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  1. You are assuming here that the people who set and manage his KPI's know just how to do so, and what a KPI is.
  2. Good post TIWIT and I appreciate your posting it here and not on the 300 page Wolfpack monstrosity of a thread. I would say that since its creation I have not read any more than 20 pages worth, but I know that you post there all the time, (as I scroll past it you are very often the "last" poster at that time), and I admire your gumption in doing battle with all the luddites, flatcappers, ferret jigglers, whippet walkers, and black pudding and pie eaters. Now, don't get me wrong, aside from the historical luddites, there is nothing wrong with flat caps, owing a pet ferret or whippet, and enjoying black pudding (love it) and pies, it's just that this is how the "traditional" and "real" Rugby League fans would seem to be characterized....by themselves no less!!!! To your question here...."Did TWP get screwed at the last minute and if they didn't agree to a very one-sided deal they wouldn't have been admitted to 'SL'?" I believe that you are absolutely 100% correct with your belief on that. To today's news that the new Wolfpack ownership group have come to an "agreement" with the players GMB Union leadership that all unpaid wages due and outstanding will be paid in full with the proviso's that the Wolfpack is/are re-admitted to Super League next year and that they will receive a full share(1/12th.) of the Central Distribution money pot. I'm wondering if this is postulating to a degree by both parties here, since neither of these two parties have any role in the real decision making, it being solely up to the Board of SLE....viz....the 11 Super League Clubs representatives (the 11 Super League Clubs' Chairmen?) on that SLE Board. But....it certainly makes it crystal clear to said SLE Board as to what will NOT happen should they reject the Wolfpack re-admittance application. I don't know if they will feel like they are being put between a rock and a hard place but if they do....looks good on them. I says....good timing by Wolfpack and the GMB Union in making this announcement. Your thought and comments welcome TIWIT.
  3. I'm "liking" and voting for the first one shown above. Go ARIRANHAS. Done so on their Facebook page.
  4. Well said Robert. I agree with you as to the apparent lie of the land over in M62 country. Christine and I have enjoyed our chats over the 3 years with you, Phil Harris, John Gross, Peter John Atherton, Nicholas Mew, all the other fans, and the interactions with the Wolfpack players, coaches, and staff. It has been a blast while it lasted. Best of luck to you too. Cheers. P.S. one regret - I never did get to meet the infamous Kayakman in person....LOL
  5. Yes indeed we do. Only on the top side though!!!
  6. Not at all. I've just paid my annual dues to the Flat Earth Society so I'm a member in good standing for another year.
  7. A warm and fuzzy feeling deep inside of you.
  8. I'm not sure for certain, (is that English?), but I think I heard that this rule change/bending also applied to seven other players, not just SBW. Yes/No?
  9. Bolding above is by me. IMHO this role would entail considerable effort by the incumbent - Bob Hunter. I.E. not just a part-time gig. Yet, today, a day later than the OP, Bob signed the news release from the Club to Wolfpack Fans about the re-scheduling of the games for the remainder of the Super League Season. Seems somewhat strange to me.
  10. Yes of course we do. We also have "designated drivers". Do you ?
  11. The article is right on this website. It was one of yesterdays News stories.
  12. Hey.....that's Tiny Tim's line. Welcome back. Not necessarily saying "missed you dreadfully" or anything like that....just welcome back.
  13. Hello. I was not ignoring your post here. Just giving the natural evolution of events some time to evolve. The recent few postings are exactly why I wanted this thread turfed into the by now ginormous Toronto Wolfpack one I spoke of. EVERY SINGLE TWP thread eventually spirals downwards into.....why don't TWP start an academy and develop from the ground up?...and/or....the TWP business model is not the way we do things in RL don't you know....and/or....all TWP do is sign-up ageing SL/NRL players looking for a final pay packet.....and/or...TWP and their principle backer (there are more than David Argyle BTW), have soooooo much money they are able to out-bid other teams for players - not fair....etc...etc....etc. I just get sooooooo tired of reading the same old stuff time after time from the same posters.
  14. Ottawa, pop. 995K, is located in Ontario on the Ottawa river. Directly on the other side of the river in predominately French-speaking Quebec are the "joined" cities of Gatineau at pop. 285K and Hull (imagine that!!!) at pop. 70K. So an immediate fan catchment pool of ~1.350M people, >25% of which live in Quebec.
  15. John Drake and/or CKN. Gents, may I ever so humbly request that you transfer/merge this new thread into the "all-encompassing" Toronto Wolfpack thread that you created ~6 or 7 months ago. Thanks in advance.
  16. Lordy, lordy, it's been so very, very nice on here for the last 3 months with hardly any Toronto threads to interest all the Toronto dumpsters and nay-sayers and their like. One pops up today and they're back at it (Manfred Mann excepted). John Drake and CKN.......where are you?......to please get this thread merged onto that special "Toronto Wolfpack" thread that you created ~6 or 7 months ago and that has hundreds of pages? That's the one I couldn't take any more of after about the first 50 pages.
  17. Toronto Instagram......45,198.....slots them into 3rd. place.
  18. For TIWIT.....courtesy of the Wolfpack website. Round 6 of the NRL takes place this weekend. 3 games will be shown live in Canada on Sportsnet 1 & Sportsnet World. Thu Jun 18 - Knights V Broncos @ 5:50am ET Fri Jun 19 - Panthers V Storm @ 5:55am ET Sat Jun 20 - Roosters V Eels @ 5:35am ET You can also catch reruns the following evening after Sportsnet World offer their obligatory two hours of Tim and Sid nonsense.
  19. TIWIT....if you check-out the Wolfpack website they list the games with dates, times, and TV channel carrying them.
  20. Thanks Copa but I do wish we were tracking lower on a daily basis with new cases. We go lower for a couple days and then it increases. It is not consistent. And re. the border with our southern friends.....you are correct since it is not an irrevocably "closed" border. Non-essential crossings are barred, but essential "emergency-type" crossings are allowed, and also 100's of thousands of "essential workers" cross it every day, each way, for work. So, to be honest, the border is really quite porous. Stay safe.
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