v Saints GF but this is great news. I hear a lot about the quality of the competition when the St PieLoins aren't that strong but I think its a lot more depressing when two of those teams make the GF anyway despite a flat and unremarkable season. We'll Done HKR! A breath of fresh air.
  7. Strangely I have the option of Gloucester versus Leicester on a nearby screen . I'll let you all know what's happening. I've seen a pass already.
  8. Thing is I struggle with games that are over-reffed. This is much better in that respect.
  9. Now there's a thing. I moan incessantly about the same clubs at/winning the GF and the derision attracted by the LLS, but 7/10 ‽!! That's good, that's actually quite a positive imo.
  10. So here's a thing, we generally agree that RL is the greatest game yet constantly comment on how short it falls of its potential. For me the ugly wrestle, repetitive one out plays, random officiating kills the spectacle. Away atm and didn't see last nights game but how can we 'encourage' a great spectacle? Ok I'm on dodgy ground here but is it worth asking the question, Why was 60 mins of Warrington v Saints Fab and how do we make that 80 mins? Or should we?
  11. I dont want to sound grumpy or disrespectful of their efforts but Wigan v Saints GF just fills me with tedium. Perhaps it shouldn't but ....
  12. Hell Fire, here I am in the Peleponese with the worst wifi since the fall of the Byzantine Empire and the match is available on YouTube. So let's get this right: choppy internet AND James Child!!!
  13. I don't see a Wigan loss as a loss to RL as some do. But it is sport so a Cas win would in my eyes be a great story. A brave Wigan win then. Bah! Will miss the game but will still be listening in on this forum so keep me informed, Ta.
  14. I was there, didn't see anything in the tackle so I'm calling him soft when he stayed down. Eventually he gets onto all fours and what looked like a pint of blood fell out of his head. I shut up. A fractured palate I heard later. Still feel queasy about it.
  15. Reduce to 12. Reduce to 7-8 metres. This reduces the 'cart it in' effectiveness. And gives more space away from the ptb. RU would love it perhaps....
  16. I'd suggest one out plays are used because the defense is 10m away. Easy safe gains. Not 6 agains.
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